Obituary – Tom Holmes

It was with deep sadness and shock that we heard about the sudden death of Tom Holmes on 12th June 2020. 

Tom (48) will be fondly remembered by all for his jovial nature, his passion for the game of golf and of course his inimitable sharp, dry humour.

It was in 2008, after meeting Mike Smith at the Doha Golf Club, Qatar and with Mike enthusing to Tom about how nice Malaysia was, Tom, who was now at the end of his contract, jumped on a plane with one suitcase and his golf clubs and arrived in Malaysia. Here he fell right into the KL lifestyle and joined a number of golfing societies living the life of leisure before getting a job. Tom subsequently became an “offshore tiger” having gained employment here in Malaysia specialising in offshore installations, flare maintenance and operations, which included flare tip and igniter panels replacement, given his electrical background.

In the time that Tom was in Malaysia he was active in all the KL golf societies such as Loose Cannons, KLOGS and FRID’ Eggs but Tom was of course predominantly active in the running of the WIGS group which played every Sunday at Bukit Unggul.

Tom was involved with the WIGS golf group for many years and with his organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail with the WIGS unique scoring and handicapping system along with the “Animal Fines” and other associated infringements Tom ultimately headed up the WIGS group. Tom organised and attended every twice-yearly golf away trips in his capacity as CW for the WIGS society and they were all an outstanding success.

Tom was also a regular attender of KLOGS monthly games and twice-yearly “aways” for over 10 years when not working offshore. His last victory was at Tropicana in April of 2017, and on this day as well as easily winning the game he was also awarded the “other award” for blobbing the last hole when considered well in front – handicap preservation being the cry with the forthcoming May away on the horizon. Tom was regularly awarded this accolade, most recently on the Chiang Mai November Away, where as well as winning the daily misdemeanour award he also took this for the tour -something to do with the wearing of an orange bathing cap in the shower. Tom’s greatest qualities were to give everyone the benefit of his cutting wit, but also not getting bothered when it rebounded and taking his punishment in fine style. He was also quick to assist and standing in as scribe at short notice, and acting as the tour’s fines master with relish. With his wide knowledge of golf in the region, he was a very helpful source on the latest course information when planning the next away adventure. In addition to all the above an accomplished golfer who always showed great sportsmanship and a loyal friend to all those that had the privilege to meet him.

Tom was also a member of the FRID’ Eggs group who met every Friday and, work or travel permitting, Tom would join the group. Tom’s last game with FRID’ Eggs was on 14th February 2020 at Danau Golf Club where he won on the day – a very fitting result for a great golfer and a great human being.

Tom was a very well-loved and respected friend to everybody in our community here in Malaysia. The outpouring messages of affection and tributes received upon the shock and disbelief at Tom’s sudden and totally unexpected demise bears testimony to this. Tom became more than just a golf buddy to some, he also became a part of the family. 

Tom will be sadly missed by all his golfing friends and all his other friends and working colleagues here in Malaysia and overseas but of course our thoughts and deepest condolences go out at this time to his family back in UK. 

R.I.P. Tom Holmes