Christmas Lunch – Coliseum Restaurant – 18th December 2019

Following up on the final invitation, yesterday we had our traditional yearly Xmas Luncheon at Coliseum Cafe & Hotel downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Everyone arrived in time at the bar to have ample time for beers, gin & tonic etc and catching up, before we assembled at our usual room at the back of the restaurant.

Andrew began by asking for a toast for our, no longer with us Loose Canons, since it began years ago;

Murray Preston
Gordon Wingate
Andre Holm
Roger Smith

and this year

Ray Funnel
David Hughes


After that the groups founder Mike Smith said some well thought of encouraging words.

Follow up on that the Convener that’s me, was asked to say something;

– the number players per game has gone down since the heydays of 6-7 flights which is a bit much actually

– in general several players would like to play more games closer to KL 

Perhaps I did not say all this but that’s the situation we are in; more games closer to KL 

I don’t mind the extra travel now and then but if several are not prepared to, it defeats the purpose 

Every groups need new heads/faces now and then. I read that Sir Alex Ferguson during his days came into 

the situation that Manchester United had to change or mover people around every fourth year or so.

Coming end of February next year I have been the convener for three years and in my mind I have had the thoughts is time to handover the baton to someone else and just enjoy playing.

So it’s a done deal, Martin Belderink and Jan van Driel will take over from March 2020.

My last game as a convener will be Feb 25th and it well end were it started, at Bkt Unggul.

Would like to thank Andrew Robinson for organizing this event and the food I think was excellent and better than last year.

I believe the pictures attached speaks for themselves. 


Xmas Lunch – Coliseum Cafe – 14th December 2018

The annual Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch was again held at the Coliseum Cafe in KL. We convened in the bar prior to lunch and had the opportunity to honour the LC Xmas Lunch virgins (in this case Julien Hodson Walker) who duly stood on the bar and was annointed with Xmas snow.

Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch 2018

We then moved to the back room for lunch which was the usual routine of party hats, poppers, wine, and bad jokes. Lunch comprised of prawn cocktail starters, steak pie, turkey with trimmings and apple pie and ice cream.

Andrew Robinson, who kindly arranged the event, made a toast to absent friends who are no longer with us prior to lunch; Roger Smith, Murray Preston, Gordon Wingate and Andre Holm. We were joined by our founding father, Mike Smith, who made a nice opening speech to the group.

By the look of all the photos much fun was had by all attendees.

Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch – Coliseum Cafe – 15th December 2017

IMG_6594We held our traditional Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch at the usual venue of the Coliseum Cafe on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in KL on Friday 15th December. As per normal procedure we all met in the bar for pre-lunch drinks and had the extra touch of some santa hats to wear for the occassion. Everyone brought a bottle of wine and our Chief Somelier Richard Moss inspected these bottles and decided on which bottle was the worst one; in this case it was the one brought by Peter McGowan and he was fined the normal RM50.

We adjourned to the rear restaurant where our table awaited us and the usual festivities ensued after a welcome address by our Convenor, Hans Berger, and a toast to absent friends, Murray Preston, Gordon Wingate and Andre Holm.

During the lunch of prawn cocktail, roast turkey, beef pie and apple pie with ice cream everyone participated by telling a joke or singing a song.

The slideshow of photos below sums up the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch – Coliseum – 9th December 2016


Once again we returned to the Coliseum Cafe for our annual Xmas lunch. There were 16 of us in attendance this year and as per the usual procedure we had drinks prior to lunch in the front bar from 12 noon till around 1pm. We then moved to the back restaurant at our usual long table strategically placed behind some screens, no doubt to shield the other diners from our rabble.

Mike Smith made the introductory remarks giving a brief history of the Loose Cannons golf group and then proposed a toast to absent friends, Gordon Wingate and Murray Preston.

Following the explosion of poppers, tooters and spraying of fake snow we commenced lunch. Interspersed with the food and wine we were entertained by numerous jokes, recitals and songs by the members. Much of these we had heard before but it was always entertaining to hear the same old jokes and songs yet again.

16 bottles of wine were demolished during the lunch after the numerous beers in the bar beforehand so all members duly staggered home well fed and watered.




Results – Bukit Unggul Golf Resort – 18th December 2012


This was the annual Xmas game with all LC’s required to adorn some festive hats …. traditionally Santa hats or antlers, but this year we saw some new hat styles being used. It was a merry band of 12 festive Loose Cannons golfers who headed out on an initial drizzly morning over the rolling hills of Bukit Unggul. The course condition was very good, albeit slightly wet in places, the weather remained overcast and cool and with no one to hold up play we made good time round the 18 holes and were back in the clubhouse around midday for lunch and beverages.
Ray Funnel kindly arranged for some additional novelty prizes (2 sleeves of golf balls) for two NTP’s on the par-3 holes number 2 and 14, plus a pleasant surprise gift for the runner up.
The winner was Andre Holm with 89 and 42 points. The runner up was Stuart Taylor with 91 and 41 points who received a rather nice bottle of whisky which he kindly opened up during lunch for any takers. Andre is cut 6 and Stuart cut 5.
Lowest gross was Ted Parslow with 87. Most golf was Dick Staufer with 115 who was welcomed back after a long time away from our LC outings.



Next Game – Bukit Unggul Golf Resort – 18th December, 2012

Golf next week on 18th December will be the Xmas game and will be played at Bukit Unggul. Santa hats or antlers will be the dress code and apparently Ray Funnell has a couple of additional “Xmas Surprises” lined up for us all!

Please be at the club by 7:30am for an 8:00am tee-off and indicate your attendance to Ray Funnell by e-mail or call him at 012 203 0510 as he is arranging this game.

Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch – Coliseum Cafe – 5th December 2012

The Loose Cannons group convened at the Coliseum Cafe on 5th December at noon for their annual Xmas lunch which was well arranged by our temporary convenor, Mr Andrew Robinson. There were 11 attendees at this luncheon function and the ensuing events of the day are well documented in the following photos and video. 



Results – Bukit Unggul – 13th December 2011

Cannons all,
12 Cannons took up the challenge at BU on a fine cool morning. The new buggies are a long overdue improvement (yes, they are brand new) and the course was generally in good order. With few other players present at 8 o’clock we were round in good time.
The winner was Tony Morris with 42 points and the runner-up Simon Compton with 40 points. The lowest gross were 87’s by Bernard & Simon and the most golf was played by Alan with 120. The full results and your adjusted handicaps can be found in the attachment.

Christmas Luncheon at the Coliseum on Thursday.
We only have 14 attending which is a little disappointing.
Mike Smith
Andrew Robinson
Richard Moss
Tony Morris
Raymond Keys
Vincent Vijayan
Andre Holm
Dick Stauffer
Barry Cousins
Alan Holgate
Ray Funnell
Hans Berger
Erol Akinci
Klaus Kretzschmar
If there are any more out there who would like to join what I’m sure will be a fun lunch
please let me know TODAY.

For those attending please be in the BAR by 12:30pm.

Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch – Coliseum Cafe – 15th December 2011

Cannons all,
The Christmas Lunch at the Coliseum Cafe will be on Thursday 15th December 2011
Venue:- Coliseum Cafe & Hotel, 98-102 Jalan TAR, 50100 KL
When:- Thursday 15th December 2011
When:- 12:00 noon in the Bar for Luncheon at 13:00hrs
Menu:- Oxe Tail Soup served with Garlic Bread
           Steak Pie specially prepared by Chef Peter Frances Cheam
           Fried Banana & Ice Cream
You are required to bring ONE bottle of wine to be shared with your fellow Loose Cannons during luncheon.
Cost:- RM100 whip round will be collected at the bar.
Dress code :- Loose Cannons shirt (if you have one) and Blue Jeans
Carriages can be arranged for late afternoon.
Muster at 12:00 noon for Lunch at 1 o’clock
Please reconfirm your attendance

Revised Xmas Lunch Programme – Coliseum Cafe – 10th December 2010

Cannons all.
We have 10 signed up as I write but are hoping for several more. From the feedback I am getting some of you are baulking at the “mandatory” requirements and others are wondering why we aren’t getting turkey, roast spuds, Christmas pudding etc. etc.
Well, the Coliseum don’t and won’t do Turkey etc., so we have to make do with what they do provide which has a certain colonial nostalgia about it and happens to be quite good fare.  For those of you who believe you are too grown up to wear a santa hat in public or too wimpish to stand up and in some way entertain your friends for a couple of minutes, even if it’s only to wish them merry Christmas, I have softened the programme as modified in green below.
So now get your finger out and sign up for the inaugural Cannons Christmas Lunch.
Arrangements for the CHRISTMAS LUNCH at the Coliseum are finalized. Please make a diary note now and enjoy what should be a very entertaining day, evening, night……….Ahh.
Coliseum Café & Hotel, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. KL. (Batu Road for the old timers)
Friday 10th December 2010
Assemble at the Bar at 12:00 noon where beer, wine & soft drinks will be served on a running tab. Lunch will be taken at 13:00 in a reserved and private area in the back room of the restaurant. (Highlighted for the more sensative members.)
During lunch you will be expected to wear festive head ware (Santa hats, Antlers etc.) or the paper hat from the crackers. Santa beards are optional.
You are asked to contribute to the festivities by singing a song, telling a joke or otherwise entertain your fellow Cannons for a few minutes during lunch.
Oxtail Soup (homemade I am assured!)
Roll & Butter
Signature Steak Pie  **
Fried Banana & Ice Cream
** This really is rather good. It comes in
a bloody great bowl with pie crust,
great lumps of steak, half eggs, carrots
& spuds in a thick gravey and you all dig in.
Each person to bring one Bottle of good wine or other beverage of their choiceMANDATORY.
Those wishing to provide a nice bottle of something stronger in addition to the bottle of wine are very welcome to do so.
We require RM100 IN ADVANCE towards the cost of lunch, drinks, corkage and festive accompaniments. We expect this will be enough but if we are short we will have a whip round. CONFIRMATION of ATTENDANCE.
We need to know IN ADVANCE how many to cater for. Please respond via Email ASAP with your CONFIRMATION. Please make payment in CASHto Andrew Robinson at the next game or myself at your earliest convenience not later than 30th November 2010.
So, YES you can get BEER and NO you don’t have to walk down Batu Road in antlers and NO you don’t have to wear blue jeans and PLEASE make an effort to learn a few lines to entertain your pals and help the party swing.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Coliseum on the 10th December.