Results – Amverton Cove – 27th January 2015


The January Trophy Game was held at Amverton Cove with 4 flights (15 players) teeing off from two  tee boxes at 8:00am. Weather was very good and the course was in great shape with the recent rain improving the usual dry state that this course exhibits. The greens were excellent.
I was in the first flight and we made excellent time around the course finishing by 11:15am with none in front and after two holes no sight of anyone behind.
After the game we had lunch at the seafood restaurant at the bridge from Carey Island. Drinks were kindly sponsored by Stuart Taylor who had a birthday a few days previously.
Some good scores were posted today which is fairly normal for this course. The clear winner with an excellent 43 points (gross of 95) was Peter Davies with Allan McNicoll runner up with 40 points (gross of 90). Best gross of the day was Sean Niven with 76.


Results – Seri Selangor – 20th January 2015


We had 16 (4 full flights) for today’s outing to Seri Selangor on a beautiful morning with clear blue skies. Quite a few had some issues getting to the club on time due to the traffic congestion and some spurious GPS directions to the club entrance. Only one person missed the tee off …. Henning managed to catch our flight by end of Hole 1 so he only missed the first hole.

The course was mainly dry but there appears to be a fair bit of remedial work ongoing particularly on the bunkers and around the greens. The greens were also not in the best of shape – many of them sandy and bare which is not up to the usual standard here.

We all finished by 1pm then adjourned to Pantai Seafood for an excellent lunch. Many thanks to Tony who was celebrating his 65th birthday and sponsored the drinks. 


Scores were definitely on the low side which is the norm for this tough and tight little course. Runner up was Roger Surieux with 35 points (gross of 100) and the clear winner with 40 points (gross of 84) was Bernard Romahn. Full results as below:

Bernard was presented with the RM50 winnings and also received a special gift of a poster as a memory of the Batam Away Trip and to complement his other two posters. A copy of the poster is shown below for all to enjoy ….


Results – Nilai Springs – 13th January 2015

16 players gathered at Nilai Springs under a cloudless sky and played a course in remarkably dry and good condition in perfect weather with a fresh breeze blowing throughout the round. It’s not often that you come off a Malaysian golf course with a dry shirt! We were a little late teeing off and consequently a little late arriving at East (west) of the Highway for a splendid lunch washed down with plenty of the golden nectar. Thanks Iain for ordering and thanks Geoff for contributing your winnings to the pot.
The winner with a superb gross 74 & 42 points was Geoff McLaws who’s round included 4 bogies!!! Well played Geoff.
The ‘corrected’* scores were:-

Player Gross Points Position
Roger  106 29  
Jeff P 89 40 2
Mike S 99 32  
Mike W 89 34  
Iain 96 35 3
Ray 100 33*  
John  84 34*  
Paul 95 27  
Barry DNF    
Bernard 92 32*  
Geoff 74 42 1
Peter 107 31  
Henning 88 33  
Martin 91 33  
Erol 99 31  
Hans 95 35
Many thanks to Mike Smith for convening this game and preparing this report.

Results – Tasik Puteri – 6th January 2015


We had 5 full flights today and arriving at Tasik Puteri there were a number of other golfing groups registering making it a little busier than normal. As we registered and had some snacks/refreshments it was amusing once again to watch the continuing saga of Barry Cousins ordering eggs …. he ordered “two eggs any style” from the menu and was served ONE fried egg ….. as I left for the registration desk I could hear him complaining to the serving staff …. he eventually got his two eggs …. see photo below.
We played the Putera and Tasik 9’s today …. the Puteri course closed for maintenance. It was hard going today as the course looked like it had been unattended to for some time with long grass in the rough (and fairway) and rather bumpy and sandy greens. There were also some very wet and boggy areas due to the constant heavy rain lately. Play was very slow due to a lengthy wait (35 mins) to tee off then being held up by numerous groups in front.
We finished close to 2pm making it a 5hr+ round! Our last hole was done in heavy lashing rain so arrived back at the clubhouse severely soaked through, wet and cold.
Lunch post game was taken at the usual M&M Chinese Restaurant back down the road towards Rawang.


The winner today was Mike Williams with a modest 36 points (gross of 88) with Martin Walsh a runner up with 33 points (gross of 90). Best gross of the day was Martin Walsh and Russell Maw both with 88. The results reflected the tough playing conditions today. Mike Williams didn’t make lunch today so as is customary his winnings went into the pot towards lunch … thank you Mike! Full results below:


Barry Cousin’s 2-egg breakfast 

Stuart Taylor was presented with a lurid yellow golf cap as a prize for the Most Improved Golfer 2014.

Golf Bag For Sale

Our friend Andre will be leaving Malaysia soon and is telling his brand new WIGS golf bag …. details and photos below:
This is a brand new WIGS bag (only used 4 times) with Andre’s nickname “HORNBILL” and the Danish flat embroidered on the bag. The flag and nickname cannot be seen when the bag is placed on a buggy.

Price : RM275 (cost new was RM580 one month ago)

Please contact Andre if interested.