Results – KGSAAS – 27th May 2020

12 players gathered at KGSAAS on Wednesday morning for a hard day’s work. We took of swiftly after smooth registration, temperature checks and all that. The conditions were not easy with heavy fairways and hot and humid weather. This was reflected in the results with only 2 members playing their handicap.

Andrew who started his 500th game today unfortunately was not able to finish when the drinks of the night before finally got hold of him on hole 10. So no full 500 yet, Next week Andrew! and we will celebrate the 500 finished (8 more holes to go). More celebrations had to be done, meaning free lunch for the the group. Iain celebrated his 300th game and took care of the beer bill. Siggy recently played his 100th game and generously paid for 1 full flight. We had belated and recent birthdays. Bernard, Hans, Dave and myself put in some money. Thanks for all donations to the kitty. See you at Palm Garden on Tuesday.


The winner of this battle ‘Mighty’ Mike W. also picking up the May monthly medal for his good performance in the other May games. Second today Ricardo with 37 points. Bernard followed third but we still have to determine his penalty for removing (and thus touching) the pin on several holes; Covid violation! A lot of members had a lot of golf today.

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 5.36.55 PM

Monthly & Annual Competition

The annual competition until May is led by Iain, followed by Allen and Ricardo. See all results below.

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 5.37.04 PMScreenshot 2020-05-28 at 5.37.13 PM


Thanks to Ricardo Castro for the photo submissions.


Results – Glenmarie (Garden Course) – 19th May 2020

12 Players including our guest Karl from Belgium assembled for a game of golf. Another beautiful morning at the golf course and a smooth take off at little after 8.00 am, half an hour before official t-time. Weather was nice, hot though with an occasional cooling breeze and the course (Gardens) was in excellent shape. We all got around in about 4 hours, some of us struggling the last few holes due to the heat.

After the official part of the day some went home and 6 of us gathered in Bar Roca in Damansara for a few more cooling Tigers.


The winner today was Iain with an excellent 91 for 41. 3 LC’s came home with 37 points; Ricardo, Brian and Dave, followed by Mike with a solid 36 points.

We had more prizes to deal with today. The March monthly medal was still not presented to the winner of that month; Iain Wise. Covid spoiled that party. So Iain raked up both the day price and the March medal. It took some time before he finally made his way to the golfers terrace (sorting his make-up, there were other theories going around) building the tension. The others spent that time wisely drinking beer that Iain missed out on being so slow.

Most golf also qualified for a price today; in case there will be another run on toilet paper in the near future Hans is safe now with an extra roll including golf tips.

The mystery price today was for loosing most balls; Andrew took that one back home; a sleeve of new balls. And welcome back Andrew!

Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 2.58.56 PM


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – KGPA – 12th May 2020

The first post-lockdown game for Loose Cannons since nearly 2 months. It was really good to be out there again. Golf for most of us seems still a bit rusty but that’s only a matter of time before we all will be back on our normal professional level from before the lockdown. We played in the afternoon since KGPA only allows guests after midday. Registration and all was quick and easy. Luckily no caddies available so no charity this time. The course was in a very good condition, not busy at all and we all went around fairly quick.

After the game 7 gathered in the former Sid’s bar in Damansara. Unfortunately the winner missed the party so we spent his prize money as well. Sitting far away from each other and bit of screaming works alright. A big thanks to Siggy and Erol for taking care of most of the beer bill and celebrating their belated birthday. Both reached a beautiful number; Siggy turning 56 and Erol turning 70!


The winner today and the only one playing 36; der Panzer Bernard, followed by Ricardo 34 (and lowest gross) and Brian 32. A lot of members did a lot of golf and thus getting value for money.

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 4.47.55 PM


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.