Results – KGPA – 25th February 2020

With some away in Cambodia with Wiggs, others in holidays, we only had 5 LC’s members and 2 guests, the brothers Bryan and Andy Morrows for the last game of February at KGPA.

Lakes and Forest were in very good condition, and we can see all the hard work they were doing the last 2 years are paying off. Weather was hot, dry with a beautiful blue sky and sunny all morning.

All 7 said yes to lunch at Annexe (Big thank you to Andrew), with good food and cool Tigers. Attached please find today’s game results sheet, final February rankings after 4 games, LC player of the year scores sheet and some pictures (Thanks to Paul Collett).


Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 8.42.13 PM

The winner today was Paul Collett with 93/36 beating Ted Parslow with 87/36 (best Gross) on countback, third place was Iain with 103/29. Ted Parslow won the mystery prize (Best gross on the first nine).

With these results, Allan Wright wins player of the month with his best 2 games with a total of 77, well done Allan.


Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 18th February 2020

Another good day in paradise early morning on Tuesday 18 February. With almost everybody on time and a swift registration, we were ready to rock at 7.45 am. playing Puteri and Putera. A slight overcast and a few drops did not spoil the fun at all. The course was in a good condition and with Tony taking off like a rocket in the 1st flight we (the 2nd flight) had nobody in front of us for the rest of the game. Close before midday, we were all back at the clubhouse and just after returning it started raining; the weather gods were really with us today. Some highlights of the day:

Hans scored 125 strokes with one hand. We are still wondering how much he scored with the other hand.

Bernard produced more F**k’s with his mouth than strokes with his clubs

Our caddie was very impressed by Iain’s banana shots…….

Hakan played his 5th game so he will be granted an official LC handicap now.


The winner today was Ricardo with 38 points also scoring lowest gross. 2 runners-up with both 37 points Iain and Allan. Today’s mystery price was for most gross; a sleeve of balls for Hans. He lost a few so that was more than welcome.

Screenshot 2020-02-18 at 6.36.12 PM

The competition for the monthly medal (2 best scoring games) is reaching its final stage. At this moment Allan is leading followed by Iain and Ricardo. Next week’s last chance to get your second game (if you don’t have yet) or improve your best or second-best game so far.

Screenshot 2020-02-18 at 6.35.57 PM


Results – Bukit Kemuning – 11th February 2020

A good turn out with 16 members ready to rumble early Tuesday morning. Some people were a bit late and somebody forgot his wallet but other than that no major hick hiccups (yet……). Although we all had to start at hole 1 we took off smoothly and finished the round around midday. The course was in reasonable condition although some of the greens were a bit dodgy. Dave lost his golf bag halfway the first hole, Roger lost something and came back wandering around on our green but we never found out what he lost and Tony nearly got his nose chopped off by a ball from Hans.

The real hick up started when we arrived at O&S seafood finding that they were closed! A good lesson for your convener who did not check upfront………….still young and a lot to learn. However, we worked out an alternative and ended up in Pantai seafood. The only one we could not get in touch with to announce the new venue was Erol who thus missed lunch and went home (sorry again Erol)

Allan generously contributed RM 100 for playing 100 LC games. He strongly opposes this number stating that it should be much more but nevertheless donated to the kitty. He almost won half of the amount back would he not have played my ball from the bunker on hole 11 and taking 2 penalties.


Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 3.09.57 PM

Today’s results; 3rd place with 36 Sf Iain. 40 Sf for both Allan and Ted; Ted winning OCB and raking up the RM 50.

Today’s mystery prize was for best performing flight and with both Ted and Allan in flight 2 it was a done deal. A sleeve of golf balls for all players in that flight.

Monthly Medal

3 people leading the monthly medal competition right now with all 66 stf.

Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 2.37.56 PM


Results – Danau Golf Club – 4th February 2020

16 Cannons assembled Yesterday early morning for a nice game of golf. Almost everybody made it in time to pay me before 7.15 am……….. Registration went smoothly and we took off around 7.45 am from 2 tee-boxes. Weather looking good…………what could go wrong?

Again Danau proved to be the devil himself. Nobody played his handicap. A lot of players with more than 100 strokes, putting took a lot of strokes as well and numerous 4 putts. Golf wise, not a day to remember.


Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 2.49.02 PM

The winner OCB was Roger with 34 points, followed by Ricardo (34) and shared 3rd Tom and Hans both 31 points.

Since Roger was not there for lunch to collect his price we spent his RM 50 wisely on some Tigers.

11 players joined for lunch to wash away the game as quickly as possible and that worked out well. Tony ordered some good dishes as usual; thanks for that.

The ‘mystery prize’ for today was won by Tony; having 4 putts on hole 18. More members managed to do a 4 putt there so Tony won in combination with also having the lowest Stableford between the other qualifying players.

We also celebrated the final, final goodbye from Hans as convener. A nice bottle of whiskey hopefully keeps him quiet for some time. Thanks again Hans for organizing the last 3 years.


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