Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 9th June 2020

Our first tour towards Rawang after the lock down and it turned out well. 15 players gathered for some golf at Tasik. Another smooth take off (it’s gonna be boring without any hiccups) well before t-time and start from 2 t-boxes meaning that we all got back well before midday. The course was in a very good nik and so were most players. 10 out of 15 played their handicap or better. We don’t see that happening very often.

A few old members returned after a long absence; Robert after his knee operation and Glen after not getting any calls from China anymore for work. A sleeve of balls for Robert this week as a welcome back present.

Also a warm welcome to our guest Mike Garwood who may be a new Loose Cannons member in the future. He finished his round with a solid 82.

We still do lunch at the club nowadays with all the MCO/SOP shit still around. Food and drinks are fine at Tasik and reasonably priced so that was a very pleasant 19th hole. We may think about moving back to the old routine in the next few weeks and select one of our Chinese joints again.


Today’s winner…… Der Panzer with 81/43 ran away with the money beating Hakan on count back. 3rd place with 40 points Siggy and Ricardo. Hans on his way back into golf followed with a respectable 39 points. See all scores below.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 8.19.01 PM

After 2 games Mike is leading the monthly competition with Ricardo and Tony on his heels.



Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos



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