Results – Sungai Long – 23rd June 2015

A good day at Sungai Long. Course was in great condition. Reception staff was extremely helpful, to the point filling in all the paperwork for me so booking in was very easy.

We paid a bit over the top as they charged us for caddies as well! One per flight.

The down side was, we all had to go off of one tee box behind a couple of other flights but it was 30 minutes before our designated tee time! 

The 1st 3 flights made good time finishing in 4 hours. The last flight (Low handicappers)

took a little longer. Possibly due to Bernard’s constant picking and cleaning of his ball, when it wasn’t advised that it was a “pick and clean” day!!!!!!

The winner of the day was Bernard with an impressive 80 for 43 points. Did his “pick and 

clean” give him an advantage!

Lunch was at Kenwell. Attended by 11 players. Excellent food as normal at a great price.

Pork curry / Veg curry / 2 styles of pork rib / yam basket with chicken / deer meat / LaLa / kylan

Food:    RM 300      RM 27 per person 

Drinks:  RM 200     RM 18 per person
Many thanks to Tony Morris for arranging today’s game on behalf of Geoff McLaws who is down with dengue fever – get well soon Geoff.

Results – Rahman Putra – 16th June 2015

Well after a late change of venue for reasons I shall not dwell on over this email, 12 Loose Cannons made it to Rahman Putra for our weekly Tuesday game. After being promised the Lake 18 for our three flights, upon arrival at the course, all noted that the second 9 of the Lakes course was closed to morning players. 
Registration at this course has had its frustrations in the past but today, it was a virtual breeze. Aside from not being allowed to play the Lakes 9 due to no proof of handicaps under 24, oh, and our seniors receiving no benefit other than those who are also MM2H holders cos they were not Malaysian cits, oh, and the green fees being quite exxy here, and registration taking well over 20 minutes, we were all on the tee by 8.15am.
Tony and his flight finished 3 holes ahead of the next flight due to a couple of walkers somehow managing to ‘cut in front’ of our middle flight. However 6 of us made it to the Heng Hin Seafood Restoran for a pleasantly modest meal (quantity) and a few grogs.
Henning Therkelsen won the day with a very good gross of 84 for 40 points. Well played Henning, or “Henry” as called by Tony. 
A very close second was Iain Wise with a gross of 92 for 39 points and 21 on the back nine. The rest of the field failed to impress with no-one else in the field playing to handicap.

Results – Nilai Springs – 9th June 2015

Four flights finally made it onto the fairways at Nilai Springs GCR today, after a fairly seamless registration but that was where it stopped. There were literally 19 flights which were booked at the same 8.37am tee time. Our late start was further hampered by the late arrival of some of the 8am slots that the Starter allowed to retain their position in the order.
At 9.13am, our first flight got to the 1st tee. Once we were all away off two tee boxes, all four flights managed to finish around the same time albeit late. Lunch was taken at the club due to the late finish. Added to this, Barry Sage was unable to finish his round due to work commitments this afternoon.
Bernard Romahn is on a hot streak with his third win in three weeks, much to the chagrin of a previous convener. Congratulations Bernard on your 81 gross for 42 points and winner on the day. Second was Roger Surieux with 41 points and third was shared betwen Tony Morris and Mike Williams with 37 points apiece.
Lowest gross was Geoff Parslow with 80. Full results attached below.

Results – Tasik Puteri – 2nd June 2015

Only 8 Cannons turned up to challenge the various nines of Tasik Puteri, making it very easy at registration and money counting time.
Two flights headed out earlier than our intended 8am tee time and we were not worried by other players/flights whatsoever. We played the Tasik and Putera nines which we all know are vastly different in character and represent a sometimes difficult challenge.
Both flights got around in good time and just beat the siren before the rain came. Had we been caught in that downpour, boats would have been required for passage back to the clubhouse. Lunch was at our usual Restoran “right of the road before the petrol station” and the six of us enjoyed a very good spread and a few amber ales.
Bernard Romahn won the day to make it two weeks on the trot, with a gross of 88 and 36 points. A somewhat distant second was Henning Therkelsen with 32 points and third, Siegmund Maierbrugger with 31. Lowest Gross was shared by Bernard and yours truly. Results attached.

Results – Amverton Cove – 26th May 2015

17 punters mustered at Amverton Cove for the May Monthly Medal in balmy weather and we all got off to a prompt start off 2 tee boxes and we were round in very good time.  

Winner on the day was the Desert Fox, Bernard Romahn, OCB from Henning Therkelson and both with 38 points.  Lowest gross was again Geoff McLaws with 81 and the most gross was shared between Barry Cousins and Andrew Robinson both with 112.  Andrew’s new clubs really making a difference!  And his final score not boosted by 5 putting on one green!  Details below:

Lunch was taken at the regular restaurant over the bridge on the right – and very good it was too when the food eventually arrived!  Although attending the lunch is not compulsory, it is an integral part of the day and all are encouraged to participate.  A tad irking are those indicating they are coming for the lunch and then don’t turn up!  This leads to confusion with table arrangements and ordering.