Results – Monthly Medal – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 25th June 2019

We had 3 full flights today for the Monthly Medal game at Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club. With an 8:15am tee time we got off fairly sharply starting on the Pines 9 followed by the Mango 9. Weather was very good and the course was generally in good condition with the greens running very true.

After the game 8 of us had lunch at the East of Highway Restaurant which was its usual good standard and the bonus looks like they have reduced the price of the beer.


The winner of the Monthly Medal for June was Stuart Taylor with a score of 80 for 43 points.


Runner up was a rather disgruntled Iain Wise who with 90 for 40 points thought he had the win in the bag. Best gross was Stuart Taylor with 80. Full results below:

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Results – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 19th February 2019


With 6 flights this morning at Nilai Springs it had all the trappings of a long registration and a delayed tee off but amazingly the registration was fast and we got off on the Island and Pines 9’s at around 7:30am. Having said that all 6 flights were on the same 9 – it would have been so much better if they had managed to split us 3 flights per 9.

Weather conditions were good and the course in fairly good shape ….. but the greens here are always a problem with their convex shape, multiple contours and some fairly dubious flag positions.

So everyone found the course tough and no one beat their handicap today.

After the game we had lunch at the clubhouse – probably should be avoided in future as the beer is very expensive (almost RM90 per jug) and the food rather average resulting in a RM80 per head charge.


We had 4 players on 34 points today (yes …. that was indeed the best score!) so we had to do a countback. The winner was Andrew Robinson with 104 for 34 points. Best gross was 90 shared by Stuart Taylor and Ricardo Castro. Worst gross was Peter May with a good value, RM/stroke count of 124. Full results below:

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Results – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 14th August 2018


It always seems to take a long time to register and get started at Nilai Springs and today was no exception …. our 8:00am tee-time turned into a 8:20am start with our 4 flights all off of the Pines nine followed by the Mango nine. Weather was hot …. really hot by the time we finished. The course was dry and the greens running quite fast and tricky.

Highlight of my game was getting on to 10-12ft from the pin in two on the Par 5 second hole on Pines ……. putting for an eagle then managed to 3 putt for a par (WTF!)

We all finished by 1:30 pm or so  (apart from Geoff McLawws who left after 9 holes to sort out some dog issues!) and took lunch on the terrace.


The winner this week under these difficult conditions was Aftab Ahmad with a score of 94 for 37 points, 2nd place to Ricardo Castro with 87 (best gross) for 33 points. Full results below:

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Results – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 12th December 2017


Conditions at Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club were good as 23 players headed off on the Island and Pines nines this morning at just after 8:00am. The course was in good condition but as usual the upturned concave greens on the Island nine caught out many players. We finished by around 1pm and most of us stayed for lunch at the club and the prize ceremony.



The winner this week was David Savage with an 88 for 38 points – he didn’t stay for lunch so his prize money was kindly donated to the pot. Runners up were Andrew Cseszko and Glen Wombwell both with 37 points. Best gross of the day was Andrew Cseszko with a 78. Full results below:

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Results – Nilai Springs – 13th December 2016


19 Loose Cannons tee’d off on the Island & Pines nines at Nilai Springs …. should have been 20 of us but ReinLi Tan was declared MIA. The Island nine we all started on was interesting to say the least. They have done some work on the greens with added undulations, some of which were severe and with the vindictive pin positions of the day there was many a ball running past the hole and back off the green. Most players found these greens very difficult indeed. Some of the pin positions and green setups were ridiculous.

The Pines nine was in better shape, particularly the greens, bringing some normality back to the game and some better scores.

The weather was relatively cool making it a pleasant morning and we all got round without any major delays and before the rain started.

Lunch after the game was at Restoran East of Highway which was enjoyed by the 11 of us that made the lunch ….. something no doubt to do with the two crates of beers we went through.


Our winner today, and the only one to match his handicap, was Sigi Maierbrugger with a score of 92 for 36 points (Many thanks for your winnings which went into the pot!). Runner up was Aftab Ahmad with 101 for 33 on countback from Ricardo Castro and Ray Funnell. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a gross of 80. Full results below:



Results – Nilai Springs – 4th October 2016


It was a beautiful clear morning with 26 Loose Cannons players teeing off on the Mango & Pines 9’s of Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club. It is usually a challenge getting started at this club but luckily there were very few other players so we all got off on two boxes relatively efficiently.

Weather was wonderful and the course was in very good shape although some greens were a little on the bumpy side.

We finished by around 12:30pm and although we had planned to stay at the club for lunch and drinks they informed us they were “out of beer” so we quickly changed plans and headed to our reliable Restoran East of Highway for lunch and some much needed cold beers. Paul Geddes and Iain Wise were celebrating very recent birthdays so they kindly handles the refreshment bill making it an even more enjoyable lunch. Thank You to Paul and Iain.


Some good scores today at Nilai Springs as is usually expected at this course. The winner was Stuart Taylor with 83 for 42 points on count back from Paul Geddes with 81 for 42 points (24 points on back 9 vs 20 points). 3rd place was shared between Glen Wombwell (96 for 41) and Allan Wright (91 for 41). Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with 78.


Full results below:




Results – Nilai Springs – 12th January 2016


We had a large turnout today at Nilai Springs with 24 players starting from the Mango nine then playing the Island nine on the return. Weather was hot and sunny and with the recent spell of dry weather the course was fairly dry but still in pretty good condition. With a 6 flight start on one nine and a few slower Korean players up front it was a slow round but we eventually all finished and then took lunch at the East of Highway Restaurant on the return to KL. We had 21 showing up for lunch so we had two tables at the restaurant – one of the best turnouts in a long while.

Welcome to a new player today, introduced by Mike Smith – Greg Sturgess.

The winner today with 38 points and a gross of 89 was Tony Morris (cut 4) and the runner up was Jeff Pearce with 37 points (gross 92) Best gross of the day was Andrew Cseszko with 85. Full results below:

















Results – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 1st December 2015

Weather conditions were really good for today’s game at Nilai Springs with 15 Loose Cannon’s players heading out on Pine and Island 9’s at 8:00am. The course was somewhat wet and boggy in places but the greens were in great shape. Being in the first 3-ball we finished early but the other 3 flights of 4 took a little longer held up by some other players on the course.
We had lunch at the East of Highway Restaurant with 10 of us making it there for a slightly over-ordered volume of food.
Welcome to Mike Smith’s guest today, David Evans, who has just retired so may be joining us more often now.
The winner today with 37 points and the best gross of the day of 85 was Stuart Taylor. Vincent Vijayan was runner up with 36 points and a gross of 99. Full results below:


Results – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 18th November 2014


We had 23 Loose Cannons this week at Nilai Springs with a tee time booked on 2 tee-boxes at 8:00am. After a tedious and rather inefficient check in process with volumes of paperwork and receipts that fully explain the deforestation in Malaysia we all headed out to our buggies. With 6 flights we had 3 flights aligned for separate tee boxes on Pines and Island nines. However our Flight No 1 decided to not listen to the instructions given and they tee’d off from the incorrect tee box so being the last on that 9 we decided to move over to the Island 9 to tee off. Reaching there we found our 3 flights backed up and then additional 2 balls trying to squeeze in. When asked these 2 balls said they also had a tee time of 8:00am … the same as us. I took the starter to task on this and asked him to sort this out but in the usual Malaysian fashion he did nothing so I needed up taking him to the front desk and complaining …. still nothing happened. This is so typical of Malaysian organisation and very frustrating for anyone trying to arrange a large group like we have. I will be avoiding this course for future games if this is the treatment we get.
So with my blood pressure somewhere in the region of 220/110 our last group eventually tee’d off on the Island 9 at 8:30 or so.
The course had obviously had a lot of rain recently and was rather wet and soggy but the greens were excellent. We managed good time and were not held up further so finished around 1pm. 
Most of us then moved onto Dengkil Seafood Restaurant for an excellent lunch and some much needed beer.
The winner today was Mike Smith on count back from Mike Williams. Mike Smith shot a 95 for 38 points with Mike Williams second with 86 for 38 points. Best gross was Geoff Parslow with 83.

Results – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 12th November 2013


We managed to tee off on time, with excellent weather. The course was in good condition and the greens were, as usual true and reasonably quick, bearing in mind the recent wet weather. We played the Island and Pines 9s. 

The scores for Nilai were not as good as expected but Barry Cousins had a good round and was the winner with 101 for 39 points. Cut 4 . In second place on count back from Robert Mulliss was Ted Parslow with 85 for 36 points. Cut 1. Ted achieved a 1 under par back 9 for 26 points….He claimed the lesson he recently had proved worthwhile on his second 9 .!!  Full

scores attached.