Results – Port Klang Golf Club – 20th August 2013


After the heavy rain on Monday, the challenging course played very long, with no run on the fairways and slow, spongy greens . The scores reflected the conditions with only 4 players breaking the 100. After recently playing in Dubai, Jeff Pearce fitted us in to his busy  schedule, and won with an excellent 90 for 40 points. Cut 4. Ray Funnell was second with 99 for 38 points. Cut 1. Ted Parslow had the lowest gross of 84. Full results were:

1 IAN DICKSON 34 121 21 13
JIM MAH 17 105 22 12
RAYFUNNELL 28 99 38 2
2 GRAHAM CADMAN 26 104 29 8
RICHARD MOSS 33 124 15 14
TED PARSLOW 10 84 34 3
3 ALLAN MCNICOLL 26 105 30 7
EROL AKINCI 24 100 32 4
GLEN WOMBWELL 32 108 32 4
STUART TAYLOR 20 97 32 4
4 BARRY COUSINS 31 115 24 11
JEFF PEARCE 22 90 40 1
REIN LI TAN 22 115 26 10
TONY MORRIS 20 100 28 9

After the game 13 players enjoyed an excellent lunch by the sea, at the Port Village Chinese restaurant. 


Video Exclusive – “Reach For The Sky Sand Wedge”

Randomizer – Groups for Tuesday 20th August at Port Klang

I have run the Randomizer and the groups and handicaps for Tuesday will be as follows:
Group 1
Ian Dickson 34
Jim Mah 17
Ray Funnell 28
Group 2
Graham Cadman 26
Richard Moss 33
Ted Parslow 10
Group 3
Allan McNicoll 26
Erol Akinci 24
Glen Wombwell 32
Stuart Taylor 20
Group 4
Barry Cousins 31
Jeff Pearce 22
Rein Li Tan 22
Tony Morris 20

Results – Port Klang – 6th September 2011

11 LC’s turned out on a beautiful morning for golf at a very quiet Port Klang Golf Resort. We almost had the place to ourselves.
For some reason some of our members are reluctant to visit this club but let me tell you that this is a challenging course and it was in pretty good condition; especially the fairways and aprons. The greens were a little slow but true and the peaceful location near the sea is great. Old fashioned yes, but a true test of skill for sure. And it’s only 35 mins from Bangsar (always assuming that you take the most direct route).
The winner with 41 points was Barry Cousins and the R/U John Laidley with 37 points. Low gross was by John Laidley with an excellent 82 and the most golf was played by Vincent. Barry is cut 5 and John 1.
The M&M was at the nearby Port Village Restaurant wher some excellent sea food was washed down with a variety of minums and we all had an absolute hoot.
Great day by the sea. We shall return.

Results – Port Klang Golf Resort – 14th February, 2011

Port Klang Golf Resort is an occasional venue for Cannons, more as a novelty than anything else, and has given those of us who have played there in the past a number of humorous memories, When it’s wet it’s VERY wet and when dry, as hard as a bone. Who will ever forget the veritable marsh conditions a few years back and Klaus getting his trolley (a cunning folding German device of immense complexity but with a built in design flaw of narrow wheels) bogged down and retiring with swamp fever along with several others well before the end. And so it was, as always with Port Klang Golf Resort, with some trepidation that 11 Cannons found their way…..eventually…. to this seaside venue. Richard Moss who has been there many times before, inexplicably managing to get lost in North Port and arriving half an hour late. We were to be 12 but Erol pulled out overnight after consulting Google Maps and deciding that it was all too complicated and feared being lost forever in deepest Selangor. What a wimp.

But on this day great weather and a golf course that was very firm greeted us and with hardly another soul in sight we were all round in under 4 hours. The legendary Turf Mates were in working order and the greens were reasonably true with virtually no break from any angle. The winner was Mike Smith with 43 points (the game is slowly coming back) and the runner-up was Tom Holmes with 41 points breathing a sigh of relief after fearing that he was going to be “doubled” for back-to-back wins. John Laidley recorded the lowest gross with 86 and the most golf was played by Richard Moss.

Raring to go….but where the hell is Richard?

Deep conversation

Everyone is happy, Richard is camera shy & Tom is VERY happy!!

Rein Li just completing breakfast before a hard morning’s slog!!

Serious business being discussed ….err would that be golf?

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to golf we go!!
Raymond zooms into the lead….but only on the “TurfMate”

Hans looking the dapper golfer!!

M&M was taken by all 11 of us at the Port Village seafood restaurant nearby. This place is very large and built on stilts over the sea and with nice breeze and “friendly” waiters a good time was had by all. The bill was a bit of a shock but with 12 large ones and 1 bottles of wine consumed, not entirely surprising. (3 bottles of wine were provided by diners themselves!!).

This was an excellent day out for Loose Cannons. Port Klang….we will return.

Next Game – Port Klang Golf Resort – 14th February 2011

By popular request an “easier” venue was recommended for next week to enable us to ‘regain our confidence’ and so
Since Tuesday is a PH we will play MONDAY 14th FEBRUARY 2011
Tee off at 08:00. Be there by 07:30 LATEST.
This is a TP course and will cost RM70 for TP or RM110 without.
After the game we will go to a nearby SEAFOOD Restaurant for M&M.
If you want to play this unusual and interesting old golf course let Mike Smith know by Email ASAP

Results – Port Klang Golf Resort – 29th June 2010

Port Klang Golf Resort was selected for this weeks game for a number of reasons, namely that we had a report that the course ‘looked to be in good nick’, we have not been there for quite some time, its a TP course, its  inexpensive, its a good layout and a serious golf challenge – playing almost 6000 metres off the white tees, its easy to get to and there are excellent nearby seafood restaurants for lunch.   Arguably a valid set of reasons?  However the  announcement of the venue resulted in a plethora of negativity – its too far to go, its too muddy, its a walking course, I dont like turfmates, blah, blah, blah!!
So just 3 golfers took part in the June Trophy Game!  It took 40 minutes to get to the course from KL along a staightforward highway, ie quicker and easier than going to Staffield.   The course was very scenic, in very good shape and almost deserted.  The weather was perfect.  It was only RM45 per head all up inclusive individual turfmates with the TP book, and we had an excellent post golf lunch.  Words fail me……
The results were:
Andrew Robinson – 92 for 31
Ian Geekie – 108 for 29
Mike Hughes – 120 for 17
Due to the pathetic turnout, the Trophy Game was declared null and void and will be carried over to next week with a recommendation that there are to be no post-game handicap adjustments.
Mike Hughes was back from his UK trip, and a little rusty at the outset – his 17 points were divided between 1 on the first 9 and 16 on the back 9!  He was also on a turfmate for the first time…..quite a spectacle until he got the hang of it.
Encik Cousins joined us for lunch and it was flawless – chilli crab, garlic prawns, spicy sotong and so on. Great sea views and with the tide out there were loads of sizeable mudskippers hopping and crawling around on the mudflats. Barry tried to order a few as part of the lunch…  And the eatery now sells wine, and so 2 bottles of bordeaux white were soon quaffed.
Next weeks venue will be confirmed in a day or two.  Cleethorpes Municipal and Selesa Hills are under consideration…..
Report by Andrew Robinson

Next Game – Port Klang Golf Resort – 29th June 2010

Next week we will play at PORT KLANG GOLF RESORT and this is the TROPHY GAME FOR JUNE.  Please let Andrew Robinson know if you will be playing!  Be there by 7.30 latest!  And after the game we will take luncheon at one of the nearby oceanside seafood restaurants.

Directions to Port Klang Golf Resort

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