Results – Sungai Long Golf & Country Club – 27th December 2016


The last game of 2016 and the December Trophy Game was held at Sungai Long Golf & Country Club. We got started late at 8:30am due to some hold up due to a large group playing and some delay because of the overnight rain. Our 5 flights got off on two tee boxes and even after the very heavy rain the previous day the course was in remarkeable condition. The fairways were a little soggy in places but playable and the greens were excellent.

Weather was cool and overcast making it a pleasant morning with everyone finishing by around 1- 1:30pm. Lunch was at the Fei Wai Restaurant after the game where 12 of us enjoyed some good food and much needed rehydration in the form of beer!


Our winner today and December Trophy winner, having held back all year, was Roger McGowan with an excellent 96 for 42 points.


Runner up was Graham Cadman with an 97 for 39 points and 3rd was Stuart taylor with 89 for 38. best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with an 83. Full results below:




Results – Staffield Country Resort – 20th December 2016


The pre-Xmas game was held at Staffield Country Resort. 20 Cannons adorned with santa hats and antlers headed off from two tee boxes on the Western and Southern courses at 8:00am.


The morning was overcast and cool and then by the back 9 the sun came out but we avoided rain which was good. The course was in good shape but the greens running a little slow.

We had lunch at the club after the game with a few pleasant jugs of beer to help wash it all down.


The clear winner today was Aftab Ahmad with an excellent 44 points and a gross of 90. Runner up was Hans Berger with a 94 for 39. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 76. Ricardo Castro kindly donated a bottle of wine for an arbitary prize which was a draw between the best gross the worst golf and the mid placed player – Ray Funnell won the draw so scuttled of with a fine bottle of Portugese white wine. Full results below:



Results – Nilai Springs – 13th December 2016


19 Loose Cannons tee’d off on the Island & Pines nines at Nilai Springs …. should have been 20 of us but ReinLi Tan was declared MIA. The Island nine we all started on was interesting to say the least. They have done some work on the greens with added undulations, some of which were severe and with the vindictive pin positions of the day there was many a ball running past the hole and back off the green. Most players found these greens very difficult indeed. Some of the pin positions and green setups were ridiculous.

The Pines nine was in better shape, particularly the greens, bringing some normality back to the game and some better scores.

The weather was relatively cool making it a pleasant morning and we all got round without any major delays and before the rain started.

Lunch after the game was at Restoran East of Highway which was enjoyed by the 11 of us that made the lunch ….. something no doubt to do with the two crates of beers we went through.


Our winner today, and the only one to match his handicap, was Sigi Maierbrugger with a score of 92 for 36 points (Many thanks for your winnings which went into the pot!). Runner up was Aftab Ahmad with 101 for 33 on countback from Ricardo Castro and Ray Funnell. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a gross of 80. Full results below:



Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch – Coliseum – 9th December 2016


Once again we returned to the Coliseum Cafe for our annual Xmas lunch. There were 16 of us in attendance this year and as per the usual procedure we had drinks prior to lunch in the front bar from 12 noon till around 1pm. We then moved to the back restaurant at our usual long table strategically placed behind some screens, no doubt to shield the other diners from our rabble.

Mike Smith made the introductory remarks giving a brief history of the Loose Cannons golf group and then proposed a toast to absent friends, Gordon Wingate and Murray Preston.

Following the explosion of poppers, tooters and spraying of fake snow we commenced lunch. Interspersed with the food and wine we were entertained by numerous jokes, recitals and songs by the members. Much of these we had heard before but it was always entertaining to hear the same old jokes and songs yet again.

16 bottles of wine were demolished during the lunch after the numerous beers in the bar beforehand so all members duly staggered home well fed and watered.




Results – Tasik Puteri – 6th December 2016

img_1359It was a beautiful morning today as 6 full flights tee’d off on the Putera and Tasik nines at Tasik Puteri. The Putera nine was probably in the worst shape we have seen it for a long time … the greens were bad and very slow. The Tasik nine however was good although again some of the greens were suffering a bit. The weather was great and we had no hold ups round the course so we were all finished and then took lunch at the usual Chin Heong Restaurant close to the highway exit ….. well apart from Roger McGowan who had some navigational issues …. thank God he is still not flying!

Lunch was good washed down by quite a few cold beers kindly sponsored by Kevin Wiggins with RM200 who was celebrating a recent birthday and Mike Smith topped up the pot to the sum of RM600 who was also celebrating a birthday with a number larger than most of our birthdays! Cheers boys.

Worth of mention today:

  1. Peter Kenyon managed to hit the ball from the tee and land it behind him by hitting the bridge in front of the tee box
  2. Stuart Taylor pulled of an excellent recovery shot where his ball was right next to the lake on the 18th Par 5 hole by getting in the lake and playing his 2nd shot …. managed to recover with a bogey ….. and a very wet pair of golf shoes … video below:


Scores were not as good as usual at this course qualifying the earlier comment on the course condition, but our clear winner today, Kevin Wiggins, did well with an excellent 90 for 40 points (cut 4). It was so good to see Kevin win having made a come back from a long bout of illness and eventually made it to the winner’s podium again. Runner up was Peter Kenyon with 98 for 36 on count back from Mahmud Mohamed and Mike Williams. Best gross today was Geoff McLaws with an 80. Full results below:



Poll for the Continuation of the Loose Cannons Blog

As you are all aware I have maintaining the Loose Cannons blog for many years now and this is a great wealth of historical data with records of scores, games played and a multitude of photos and videos. I have been using WordPress to host this blog and the free membership which includes a limited storage (3 Gb) is now nearing capacity …. we are up to around 96-97%. So this means we will have no more space to store our blog postings/photos/etc in the next month or so.
I can take out a Premium membership which costs $8.25 a month or $99 a year (circa RM440) which will give us a vastly increased capacity (13Gb) and should last us for as long as we should be worried about.
This poll is to get the group decision on whether to continue the blog at an annual cost of around RM440 or to discontinue the blog. Please vote below with your decision …. this poll will be valid for one week only.