Results – Staffield Country Resort – 23rd June 2020

The early morning looked a bit wet and rainy but it all turned out great. Only 11 members gathered at Staffield to play some golf. It stopped raining and the sun came out so no worries there. Tee off was around 8am and although a bit soggy at some spots the course was in a great condition. Worthwhile mentioning we had to wait for Tony and call him to tee-off; first time ever………… We had a fairly quick round and all getting back by midday. 


THE MIKE struck again……………..81/40, magic sticks it must be. Shared 2nd Siggy and Ricardo with 38 points and 3rd Andrew with 37 points. See below all results
The monthly battle is a close fight between Mike, Siggy and Ricardo. 
Many had to leave straight after the game so we had a small group for lunch this time. We still had a belated present for Andrew’s achievement and presented him a special “500 games” golf shirt. Also Hans got one more present to honor his convener ship; a LC cap with his name and service years on it. 


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – KRTU – 16th June 2020

This week is heavily overshadowed by Tom Holmes’ passing away. And some members who were well befriended with him were obviously still in great shock. Rest in peace Tom!

13 players gathered at KRTU after 2 cancellations; Andrew and Siggy. Gaut seems to hit the group this week. Too much red wine………… Entry to the air force base was quite an ordeal. Apparently, a new recruit just started today and he meticulously checked every one of us asking senseless details about wives and families and a lot more and writing down everything.

Anyway…..we got there and still took off around 8:00 am. Our host Zak had already prepared the registration. It’s a lovely course with beautiful greens but not easy to play; it’s tight and the cow grass is heavy especially when you miss the fairway. This probably explains today’s’ scores. Only 2 players played their handicap; Tony and myself. After a long struggle with my golf and a serious deterioration of my handicap, I finally managed to produce a decent game and win today with 98/37. Tony in second place and best gross; 90/36. See all scores below.

The June competition is still headed by Mike Williams, followed by Ricardo and Tony. 9 members stayed for a solemn lunch. Food and beers at the club were good and very affordable. We thanked Zak for organizing and presented him with one of the LC towels. Dave picked up the mystery prize; a sleeve of balls for having the last blob (on hole 18) And we welcomed our 2 new members Mike Garwood (2nd game) and Robert Bellevance. (1st game). 



Thanks to Ricardo Castro for the photos.

Obituary – Tom Holmes

It was with deep sadness and shock that we heard about the sudden death of Tom Holmes on 12th June 2020. 

Tom (48) will be fondly remembered by all for his jovial nature, his passion for the game of golf and of course his inimitable sharp, dry humour.

It was in 2008, after meeting Mike Smith at the Doha Golf Club, Qatar and with Mike enthusing to Tom about how nice Malaysia was, Tom, who was now at the end of his contract, jumped on a plane with one suitcase and his golf clubs and arrived in Malaysia. Here he fell right into the KL lifestyle and joined a number of golfing societies living the life of leisure before getting a job. Tom subsequently became an “offshore tiger” having gained employment here in Malaysia specialising in offshore installations, flare maintenance and operations, which included flare tip and igniter panels replacement, given his electrical background.

In the time that Tom was in Malaysia he was active in all the KL golf societies such as Loose Cannons, KLOGS and FRID’ Eggs but Tom was of course predominantly active in the running of the WIGS group which played every Sunday at Bukit Unggul.

Tom was involved with the WIGS golf group for many years and with his organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail with the WIGS unique scoring and handicapping system along with the “Animal Fines” and other associated infringements Tom ultimately headed up the WIGS group. Tom organised and attended every twice-yearly golf away trips in his capacity as CW for the WIGS society and they were all an outstanding success.

Tom was also a regular attender of KLOGS monthly games and twice-yearly “aways” for over 10 years when not working offshore. His last victory was at Tropicana in April of 2017, and on this day as well as easily winning the game he was also awarded the “other award” for blobbing the last hole when considered well in front – handicap preservation being the cry with the forthcoming May away on the horizon. Tom was regularly awarded this accolade, most recently on the Chiang Mai November Away, where as well as winning the daily misdemeanour award he also took this for the tour -something to do with the wearing of an orange bathing cap in the shower. Tom’s greatest qualities were to give everyone the benefit of his cutting wit, but also not getting bothered when it rebounded and taking his punishment in fine style. He was also quick to assist and standing in as scribe at short notice, and acting as the tour’s fines master with relish. With his wide knowledge of golf in the region, he was a very helpful source on the latest course information when planning the next away adventure. In addition to all the above an accomplished golfer who always showed great sportsmanship and a loyal friend to all those that had the privilege to meet him.

Tom was also a member of the FRID’ Eggs group who met every Friday and, work or travel permitting, Tom would join the group. Tom’s last game with FRID’ Eggs was on 14th February 2020 at Danau Golf Club where he won on the day – a very fitting result for a great golfer and a great human being.

Tom was a very well-loved and respected friend to everybody in our community here in Malaysia. The outpouring messages of affection and tributes received upon the shock and disbelief at Tom’s sudden and totally unexpected demise bears testimony to this. Tom became more than just a golf buddy to some, he also became a part of the family. 

Tom will be sadly missed by all his golfing friends and all his other friends and working colleagues here in Malaysia and overseas but of course our thoughts and deepest condolences go out at this time to his family back in UK. 

R.I.P. Tom Holmes

Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 9th June 2020

Our first tour towards Rawang after the lock down and it turned out well. 15 players gathered for some golf at Tasik. Another smooth take off (it’s gonna be boring without any hiccups) well before t-time and start from 2 t-boxes meaning that we all got back well before midday. The course was in a very good nik and so were most players. 10 out of 15 played their handicap or better. We don’t see that happening very often.

A few old members returned after a long absence; Robert after his knee operation and Glen after not getting any calls from China anymore for work. A sleeve of balls for Robert this week as a welcome back present.

Also a warm welcome to our guest Mike Garwood who may be a new Loose Cannons member in the future. He finished his round with a solid 82.

We still do lunch at the club nowadays with all the MCO/SOP shit still around. Food and drinks are fine at Tasik and reasonably priced so that was a very pleasant 19th hole. We may think about moving back to the old routine in the next few weeks and select one of our Chinese joints again.


Today’s winner…… Der Panzer with 81/43 ran away with the money beating Hakan on count back. 3rd place with 40 points Siggy and Ricardo. Hans on his way back into golf followed with a respectable 39 points. See all scores below.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 8.19.01 PM

After 2 games Mike is leading the monthly competition with Ricardo and Tony on his heels.



Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos



Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 2nd June 2020

Palm Garden attracted 16 Loose Cannons to come and play some golf. A very good turn out and the return -after a 6 months sabbatical- of our one and only Stableford Jedi; Stuart Taylor. Welcome back!

Since the restaurant is closed in the morning everybody gathered at the registration area. Various discount cards and a voucher helped to get us a decent rate. Going into buggies and to the t-box was organized in the typical Malaysian way……..NOT REALLY…. They tried to keep some order but that is usually bound to fail when you deal with Loose Cannons.

Nonetheless we took off on time and from different t-boxes. About 4 hours later everybody was back in the restaurant. The course was in excellent shape and a pleasure to play. The climate nowadays doesn’t help though and makes conditions a little tougher than normal.

Mighty Mike keeps on striking and took another win today with 80/41 followed by our comeback kid Stuart; 84/40 and Tony 88/39.

Andrew managed to finish his 500th game this time (see Special Report below). We celebrated that with the help of his generous RM500 contribution for beers. He got handed out the first new Loose Cannons cap for this great achievement; first games in early 2004 together with Iain and Mike Smith. Siggy also got a cap for his contribution at KGSAAS last week. A sleeve of balls found a new owner; Stuart for returning and taking care of our stablefords.

The only negative maybe is the total lack of organization in the restaurant. Plenty of staff but it still took ages before getting a beer……… Yet another fine day out. Thanks for your participation.


Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 4.31.02 PM

Andrew Robinson’s 500th Game

It was a rather special day today with Andrew Robinson clocking in his 500th game with Loose Cannons. Starting with Loose Cannons way back in 2004 when the group was first formed Andrew has played an impressive number of games, albeit with a few interludes during this time due to bad health or injury.

Today he scored a very respectable score of 111 for 30 points today and on the 18th green he sank a lengthy putt to finish in style.

A quietly confident Andrew Robinson before the start of the game

Andrew Robinson on the 1st tee prepares to kick off his 500th game

This was Andrew Robinson’s 9,000th drive as he teed off on the 1st hole today


On the 18th hole at the conclusion of his 500th game Andrew confidently sinks a great putt to finish.




After the successful completion of his 500th game, Andrew was presented with a red Loose Cannons cap in the clubhouse ……. perhaps after another 500 games, he will get the matching shirt!!

Andrew very kindly contributed RM500 to the pot for lunch and drinks. Thank You Andrew from everyone today and many congratulations on a great achievement.


And thanks to Ricardo Castro for the following photos contributions.

Also thanks to Martin Belderink for the following photos.