Results – Tasik Puteri Golf Club – 22nd February, 2011

We had a great day in TP. The greens on the first 9 were very good although a little slow, but they were true. The second 9 were poor as they had sanded them all and it was so difficult to get the ball rolling to the hole.

Raymond Keys took the trophy with an excellent 46 points even though he only managed to hit three fairways! Barry was second with 42.

Best gross, John, 84.

After the green fees and F& B were paid we have RM70 in the kitty for next week.

Thanks to David Hughes who stood in as Convenor as Mike Smith was away getting his eye replaced. He will get his 2nd eye done next week and hopefully should be back soon with his new “eagle vision”. Speedy recovery Mike!

The lightening conductor swing!

Good extension

Go for the maximum club head speed

Drive your ball far into the lake!!

Fishing for Palm Oil

Have balls become that expensive?

Alan doesn’t want to hear that the ‘Trophy’ has eluded him yet again!!!

I want a ‘Trophy’ this big!!

Yes David – We can see you, despite the reflection off the mirror in the bottom left 😉

Rein Li waking up after 40 winks. Got his ‘doggy bag’ & ready to go home!

Next Game – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 22nd February, 2011

Golf next week will be the TROPHY GAME and will be played at:- TASIK PUTERI GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB
Be there by 07:30 LATEST
This is a TP course so bring your book. However, their Promotion price may be cheaper than TP.
M&M and prize giving will be at EQUATORIAL RESTORAN
David Hughes will be acting convener. Mike Smith is unable to play the next 2 games as he is having new eyes fitted.

Results – Port Klang Golf Resort – 14th February, 2011

Port Klang Golf Resort is an occasional venue for Cannons, more as a novelty than anything else, and has given those of us who have played there in the past a number of humorous memories, When it’s wet it’s VERY wet and when dry, as hard as a bone. Who will ever forget the veritable marsh conditions a few years back and Klaus getting his trolley (a cunning folding German device of immense complexity but with a built in design flaw of narrow wheels) bogged down and retiring with swamp fever along with several others well before the end. And so it was, as always with Port Klang Golf Resort, with some trepidation that 11 Cannons found their way…..eventually…. to this seaside venue. Richard Moss who has been there many times before, inexplicably managing to get lost in North Port and arriving half an hour late. We were to be 12 but Erol pulled out overnight after consulting Google Maps and deciding that it was all too complicated and feared being lost forever in deepest Selangor. What a wimp.

But on this day great weather and a golf course that was very firm greeted us and with hardly another soul in sight we were all round in under 4 hours. The legendary Turf Mates were in working order and the greens were reasonably true with virtually no break from any angle. The winner was Mike Smith with 43 points (the game is slowly coming back) and the runner-up was Tom Holmes with 41 points breathing a sigh of relief after fearing that he was going to be “doubled” for back-to-back wins. John Laidley recorded the lowest gross with 86 and the most golf was played by Richard Moss.

Raring to go….but where the hell is Richard?

Deep conversation

Everyone is happy, Richard is camera shy & Tom is VERY happy!!

Rein Li just completing breakfast before a hard morning’s slog!!

Serious business being discussed ….err would that be golf?

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to golf we go!!
Raymond zooms into the lead….but only on the “TurfMate”

Hans looking the dapper golfer!!

M&M was taken by all 11 of us at the Port Village seafood restaurant nearby. This place is very large and built on stilts over the sea and with nice breeze and “friendly” waiters a good time was had by all. The bill was a bit of a shock but with 12 large ones and 1 bottles of wine consumed, not entirely surprising. (3 bottles of wine were provided by diners themselves!!).

This was an excellent day out for Loose Cannons. Port Klang….we will return.

Loose Cannon Rules

Just as a reminder for everyone here are the latest Loose Cannons Rules as updated on 6th February 2011.



1. Each new player to join the Loose Cannons plays his FIRST round off his CLUB H/Cap or DECLARED H/Cap.
2. The WINNER each week will have his h/c CUT by a minimum of 4 strokes or the number of strokes his Stableford points exceeds his h/c in use on that day, whichever is higher. Should he win again the following week his h/c will be further cut by 8 strokes.
3. The RUNNER UP each week will have his h/c cut by 1 stroke. 
4. The REST will have 1 stroke added to their h/c to a ceiling of 3 strokes above their current USGA handicap as calculated by Loose Cannons USGA software.
5. FIRST TIME OUT WINNERS will have their h/c adjusted in accordance with the USGA handicapping formula using his winning card and then have his re-calculated h/c cut by 4 strokes. Thereafter Rules 2,3 & 4 will be applied.
6. USGA Handicapping Formula ((Adjusted Gross Score – USGA Course Rating) x 113 / USGA Slope Rating) will be used with a cap at 28. 
7. Handicaps will be calculated using the Loose Cannons “Handicap Manager” software and published at the end of each month.


1. Each weeks competition will be played from the WHITE tees and scored to the Stableford system using the players adjusted handicap.
2. The game on the last Tuesday of each month will be played for a Trophy in addition to the Pot. This will be referred to as the Trophy Game. One Bonus Point will be awarded to each player for games played during the month. The Bonus Points will be added to the Trophy Game points to decide the winner.
3. Flights will be randomly selected or assigned by the convener.

Fees & Pot

1. Each player will pay the cost for the days golf (varies from club to club) plus c RM30 for the  “POT”. This will be referred to as the “FEE”.
2. The Winner will receive RM50 from the POT. The remainder of the “POT” will go towards the 19th Hole refreshments.
3. A deduction of RM5 per player will be made to cover administrative costs and the cost of the monthly “Trophy”.

19th Hole Refreshment

1. The “POT” will be used to provide each player with a “light meal” and “beverage” to the cost equivalent of 2 mugs of beer (or one large bottle if eating outside the club). 
2. Beverage consumed above this cost equivalent will be to the individuals own account.

Local Rules

1. BUNKERS. Ball lying in a footprint or other depression left by a preceding flight can be lifted and placed within the Bunker at the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole without penalty.
2. OUT OF BOUNDS. Out of Bounds as defined by White Stakes will be treated as Lateral Water Hazards. Rule 26 applies.
3. LOST BALL. If you are unable to find your ball you may drop a ball at the nearest point of relief from the area adjudged by other members of your flight to be the place where most likely the ball is lost, not nearer the hole, at a penalty of 2 strokes. Alternatively Rule 27 applies.
4. PLUGGED BALL. A ball which, in the opinion of the members of the flight, cannot be found by being PLUGGED in the FAIRWAY can be replaced at the point where it is judged by the flight to have struck the fairway, without penalty.
5. BUGGY TRACK DRAINS. A ball lying in a buggy track drain ( drain that is immediately adjacent to and/or parallel with a buggy track) can be lifted and dropped at the point of entry and on the side of entry, within 2 club lengths, not nearer the hole without penalty.
6. A ball lying in a DIVOT on the FAIRWAY may be lifted and placed at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole without penalty.

Bankers Club Tournament – Kota Permai – 2nd March 2011

The Bankers Club are holding their next tournament at Kota Permai on Wednesday 2nd March 2011.
Registration 07:15
Tee off 08:00
Prize Presentation 13:00
Bankers Club Members RM235
Guest of Bankers Club Members RM285
Discount for KPGCC Members. RM138

For further information and registration contact Richard Moss

Next Game – Port Klang Golf Resort – 14th February 2011

By popular request an “easier” venue was recommended for next week to enable us to ‘regain our confidence’ and so
Since Tuesday is a PH we will play MONDAY 14th FEBRUARY 2011
Tee off at 08:00. Be there by 07:30 LATEST.
This is a TP course and will cost RM70 for TP or RM110 without.
After the game we will go to a nearby SEAFOOD Restaurant for M&M.
If you want to play this unusual and interesting old golf course let Mike Smith know by Email ASAP

Results – Templar Park Country Club – 8th February 2011

Templer Park never lets us down, at least as far as a test of our golfing skills is concerned. This venue remains one of the toughest tests we encounter, if not THE toughest.
Glorious weather and a golf course in good condition greeted 14 Cannons. How could we fail?
Templer has put in a lot of work since my last visit here and with such a spectacular back drop it is indeed a great place to spend a morning chasing the little white ball. Used to be referred to as the “little gutta percha” but not these days. Clearly, work is in hand to eradicate the cow grass and the greens were fast and fairly true despite light sanding. The bunkers were good and there was plenty of run on the fairways so all in all we couldn’t blame the course. But the distances? Read metres for yards and add a club and you may be about right.

The winner with 98 off the stick and 39 points was Tom Holmes and the runner up OCB was Barry Cousins with 35 points. Lowest gross was recorded by John Laidley with a respectable 87 and the most gross went to the returning and very welcome Alan Holgate. Tom is cut 4 strokes and Barry 1 stroke.

All 14 players retired to the RSC Annex (thank to Andrew for this arrangement) for an excellent lunch and much amusing banter, helped along with plenty of good grub, several jugs of Tiger and many bottles of the clubs inexpensive wine. When the bill was called a small contribution was needed to top up the pot. The chatter went on and on and a strong group intent on extending the day into the evening were making their way to the downstairs bar when I left just before 4pm. An excellent day.

Photographs courtesy of David Hughes

Results – Bukit Kemuning – 1st February 2011

19 golfers played Bukit Kemuning on Federal Taritory Day and considering it was a PH for KL and the eve of CNY the course management did a good job in maintaining order so that we were round in under 5 hours. The course was in surprisingly good condition after the soaking of the past few days and the weather was fine. By thhe way, thanks to Barry for making the booking. This is a good venue for Cannons. We will play it again.
The winner was Kevin Wiggins with 42 points and the runner up OCB was John Laidley with 39 points. Kevin is cut 6 and John 1 stroke. The lowest gross with an impressive 78 was John Laidley and the most golf was played by Peter Jackson. The full results and your adjusted handicaps can be found in the attachment.
With the exception of Siegi who couldn’t stay but donated RM50 to the pot (good man Siegi) everyone else enjoyed M&M at the club. We welcomed back David Hughes on his annual pilgrimage and a couple of visitors. All in all a good day UNTIL the bill arrived. A whopping RM803. With RM608 in the pot the remaining 8 stalwarts contributed RM20 each and the balance was topped up from the carry over money. Gents, if you partake of M&M and leave BEFORE the bill arrives please leave a small contribution to the pot.
For the record the carry over fund now stands at RM323.

A couple of asides worth mentioning.
Several of the tee boxes had the blue & white tees together. Andrew noticing this asked if we were playing from the whites or the blues and “why are the white tees in front of the blues.”
Reinli, having overslept last week arriving an hour and a quarter late, emailed to assure me that he would be on time this week adding that he only lived “10 minutes away” and could “walk it”. Guess what?????