Results – Sungai Long – 30th May 2018

img_0864Today we had the pleasure of playing Sungai Long and boy what a joy it was.The course was absolutely immaculate.From Tee to Green everything was in perfect condition and we couldnt have asked for more.With Berger and Wiggins forming the perfect starting partnership Registration was a breeze and 16 eager golfers were chomping at the bit for a fast start @ 7.50 and a timely finish at 11.45 – 12.30
Even our Resident Greyhound Tony was in  very laid back mood today and played at what for him was a very leisurely pace.Although it should be noted his playing partners kept him very busy driving the buggy,keeping the scorecard, looking for numerous lost balls (Paul) and raking bunkers


Our 3 players in the winning circle all played above handicap so congratulations to
Stan 89/39
Niall 77/38
Andrew 100/37
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 6.57.20 AM
Correction : Niall Murray’s gross should be 77 NOT 78 in above table.
Additional Congratulations of course also go out to Stan for winning the Coveted Monthly Medal, which  comes with a Prestigious Trophy and so much prize money it cant be mentioned (Rory eat your heart out !!!!!) and (Fat Lady keeps your hands off !!!!)
Your temporary Convenor for the Day Wiggins (I cant do this much longer for obvious health reasons) felt he had got away with a pretty stress free day as Tony being the self sacrificing person that he is took it upon himself to organize the F&B to perfection for 8 of us (or was it 9 ???) which surprise surprise came to 50 RM a head
I didn’t think there was really anything else to report but in the best interests of the societyI think I need to point out to the membership in no uncertain terms that we have a totallyno go policy as far as DRUGS are concerned. I am sad to report that our 3rd place finisher today after a few beers at lunch mentioned that on Monday afternoons he is in the habit of taking a certain performance enhancing drug for recreational reasons and then goes on to point out that said drug is known to positively affect performance even into the following day. An immediate check of his scores did in fact demonstrate that whilst his Friday scores are totally crap, his Tuesday scores do show a marked improvement. Andrew enough is enough.This cant go on.You have to change your play date day.Weekends are probably tough so I strongly suggest you change to Wednesdays !!!!!
Finally we all wish Hans a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him leading the charge again asap
Your temporary convenor Wiggins….. who cant keep doing this too much longer !!!

Results – Sungai Long – 20th June 2017

It was not too many golfers in the morning and lucky us for that, as we were busy trying to get hold of our, yes exactly Reinli Tan, who was fully a sleep despite two alarms he said. He eventually showed up some time later.

Unfortunately we had to tee-off from hole one as second nine was not open yet.

Despite the morning rain the course was in excellent conditions and especially the greens, which were fast and had some holes with pin-placement on the borderline of put-able.

Lowest gross, even we had another 7-handicapper on the field, Geoff McLaws shoot a good 80 and the most golf ….yes Allan again.

Second runner up myself with 98/33, runner up Geoff McLaws 80/35 and the winner was Ricardo Castro with an excellent 82/40.

Unfortunately I hit a bird on hole five, the air and fairway was like full of feathers, eventually it took off over the pond and landed dead on the fairway as it looked from distance. If that was not enough Kewin Wiggins killed one bird on the road leaving the course. Not a good day for birds.

We welcome Enzo Filoni to Loose Cannons, a good golfer who I’m sure will be up there competing for the 50Rm and the monthly medal.


Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 11.38.58 PM


Results – Sungai Long Golf & Country Club – 27th December 2016


The last game of 2016 and the December Trophy Game was held at Sungai Long Golf & Country Club. We got started late at 8:30am due to some hold up due to a large group playing and some delay because of the overnight rain. Our 5 flights got off on two tee boxes and even after the very heavy rain the previous day the course was in remarkeable condition. The fairways were a little soggy in places but playable and the greens were excellent.

Weather was cool and overcast making it a pleasant morning with everyone finishing by around 1- 1:30pm. Lunch was at the Fei Wai Restaurant after the game where 12 of us enjoyed some good food and much needed rehydration in the form of beer!


Our winner today and December Trophy winner, having held back all year, was Roger McGowan with an excellent 96 for 42 points.


Runner up was Graham Cadman with an 97 for 39 points and 3rd was Stuart taylor with 89 for 38. best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with an 83. Full results below:




Results – Sungai Long – 8th November 2016


It was a beautiful morning with blue skies today as 5 flights tee’d off at Sungai Long Golf & Country Club. As usual the golf management had closed the 2nd tee box till 8:30am otherwise we would have been off a little quicker …. makes no sense whatsoever.

The course conditions were wonderful, with fairways like carpets, well maintained bunkers (not that I really knew as I avoided them all morning!) and beautiful greens that ran true. A very well maintained course and always a joy to play.

We were all finished before 1pm then it was off to Fei Wai restaurant for lunch. Many thanks to the Birthday boys, Ricardo Castro and Geoff McLaws who kindly sponsored the beers. 


Our winner this week was Mike Williams with an excellent 82 for 42 points (cut 6) … he didn’t make lunch so his RM50 winnings went into the lunch pot. Runner up was Ricardo Castro with 85 for 40 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with an 79. Full results below:



Results – Sungai Long Golf & Country Club – 21st June 2016


Once again we returned to Sungai Long taking advantage of the good Ramadan golf rate deal. We had 5 flights today with 19 players and we got off without a delay off two tee boxes at just after 8:00am. Weather was very pleasant and not too hot. The course had experienced some heavy rain over the weekend but the fairways and greens were very good – only the bunkers sadly were in rather a mess (cost me 5 shots on my round!).

We all finished by 1:00pm’ish and we headed off for lunch at the Fei Wai Restaurant. Again lunch was very good and enjoyed by all – it was noted that our old haunt Ken Well Seafood Restaurant was still closed.


The winner by a margin today was Brian Stubbs with an excellent round of 93 for 43 points. Runner up was Peter May with 103 for 41 and 3rd place was Hans Berger with 94 for 37 . Best gross of the day was Andrew Chez with an 81. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 3.44.33 PM






Results – Sungai Long Golf & Country Club – 7th June 2016

IMG_8236.jpgTaking advantage of the Ramadan golfing rates we had 16 players at today’s Loose Cannon’s game at Sungai Long. The course was in excellent condition and the weather conditions were very good making it a pleasurable round. We were delayed a little as the starter didn’t allow some of us to start on the front 9 due to ongoing maintenance. However we were all finished by 1pm and quickly adjourned for lunch at Kenwell Seafood ….. but Kenwell was closed so we moved over the road to the Fei Wai Seafood Restaurant. Food here was good and reasonably priced so we may well be back here.


We had one flight today who were unable to submit their card as the player with the card did not come for lunch…. so their scores were done from memory. We again must remind players to have a completed scorecard and make sure that this is submitted by someone from your flight who will be attending the lunch.

Our winner today was Jason Winter with an excellent round of 76 off the stick and 38 points.


Runner up was Mike Smith with 37 points and 3rd place was John Laidley with 34 points. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.45.46 PMPhotos


Results – Sungai Long – 26th April 2016

18 LC’s gathered at an immaculate Sungai Long on a relatively cool morning that warmed up somewhat as the morning wore on. 18 starters was a bit disappointing for this great venue! I wonder why? It’s always a pleasure to play this track as it is a good test of golfing skills and is always beautifully presented and beyond criticism. Congratulations to the superintendent and his staff.
Check-in is fairly easy and on this occasion we were inexplicably given a reduction for taking additional caddies!!! Yes, you read that correctly. A REDUCTION for taking 7 caddies over and above the 3 that individuals had hired. The result was a substantial surplus of Ringgits over what had been anticipated. Whether the caddies were of any assistance however is debateable. Ours was decrepit and as blind as a bat but he read the greens OK.
With few other golfers on the course we were all round in just over 4 hours so all-in-all an excellent mornings golf.
The winner of the April Trophy Game was Andrew Chez with a superb 78 for 41 points OCB from Ted Parslow with 83 for 41. In 3rd place was Mahmud Mohamed with 88 for 39 which included 25 points on the back 9. Andrew is cut 5 strokes. 
The full result is attached below.
Sungai Long 26 April
Lunch was at Ken Well Seafood where 15 LC’s gathered. The grub here is normally excellent but on this occasion the selection was a bit questionable and the selected items not greatly appreciated judging by the uneaten stuff left on the tables. Worse, it was on the table and getting cold before some of the later members arrived. Not good. However, because of the generosity of Sungai Long; a contribution by a couple of early leavers and a small supplement from LC’s float, the cost was covered which included 24 bottles of Tiger and everyone went home happy

Results – Sungai Long Golf & Country Club – 14th July 2015

Taking advantage again of the good Ramadan rate we played at Sungai Long again with 14 Loose Cannons turning up for the morning’s fun. The course was in great shape with excellent greens.  The weather was overcast and muggy. 
Welcome to our two new guests today; Cameron McAinsh and Kevan Bartley – we hope you can join us on a more permanent basis.
Lunch was at the nearby KenWell Seafood Restaurant in Balakong which was as always excellent.

The winner today was Stuart Taylor with an excellent round of 80 (42 points). Runner up was Andrew Chez with 38 points and best gross of the day of 78. 3rd place was Rein Li Tan with 35 points, gross of 93. Full results below:


Results – Sungai Long – 23rd June 2015

A good day at Sungai Long. Course was in great condition. Reception staff was extremely helpful, to the point filling in all the paperwork for me so booking in was very easy.

We paid a bit over the top as they charged us for caddies as well! One per flight.

The down side was, we all had to go off of one tee box behind a couple of other flights but it was 30 minutes before our designated tee time! 

The 1st 3 flights made good time finishing in 4 hours. The last flight (Low handicappers)

took a little longer. Possibly due to Bernard’s constant picking and cleaning of his ball, when it wasn’t advised that it was a “pick and clean” day!!!!!!

The winner of the day was Bernard with an impressive 80 for 43 points. Did his “pick and 

clean” give him an advantage!

Lunch was at Kenwell. Attended by 11 players. Excellent food as normal at a great price.

Pork curry / Veg curry / 2 styles of pork rib / yam basket with chicken / deer meat / LaLa / kylan

Food:    RM 300      RM 27 per person 

Drinks:  RM 200     RM 18 per person
Many thanks to Tony Morris for arranging today’s game on behalf of Geoff McLaws who is down with dengue fever – get well soon Geoff.