Results – Nilai Springs – 28th December 2010

16 golfers contested the December Trophy game at Nilai Springs in perfect weather on a course in exceptionally good condition. NS are clearly spending money on their course maintenance with numerous ground staff all in smart uniforms beavering away. Well done NS. Even the buggies were new!
The winner with 44 points plus 3 bonus points was Erol Akinci and the runner up with 41 points plus 3 bonus points was Hans Berger. Erol is cut 8 and Hans 1. The lowest gross was 86 by Akinci the younger and the most golf was played by Barry Cousins.
M&M was taken at the club and Erol’s contribution of his winning helped keep the cost down. Thank you Erol. Your trophy is with me as is John Laidley’s November trophy. We welcomed back Michael Hughes from the frozen north.

Results- Bukit Unggul – 21st December 2010

The Christmas game at Bukit Unggul was well attended with 20 registrations but Rein Li failed to show up despite texting Ray Funnell that he was “on the way”. RLT, you owe RM50 being the registration fee paid on your behalf.
Thus 19 players; 15 Cannons and 4 guests, teed off mostly wearing the customary festive head gear and we enjoyed perfect weather on a course in fair nick but ravaged in parts by visiting babi hutan; a perennial problem at BU. The greens were OK for the most part but a couple were heavily sanded but generally fair scores were returned. Paul Jayaraj was the clear winner 42 points and Dick Stauffer was runner up with 40 points. Kevin & Bernhard tied lowest gross with 86’s and the most golf was played by guest Jean-Eric Husson with 111. The details follow.

Gross Points
Barry Cousins 100 36
Benhard Romahn 86 30
Dick Stauffer 90 40
Erol Akinci 99 32
Hans Berger 95 36
Ian Geekie 103 35
John Harvey 106 32
Kevin Wiggins 86 35
Klaus Kretzschmar 93 37
Mike Smith 109 23
Paul Jeyaraj 93 42
Peter Jackson 103 35
Ray Funnell 102 27
Tony Morris 96 31
Yoong 89 30
Tony Russell 96 28
Jean-Eric Husson 111 24
Keith Ganesson 100 24
Daren Akinci 90 36
Thanks go out to Kevin who contributed 6 Green Fee & 2 F&B Vouchers which helped the finances. At RM80 per head for non BUGCC players this was good value. We held RM450 for the post game F&B but with 8 jugs of beer (plus 2 donated FOC by the club) consumed we were short by RM175 which was paid out of the accumulated carry over, this being Christmas. Thanks also to Ray F for pre registering the players. Thanks guys. All in all a good day.
Next week is the Monthly Trophy game. Watch this space for details.
Ray F. Please forward me Tony Russell’s Email and I will add him to the circulation list.
Merry Christmas to all.

Thanks to Keith Ganesan for the photos.

Results – Kelab Di Raja Kampung Kuantan – 14th December 2010

The annual pilgramage to play Royal Kampung Kuantan attracted 10 Cannons.  The course was very quiet, in decent nick and the weather excellent – all in all a very pleasant stroll in the park.  And the sprinkles of rain were not at all irksome. The degree of difficulty of this 9 hole ‘planters course’ is reflected in some fairly average scores. Winner was Ray Funnel with a gross 100 for 32 points and cut 4.  R-up was Hans Berger with a gross 103 for 31 points and cut 1.  Kevin Wiggins had the lowest gross with 93 and John Harvey played the most shots with 110.  The details….

1. Ray Funnel – 100/32
2. Hans Berger – 103/31
3. Klaus Kretschmar – 101/28
4. Ian Geekie – 107/28
5. Kevin Wiggins – 93/27
6. Andrew Robinson – 99/27
7. Erol Akinci – 105/27
8. Tony Morris – 99/26
9. Richard Moss – 104/24
10. John Harvey – 110/18

Luncheon was taken at the Restoran Makanan Laut Jet Mei in Ijok on the way home.  It was excellent!

Finances for the day:  Collection 500.  Costs were golf 315, winner 50, drinks at club 65 and lunch 150 for a total of 580. The excess of 80 was funded out of carry-over funds. There is still 120 carry-over in the kitty.

And a mention of the Cannons Xmas Lunch that took place at the Coliseum last Friday, 10 December.  All very silly and merry with poppers, paper hats and so on.  The food was almost a side show – but there was plenty of steak pie!  Mike Smith was MC for the lunch and each Cannon was called upon to stand and entertain the group for a few minutes. A repeat for 2011 is surely indicated

Next Game – Kelab Di Raja Kampung Kuantan – 14th December 2010

Next week we will make our annual jaunt to play KELAB DI RAJA KAMPUNG KUANTAN which is located at Bukit Rotan about 10 kilometres shy of Kuala Selangor off the road from from Sungai Buloh. Take the Sungai Buloh turnoff the NS, going N, and hard left after the toll and follow the road towards Kuala Selangor and just keep going.  For Cannons living out west, there will be quicker ways to get there that need researching.  This is an old ‘planters course’  and one of the oldest courses in Malaysia, founded in 1910.  It is 9 holes, so we go round twice playing off  different tee boxes. At first sight the course looks easy but its deceptively tricky!  After golf we will retire to the excellent RESTORAN MAKANAN LAUT JET MEI, located in Ijok on the way home.
Please let Andrew know by return email if you are playing and be there by 7.30 hrs.  From Bangsar allow 50 minutes.

Results – Saujana Golf Club – 8th December 2010

It was another splendid turnout of 20 Cannons this week at Saujana, kindly organised by Kevin Wiggins and to celebrate his 60th Birthday!  After the torrid time Kevin has had over the last year or so, it was delightful to see him looking so well.  And a big thankyou to Kevin for picking up the lunch tab – much appreciated by all!  Also welcome back to Mike Smith and nice to see his double-jointed shoulder holding up well.

We played a composite course of 1st 9 Palm and the new 9 holes of Bunga Raya – which were most impressive!  The difficulty of the course was reflected in some pretty average performances. Winner was Siegmund Maierbrugger with a gross 90 for 42 points. Normally this would result in a 6 point cut, but as this is two wins on the trot he enjoys a double cut of 12!  This should keep him quiet for a while… Runner-up OCB from Raymond Keys was Ray Funnel with gross 95 for 39 points, and cut 1. The lowest gross was from birthday boy Kevin with 88.  And the most golf was played by Reinli with 113. The full story follows:

1. Siegmund Maierbrugger – 90/42
2. Ray Funnel – 95/39
3. Raymond Keys – 96/39
4. JP Sabourin – 94/38
5. Tony Morris – 96/32
6. Glen Wombwell – 98/32
7. Kevin Wiggins – 88/31
8. Andrew Robinson – 98/30
9. Erol Akinci – 103/30
10. Barry Cousins – 108/30
11. Alan Holgate – 110/29
12. Andre Holm – 100/28
13. Tom Holmes – 104/28
14. Hans Berger – 105/26
15. Aftab – 109/26
16. Klaus Kretschmar – 107/23
17. Mike Smith – 109/23
18. Yoong – 97/22
19. Reinli Tan – 113/20
20. Richard Moss – 111/17

This Friday 10th December sees the inaugaral Cannons Xmas Luncheon at the iconic COLISEUM CAFE & HOTEL, 98-100 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, from 12.00 hrs.  There is still room to accommodate a few more punters….??

Winter Golf in UK

At this time of year isn’t it good to be here in Malaysia as can be seen from a letter sent from our Loose Cannons member David Hughes who is vainly attempting to play golf in UK in Winter.

Hi guys,

You lucky lot, out there in the sun playing great courses!
Our course has been closed now for a week.As you can see by the picture it will be closed for some time as there doesn’t seem to be any let up in the bad weather, O joy.
For the very first time ever, our seniors Christmas game, due to be played tomorrow followed by a turkey dinner has had to be cancelled. We have about thirty old farts who all donate a bottle for prizes, making sure that everyone takes home a prize, sometimes the bottle they donated!
One of the lads is forever making excuses, mainly how much bad luck he has when playing. His partners keep a record of these and they are read out at the party, for example.
If I hadn’t of gone in that bunker, I would have been on the green and putting for a birdie!
That putt would have gone in the hole if I had used a pro v . etc
Hope you all have a great Christmas and you all enjoy Kevin’s birthday. (Have a good one Kevin)
Looking forward to playing golf with you all in January.
All the very best,

Next Game – Saujana – 8th December 2010

Next weeks game will be on WEDNESDAY 8TH DECEMBER and not on our regular Tuesday.  We will play at Saujana and celebrate Kevin’s Big Birthday!  There is a special Seniors Rate for the day, and so only RM120 per person will be the up-front collection.  Tom of course will have to pay a tad more…  And Kevin is kindly standing lunch. As usual be there by 7.30 latest and let ANDREW know beforehand by email if you are playing.

And next week concludes with the eagerly awaited CANNONS XMAS LUNCH at the COLISEUM CAFE & HOTEL, 98-100 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 5100 KL.  There are room for a few more!!  Please confirm asap should you wish to join us.

Results – Tasik Puteri Golf Club – 30th November 2010

There was an excellent turnout of 19 Cannons for this months Trophy Game at Tasik Puteri. Unfortunately there was a small competition of 10 flights running parallel to our 5 flights, and this in spite of being assured over the phone the week before that there was no competition that day!  For the first flight out it was plain sailing but the last 2 flights were badly held up. Eventually we all finished.  The weather was sublime and the course in pretty good nick.

Winner with a gross 83 for 36 points, + 3 bonus points was John Laidley, cut 4.  Runner-up with a gross 92 for 34 points, + 4 bonus points was Bernhard Romahn, cut 1. John had the lowest gross and Vincent played the most shots with 114. Full details:

1. John Laidley – 83/36
2. Bernhard Romahn – 92/34
3. Yoong – 84/34
4. Tom Holmes – 98/33
5. Hans Berger – 99/33
6. Barry Cousins – 104/32
7. Alan Holgate – 110/31
8. Kevin Wiggins – 94/30
9. Mark Baker – 95/30
10. Andrew Robinson – 96/30
11. Tony Morris – 96/30
12. Raymond Keys – 103/30
13. Ian Geekie – 108/30
14. Reinli Tan – 102/27
15. Erol Akinci – 104/27
16. Brian Jeffers – 109/27
17. Andre Holm – 97/26
18. Vincent Vijayan – 114/25
19. Ray Funnel – 99/23

Lunch was taken at the Equatorial Restaurant, and very good it was too. The early arrivals had to wait over an hour for the final Cannons to arrive just before 14.00 hrs!  We were joined by Mike Smith who brought along the Trophy to present to John – it turned out to be the December Trophy……

Finances for the day:
Income: B/FD 20, Collection 1900, Second collection at Equatorial 330 – Total 2250
Expenditure: Golf 1367, Winner 50, F&B 700 – Total 2117
C/O – 133