Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 2nd June 2020

Palm Garden attracted 16 Loose Cannons to come and play some golf. A very good turn out and the return -after a 6 months sabbatical- of our one and only Stableford Jedi; Stuart Taylor. Welcome back!

Since the restaurant is closed in the morning everybody gathered at the registration area. Various discount cards and a voucher helped to get us a decent rate. Going into buggies and to the t-box was organized in the typical Malaysian way……..NOT REALLY…. They tried to keep some order but that is usually bound to fail when you deal with Loose Cannons.

Nonetheless we took off on time and from different t-boxes. About 4 hours later everybody was back in the restaurant. The course was in excellent shape and a pleasure to play. The climate nowadays doesn’t help though and makes conditions a little tougher than normal.

Mighty Mike keeps on striking and took another win today with 80/41 followed by our comeback kid Stuart; 84/40 and Tony 88/39.

Andrew managed to finish his 500th game this time (see Special Report below). We celebrated that with the help of his generous RM500 contribution for beers. He got handed out the first new Loose Cannons cap for this great achievement; first games in early 2004 together with Iain and Mike Smith. Siggy also got a cap for his contribution at KGSAAS last week. A sleeve of balls found a new owner; Stuart for returning and taking care of our stablefords.

The only negative maybe is the total lack of organization in the restaurant. Plenty of staff but it still took ages before getting a beer……… Yet another fine day out. Thanks for your participation.


Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 4.31.02 PM

Andrew Robinson’s 500th Game

It was a rather special day today with Andrew Robinson clocking in his 500th game with Loose Cannons. Starting with Loose Cannons way back in 2004 when the group was first formed Andrew has played an impressive number of games, albeit with a few interludes during this time due to bad health or injury.

Today he scored a very respectable score of 111 for 30 points today and on the 18th green he sank a lengthy putt to finish in style.

A quietly confident Andrew Robinson before the start of the game

Andrew Robinson on the 1st tee prepares to kick off his 500th game

This was Andrew Robinson’s 9,000th drive as he teed off on the 1st hole today


On the 18th hole at the conclusion of his 500th game Andrew confidently sinks a great putt to finish.




After the successful completion of his 500th game, Andrew was presented with a red Loose Cannons cap in the clubhouse ……. perhaps after another 500 games, he will get the matching shirt!!

Andrew very kindly contributed RM500 to the pot for lunch and drinks. Thank You Andrew from everyone today and many congratulations on a great achievement.


And thanks to Ricardo Castro for the following photos contributions.

Also thanks to Martin Belderink for the following photos.


One thought on “Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 2nd June 2020

  1. Klaus

    Congratulations Andrew! Just a reminder of how Loose Cannons started. In the early 2000’s Mike Smith was the owner / inn-keeper of Flagz Bar and Restaurant in Sri Hartamas. One day he put up a blank list on the notice board to gauge interest in a weekly round of golf. There were initially about 6 names on that list. For quite some time Mike and myself played alone. Then Andrew (and if I remember) correctly Ricard Moss joined our weekly excursion. The rest is history.


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