Update on Hau Hin Tour – 26th to 29th September 2013

Hua Hin Tour. 26th to 29th September. 12 Players now confirmed. Full up. We will be playing a 2 day competition for the monthly trophy, with the second round being played on the great Black Mountain course.

Great news we are full up. Edwin Raspe, a jovial Dutchman will be joining us (a regular Sunday WIGS player) to complete the party. Hans finally succumbed to the golf attractions of Hua Hin.!!

As a result we will now be having a 2 day combined stableford competition on the first 2 days, also for the September trophy, and the third day will be a 4 ball scramble.

Full details and prizes will follow nearer the time. 

Important point. For those who haven’t paid in full, THE BALANCE OF 1060 RM IS REQUIRED BY TUESDAY 10 TH SEPTEMBER.

Looking forwards to a successful and happy tour. 

Results – Staffield Golf Resort – 27th August 2013


Staffield was in excellent condition and the conditions very pleasant, for the trophy game. After 2 gentlemen having GPS trouble…!! we teed off a little late on the Northern and Southern 9’s.

The winner was Graham Cadman with 93 for 41 points, cut 5, with Barry Cousins second with 100 for 40 points. Cut 1. Graham’s win was in spite of a no score on his 18th hole, mumbling about h/cap protection for the tour…. Full scores attached.

Big day for Tony as it was his 300th game, for LCs. He took the trouble of checking out the restaurant in Mantin to discover it was closed. As a result we ate at the Peppers restaurant at the club and had a good value meal. Tony generously donated a ringgit for each of his games played.

The wine prize as offered by Erol will be decided next week as the last of the 4 games required will be played at Bukit Kemuning. Remember best (3 out of 4 ) combined stableford scores.  

1 ALLAN MCNICOLL 27 103 31 9
STUART TAYLOR 20 90 38 5
BARRY COUSINS 32 100 40 2
TED PARSLOW 11 81 39 3
2 HANS BERGER 23 93 39 3
GRAHAM CADMAN 26 93 41 1
RAY FUNNELL 27 106 29 11
3 IAN DICKSON 35 121 22 14
TONY MORRIS 20 101 27 12
VINCENT VIJAYAN 19 108 19 15
4 KEVIN GOODWIN 20 98 31 9
PAUL GEDDES 12 83 37 7
RICHARD MOSS  34 116 26 13
JIM MAH 18 93 33 8


Next Game – Staffield Golf Resort – 27th August 2013

Trophy game next week will be at Staffield Golf Resort – 5 flights booked from 2 tee boxes. Please remember we are also playing for the special wine prize kindly donated by Erol Akinci … best 3 Stableford scores over the 4 games from Berjaya Hills, Port Klang, Staffield and the week after that. So far the leaders in this are as follows:

Ted Parslow 67 
Erol Akinci 64
Stuart Taylor 64
Glen Wombwell 63
Graham Cadman 61
Ray Funnell 58

Results – Port Klang Golf Club – 20th August 2013


After the heavy rain on Monday, the challenging course played very long, with no run on the fairways and slow, spongy greens . The scores reflected the conditions with only 4 players breaking the 100. After recently playing in Dubai, Jeff Pearce fitted us in to his busy  schedule, and won with an excellent 90 for 40 points. Cut 4. Ray Funnell was second with 99 for 38 points. Cut 1. Ted Parslow had the lowest gross of 84. Full results were:

1 IAN DICKSON 34 121 21 13
JIM MAH 17 105 22 12
RAYFUNNELL 28 99 38 2
2 GRAHAM CADMAN 26 104 29 8
RICHARD MOSS 33 124 15 14
TED PARSLOW 10 84 34 3
3 ALLAN MCNICOLL 26 105 30 7
EROL AKINCI 24 100 32 4
GLEN WOMBWELL 32 108 32 4
STUART TAYLOR 20 97 32 4
4 BARRY COUSINS 31 115 24 11
JEFF PEARCE 22 90 40 1
REIN LI TAN 22 115 26 10
TONY MORRIS 20 100 28 9

After the game 13 players enjoyed an excellent lunch by the sea, at the Port Village Chinese restaurant. 


Video Exclusive – “Reach For The Sky Sand Wedge”

Randomizer – Groups for Tuesday 20th August at Port Klang

I have run the Randomizer and the groups and handicaps for Tuesday will be as follows:
Group 1
Ian Dickson 34
Jim Mah 17
Ray Funnell 28
Group 2
Graham Cadman 26
Richard Moss 33
Ted Parslow 10
Group 3
Allan McNicoll 26
Erol Akinci 24
Glen Wombwell 32
Stuart Taylor 20
Group 4
Barry Cousins 31
Jeff Pearce 22
Rein Li Tan 22
Tony Morris 20

Rules of Golf – Immovable Obstructions and Abnormal Ground Conditions

An immovable obstruction is an artificial object on the course that cannot be moved (e.g. a building) or cannot readily be moved (e.g. a firmly embedded direction post). Objects defining out of bounds are not treated as obstructions.
An abnormal ground condition is casual water, ground under repair or a hole, cast or runway made by a burrowing animal, a reptile or a bird.
Except when the ball is in a water hazard, relief without penalty is available from immovable obstructions and abnormal ground conditions when the condition physically interferes with the lie of the ball, your stance or your swing. You may lift the ball and drop it within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, but not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief (see diagram below). If the ball is on the putting green, it is placed at the nearest point of relief, which may be off the putting green.
There is no relief for intervention on your line of play unless both your ball and the condition are on the putting green.
As an additional option when the ball is in a bunker, you may take relief from the condition by dropping the ball outside and behind the bunker under penalty of one stroke.
The following diagram illustrates the term “nearest point of relief” in Rules 24-2 and 25-1 in the case of a right-handed player.

Results – Berjaya Hills – 13th August 2013


And what a day….. Graham unfortunately managed to modify a lamp post and his new car, as he reversed after taking the wrong turn…. Rain all the way to the course, which thank goodness stopped around 0745  and we teed off at 0800 hrs.  Arriving at the course the temp gauge on the car was registering 20 degC …..2 tee boxes were used 1 and 3….. Just as we were about to tee off thick mist came in and we had to wait for a further 3-4 mins until it cleared.!! The conditions progressively improved and the sun came out for the second 9. Then … the wind starting blowing, quite strong. The course generally was in a good condition but the greens were poor, uneven pace and patchy, and allied to some very difficult pin positions contributed to only 4 players breaking the 100.

The winner was Jim Mah with a 95 for 34 points. Ted Parslow with the lowest gross of 88 came second. Jim cut 4, Ted cut 1.

13 players then adjourned to the 126 Restaurant down the hill and an excellent, superb value lunch was enjoyed by all.

The decision was taken to trial the flight randomiser after a majority vote starting next week.

Erol has kindly offered a prize of an excellent wine for the three best (out of 4 ) combined stableford scores, starting from today’s game.   
Summary of Results