Results – Seri Selangor 26th December 2018

Ten players made up of seven regulars and 3 guests, 2 ex work colleagues of mine Andy & Neil and Sigi’s guest Johan teed off on time at Seri Selangor for the December trophy game. The course was in reasonable condition considering the excessive rain we have been experiencing, one or two of the greens had been sanded. Seri Selangor continue to be carry out course improvements.

It should be noted that this is the last game under the present rules as from 1st January 2019 the revised rules apply. Only 3 minutes to look for the ball!!!!!!

After the game we adjourned to Pantai Seafood Restoran where we were joined by our illustrious convener Hans who presented the December Trophy to Dave Evans who managed to accumulate 38 points with his score of 98. Well done Dave.

Sigi was in excellent spirits the new baby having arrived on Christmas Eve. Mother and young Oscar are both well. Consequently the beers and food were all on him. Thanks again Sigi most appreciated.



Screenshot 2018-12-27 at 6.19.45 AM

Results – Seri Selangor – 9th October 2018

18 LC’s got away in good time on a pleasant day for golf.Unfortunately Jan came down with flu late on Monday night.Get well soon Jan. Whilst Enzo unfortunately forgot to put his Alarm Clock on !!! and never made it
There seemed to be mixed thoughts about the condition of the course with Paul’s group in particular being very critical of the Greens.Personally I am always happy to play there (very convenient for most of us,and Registration reasonably easy etc) although we go there knowing in advance that for most of us it is going to be very tough course to play
Scores reflected that Seri Selangor was the winner on the day with nobody able to play to handicap. Kevin was the winner with 34 points,just nudging out a big chasing pack of Ray,Paul G,Iain,Dave E and Bernie all on 33
8 of us made it to Pantai Seafood where we enjoyed a good lunch ordered by Iain with lots beer to wash it down.
Next week all being well we will probably be at Bukit Jalil where I will be expecting everybody to be on their A Game and nothing less than 40 + points by the winner !!!


Kevin  18  96/34
Ray     32  107/33
Paul G   9  84/33
Iain     25  100/33
Bernie  14  89/33
Dave E 29 104/33
Stan    19   95/32
Tony    20   96/32
Erol     29   108/31
Kaz      19   98/31
Peter D 20  98/30
Brian S  29 106/30
John L   12  92/28
Bernhard 13 94/27
Peter M  32  113/27
Ted        13  95/26
Martin B 22  105/25
Paul C    19   104/25

Results – Seri Selangor Golf Club – 15th May 2018


With many players away on the KLOGS tour to Vietnam there were only 11 players today for our game at Seri Selangor Golf Club with Kevin Wiggins acting as Convenor as Hans was on the KLOGS trip. We started early and were off before 7:30am. The course was in good condition and as tricky as it always is. Weather was overcast making it relatively cool all the way round.

We noticed some course improvements with a new deep pot bunker placed at the right side of the green on Hole No 11, which was duly checked out by Paul Collett!


We were finished just after 12 noon and 7 of us made lunch at Pantai Seafood for some great food and the most welcome cold beers. And just for Hans’ attention we had a lovely large plate of huge prawns ……..



Only two players managed to play to handicap today and Stuart Taylor and Paul Geddes both shot 36 points requiring a count back on the last 6 holes which Paul won – so Paul Geddes was the winner this week with Stuart Taylor runner up. Paul’s round of 82 got the best gross award. Full scores below:

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 4.01.21 PM


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Results – Seri Selangor – 19th September 2017


We returned to Seri Selangor after a long period where they were renovating the course. There have been some improvements but it is really far from ready with scruffy fairways, dug up areas and some extensive GUR area around some greens. The greens were very good however apart from hole no 18 which is now a temporary green as they work on the proper green. So we may have to leave it a while till we return here.

We had 4 full flights and got off from 2 tee boxes sharply at 8:00am. After the game we had lunch at our regular Pantai Seafood Restaurant which was very good.



The winner this week was Kevin Wiggins with a great round of 84 for 42 points which is a really good score at this course. Runner up was Allan Wright with 37 points on count back from Tony Morris also with 37 points. Best gross was Geoff McLaws with an 80 and most golf was Dave Evans with 113. Full scores below:


Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.25.43 PM




Results – Seri Selangor – 19th January 2016

With the last minute withdrawal of Hans Berger with an ear infection (get well soon Hans) and Greg Sturgess lost but getting closer, 18 LC’s teed it up on a pleasant morning at Seri Selangor with Greg joining the fun at the 4th hole. The course was generally in good nick with fastish greens that were a little variable in speed making them very challenging. The down side was a lot of on-course drainage work and the White Tees being on the ladies tee box on all but one hole. Having said that it is indeed sad to note that, despite playing from the girls tees, only 3 players managed to better than their handicap. Seri Selangor proved once again to be a serious challenge for most of us.
Lunch was taken at Sun PJ Seafood with 15 attendees. The food was good but the steamed fish; although very good, was bloody expensive at RM234 for the 2 dishes!!! But everyone enjoyed the meal washed down with copious bottles of beer. And BTW, the prawns were awesome. Sorry to have to tell you that Hans!!!!


The winner with a gross 92 for 38 points was Greg Mackley. Well played Greg. You are cut 4 strokes. Runner-up o.c.b. was Mahmud Mohamed with 88 for 37 points which included an eagle at the last and the lowest gross was 84 by Andrew Chez. Full results are attached.

Results – Seri Selangor – 20th January 2015


We had 16 (4 full flights) for today’s outing to Seri Selangor on a beautiful morning with clear blue skies. Quite a few had some issues getting to the club on time due to the traffic congestion and some spurious GPS directions to the club entrance. Only one person missed the tee off …. Henning managed to catch our flight by end of Hole 1 so he only missed the first hole.

The course was mainly dry but there appears to be a fair bit of remedial work ongoing particularly on the bunkers and around the greens. The greens were also not in the best of shape – many of them sandy and bare which is not up to the usual standard here.

We all finished by 1pm then adjourned to Pantai Seafood for an excellent lunch. Many thanks to Tony who was celebrating his 65th birthday and sponsored the drinks. 


Scores were definitely on the low side which is the norm for this tough and tight little course. Runner up was Roger Surieux with 35 points (gross of 100) and the clear winner with 40 points (gross of 84) was Bernard Romahn. Full results as below:

Bernard was presented with the RM50 winnings and also received a special gift of a poster as a memory of the Batam Away Trip and to complement his other two posters. A copy of the poster is shown below for all to enjoy ….


Results – Seri Selangor – 22nd November 2011

Loose Cannons Tuesday 22nd Nov 2011


                                                H/c      Score               B/9

1st        Andre Holmes             27        98  /  36                    Cut 4  (23)

2nd        Andrew Robinson       22        95  /  34           (21)  Cut 1 (21)               

3rd        Bernard Romahn         20        93  /  34           (16)     

4th        Tony Morris                23        96  /  34           (15)                 

5th        Hans Berger                17        96  /  28

6th        Vincent Vijay              31        112 / 27

7th        Simon Compton          19        101 / 25

8th        Alan Holgate               31        123 / 15



Cash collected:            RM 800

Course Costs:                                      (RM 640 )

Winner:                                               (RM   50 )

F & B costs:                                        (RM 335 )  (See below)

Whip round:                RM 240


Balance:                     RM   15


F & B

Wine x 3                     131. 00             Andrew

Beer x 2                       56. 00             Tony

Soft Drinks                 13. 80             Bernard

Salmon shioyaki          23. 40             Allan

Mixed fried set           26. 40             Andrew

Carbonara                   15. 00             Hans

Hot Hot Hot  (M)       17. 00             Tony

Hot Hot Hot  (L)        22. 00             Bernard

Lamb Shank               30. 00             Andre


                                  334. 60


Note from Editor: Tony Morris’s report reads like a company Annual Financial Report ……. would be good to see some descriptive text on the golf game.

Results – Seri Selangor Golf & Country Club – 19th July 2011

A decent turnout of 11 Cannons pitched up in good time to ensure an early start ahead of a small competition.  The weather was perfect and the course as difficult as ever, which was reflected in a slew of dreadful scores.  Winner was Bernhard Romahn with gross 95 for 35 points and cut 4.  R-up was Sigi Meierbrugger with the lowest gross of the day of 92 for 34 points and cut 1.  These were the only two golfers to break 100!  And Bob Simpson chalked up the most golf with a solid 115.  The full gory details as follows:
1. Bernhard Romahn – 95/35 and cut 4.
2. Sigi Meierbrugger – 92/34 and cut 1.
3. Ian Geekie – 109/30
4. Erol Akinci – 102/28
5. Paul Hobbs – 114/27
6. Jeff Pearce – 109/23
7. Andrew Robinson – 103/22
8. Klaus Kretschmar – 108/22
9. Tony Morris – 102/20
10. Glen Wombwell – 114/18
11. Bob Simpson – 115/14
As the master chef at Seri Selangor was not in the kitchen on the day and they had run out of  Chateau Lafite, the post golf F&B was taken at Sid’s Pub in TTDI – we had the place to ourselves save for a brace of office dollies and it turned out to be a rather sober and quiet event….

Results – Seri Selangor Golf Club – 12th October 2010 2010

11 players made it to Seri Selangor for a 7.00am muster.  The course was in good order with excellent greens.  However the rough was very rough and made for much ball searching.  The second flight spent at least 60% of the time looking for Ian’s ball…..he managed to loose 6!  The group welcomed Mohamed for his first Cannons game and Richard Moss who is now back in town after 2 years in Dubai.

The degree of difficulty was reflected in a slew of crappy scores!  Only 2 players breaking 100.  And from bottom the week before to top this week, the winner was Andrew Robinson with gross 90 for 37 points and cut 4.  Coming second in his first Cannons game since returning from Arabia was Richard Moss with 107 gross for 31 points and cut 1.  Andrew and Kevin shared the lowest gross with 90 apiece, whilst Tom played the most golf with 111.  Full details:
1. Andrew Robinson – 90/37
2. Richard Moss – 107/31
3. Ray Funnel – 102/30
4. Ian Geekie – 107/30
5. Tom Holmes – 111/27
6. Kevin Wiggins – 90/25
7. Mahomed – 102/25
8. Hans Berger – 103/24
9. Erol Akinci – 106/24
10. Tony Morris – 108/21
11. Bernhard Romahn – 105/17

Erol took the initiative to book us in to Betty’s Kitchen for lunch, which turned out to be closed for the day for stocktaking!  So it was off to the RSC Kiara Sports Annex, where Mike Smith joined us.  It turned out to be a good thrash with lashings of beer and wine to the fore. Unfortunatel Raymond who was not playing made his way to Betty’s for lunch……..!

The PINK LADY CHAMPIONSHIP is slated for Friday, 29 October, and 8 Cannons have signed up to grace the occasion.
The CANNONS XMAS LUNCH will be on Friday, 10 December, and Andrew + Mike will firm up details nearer the time.