Thanks Martin for the report and Ricardo for the photos.

My last day in the office was welcomed by 16 players! On top of that all 16 stayed for lunch as well……….unprecedented. But that’s the LC way; play and lunch. Most of us were early except for Hans Berger who was on the way to Slim River and Reinli who was stuck in his last pint of Guinness. Bukit Beruntung is an interesting and value for money course. The greens are really nice, just very slow. We took off by 8:00 am with flight 4 welcoming the 2 ‘missing in action’ a while later. Despite a little drizzle most of us had an enjoyable round of golf finishing around midday, well in time to make it for lunch in Full Moon restaurant. Today’s winner Siggy came home with a monster score of 85/42 collecting several prices (one last ‘C’ for you Mike W.). He got the RM 50 plus the ‘Golden Nut’ that he donated himself as a prize for the LC’s. We also found out how we can distract Siggy when he is playing well………… The rumors will be spread, just wait! Graham Cadman in second (93/40), long battling with Siggy (same flight) for the 1st place, but then the pressure became too much on the last 2 holes. A sleeve of balls for his battle with der Kaiser. A special thanks to Tony, who came in 3rd (87/39), for helping us to get some discount due to his membership. So a free ride for him today.
We also welcomed back Reinli after a very long break. A sleeve of balls for him too. 
2 other players with lowest gross (85); Ricardo and Bernhard. We all can picture Bernhard running around like a headless chicken, finding a ball which is not always his, hits it anyway…….. 2 strokes penalty……. “whas se f**k em ai doing” We got him a ball marker. Will he use it????Thank you all for the nice shirt and plate that you bought me as a goodbye present.
Lunch at Full Moon was excellent as well as the Tigers and very affordable. We finished the day by 14:00 pm.
This day was supported by the kitty money that I had left. There is still around RM 500 balance which I will hand over to the new team. Tony came up with a good suggestion to use this money to support playing a ‘quality’ (more expensive) course sometimes. It was a pleasure serving you. See you on the golf course. Martin

Below final results table:

And LC of the Year updated standings: Good advantage for Sigmund to win March and a few players fighting for second and third place:


Thanks to Jan for the report and Ricardo for the photos.

We had a nice early start, one of the first off on the course, and everyone was present well in time!!The course was good, the first two holes a bit wet after the rain the nght before, but for the rest nice and dry. Only the greens were varaible, sometimes fast and sometimes you really had to give it a whack to get it moving.But it didn’t spoil the fun of playing, and from what I heard, everyone enjoyed themselves again.
We welcomed Hans Berger again. He didn’t play but decided to join us for lunch. Good to see you, Hans!
The other Hans (Bodewes) got his bag tag as being a new member last week, and John received the sleeve of balls and his bag tag as a new member, having played 5 games with us. Welcome John!!
The scores were very variable as well, as you can see below. Ricardo had the lowest gross score with 88. Not as low as he wanted, but….. He also won the mystery prize for the most birdies.Iain ended up as third with 33 points, Josef second with 36, and Jan as first with 38 points.
Lunch was at the club, well sponsored by Siggy, as a result of which cost were kept low. Thanks, Siggy!
All scores are here including the standings for the March competition.


Thanks Jan for the report and Ricardo for the photos.

Dear all,
The course was in a good condition, the weather was good, and the greens were slow. I think that was the short summary of Tuesday’s game. It’s always pleasant to play at Tasik Puteri, where you really have to score well to get on top. Also this time that was clear from the scoring.
First we have to congratulate Bernhard and Robert for their respective birthdays, and we thank them for their generous contribution for the lunch!We were all very happy to see Hans Berger back on the field. Hans, don’t worry about the golf, that will come back. Keep on practicing with us. Use the small tool you received, save you a lot of bending down.
John played his fourth game, so one to go, and Hans Bodewes played his fifth game, so he was welcomed as a new member of the Loose Cannons. A sleeve of special LC balls as a welcome gift.
The scores were very good as mentioned. To play your handicap and end up as sixth says enough. The winner above all was Dave, who walked off with 42 points!!! Well done Dave, the voucher is yours!
The total list of scores is:

The standing for the March competition is (you have to play at least 2 games in the month to qualify):

See you all next week,

Report Bukit Jalil 2-3 2021

Thanks to Jan for writing the report

First plan was to start with 3 3-balls, but very late Monday evening, Bernhard decided to join, so we started with 10 players. Thanks Bernhard for joining us. The course again was in a good condition, with fast greens on the first nine and a bit slower on the second. The pin positions were on some green very difficult and that took some of us quite some extra putts to get the ball in the hole. The first flight had to wait a very long time until the last flight came in, but after that we had an enjoyable time during lunch. For some of us, preparing lunch took a very long time, but the price/quality is actually quite good there.

We had nevertheless good scores as you can see below. Two players, Josef and Tony, with 36 points and 3 with 37 fighting for the winning place. This was won by Bernhard on count back. Good for you that you decide to join, Bernhard!! The 50 RM voucher is yours.

As this course can also “eat up” balls very easily was true for some of us. Therefore Graham was the winner of the mystery prize for losing most balls. He won a most needed sleeve of balls.

We also could announce the winner of the February competition. Two games only because of the lock down. It was a battle between Ricardo and Jan, but this month Jan was the winner of the month.

We welcomed again John, now for his 3rd game, and Hans for his 4th.

No birthdays to celebrate this time, maybe next week………???

As it was announced yesterday that we can travel between KL and Selangor, we can spread out our wings a bit, and not be restricted to only the courses nearby. I will inform you later in a separate email, where we play next week.

See you all next week,