Results – Seri Selangor – 20th January 2015


We had 16 (4 full flights) for today’s outing to Seri Selangor on a beautiful morning with clear blue skies. Quite a few had some issues getting to the club on time due to the traffic congestion and some spurious GPS directions to the club entrance. Only one person missed the tee off …. Henning managed to catch our flight by end of Hole 1 so he only missed the first hole.

The course was mainly dry but there appears to be a fair bit of remedial work ongoing particularly on the bunkers and around the greens. The greens were also not in the best of shape – many of them sandy and bare which is not up to the usual standard here.

We all finished by 1pm then adjourned to Pantai Seafood for an excellent lunch. Many thanks to Tony who was celebrating his 65th birthday and sponsored the drinks. 


Scores were definitely on the low side which is the norm for this tough and tight little course. Runner up was Roger Surieux with 35 points (gross of 100) and the clear winner with 40 points (gross of 84) was Bernard Romahn. Full results as below:

Bernard was presented with the RM50 winnings and also received a special gift of a poster as a memory of the Batam Away Trip and to complement his other two posters. A copy of the poster is shown below for all to enjoy ….


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