Results -Palm Garden Golf Club – 28th February 2017


The monthly trophy game for February was held at the prestigious Palm Garden Golf Club, IOI. This was Mike Smith’s last game as Convenor and we had a bumper turn out for this event with 32 players (8 full flights). The organistaion at the club was excellent with all of us starting on a shot-gun start from numerous tees meaning we were all back at the club within a fairly short time of each other.

The course was excellent with beautiful fairways, terrific greens and fluffy bunkers. Weather was very good unlike the day before where it rained down all day. We were all back in the club where we had lunch by 12:30 – 1:00pm.

After lunch we had the usual prize giving then a presentation to Mike Smith of a few gifts bought with contributions from all members – many thanks to all who contributed. Mike was presented with a golf bag, a golf shirt (embroidered with his favourite catch phrase “Listen Up!”) and a golf cap.

Hans Berger , who is taking over as the next Convenor, made a brief presentation highlighting that our next game would be at Bukit Unggul and that from now we would be playing all games strictly to USGA handicaps.


The clear winner of the monthly trophy was Dave Evans with an excellent round of 91 for 44 points – well done Dave. He misses the obligatory 8 cut as we now move onto the new USGA handicap on a weekly basis but I’m sure Hans will come up with a suitable penalty for anyone winning back to back games. There were 3 players as runners up on 38 points, Geoff McLaws, Stuart taylor and Martin Belderink. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 77. Full results below.

It was also noted that Bernard Romahn played the entire round with 15 clubs in his bag resulting in a penalty of 2 strokes per hole …… this has happened before with Bernard so perhaps worthy of him taking note for future games.



Results – Staffield Country Resort – 21st February 2017


Today was slightly overcast as 5 flights set off from 2 tee boxes on the Western and Northern nines at Staffield Country Resort. Later in the morning we had a brief shower of rain but this did not interrupt play.

The course was in good condition as it usually is and we were all finished by about 12:30, taking lunch at the club post game.

Welcome to David Savage playing his first game with us.


The winner today was Paul Geddes with an excellent 79 (also the best gross of the day) for 43 points (cut 7). Runner up was ReinLi Tan with 93 for 39. Full results below:




Results – Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort – 14th February 2017


On a beautiful Valentine Day’s morning 22 Loose Cannons plus 2 guests tee’d off from tee boxes 1 & 10 at Amverton Cove & Island Resort. The course was quiet and in quite good conditon except for the tee boxes which had recently been modified and sanded heavily. We made good time round the 18 holes and the first group were finished before noon. Weather was good and relatively cool making it a very pleasant morning.

Welcome to our two guests from Huan Hin who joined us today; Frank MacKenzie and Richard Green.

We had lunch at the usual Chinese seafood restaurant over the bridge as you left Carey Island – food was ok – not brilliant …. except for the lovely fresh prawns …. but the beer was cold and plentiful.



The winner today was Brian Stubbs with an excellent 91 for 44 points (cut 8). Runner up was Peter Kenyon with 96 for 41 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with 80. Full results below:






Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 7th February 2017


It was a full house of 7 flights and 28 players today at Bangi Golf Resort. Luckily registration and tee off was relatively quick and easy and the first flights got off just before 8:00am on two tee boxes of Bangi and Putrajaya 9’s. Weather was fairly good; cool and slightly overcast but humidity was high.

The course was not in the best condition with much work being done in various areas, particularly in the bunkers many of which were GUR. Two GUR signs on two of the holes were particularly amusing as shown below.


Greens were hard and a little unpredictable. But at least the course was dry with no problems of plugged balls which we have been encountering in many courses of late.

Lunch post game was at the ever reliable Restoran East of Highway with some great food ordered by Allan Wright and washed down with the usual copious quantities of cold Tiger. The kitty was topped up by yours truly, Stuart Taylor, who donated RM200 to celebrate his recent “Rather Large” Birthday.


The winner today was myself, Stuart Taylor, with a gross of 83 and 44 points (cut 8). Runners up were Andrew Robinson, Robert Mulliss, Paul Geddes, Allan Wright and Dave Evans who all scored 41 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 78 and most golf was enjoyed by Ray Funnell with a 107. Full results below:






Results – Tasik Puteri – 31st January 2017

Will this wet weather never end? Tasik is one of the driest courses we play yet even here the course was very soggy with buggies restricted to the cart paths on most holes. But despite the soft conditions the course played well as reflected by the scores.

28 starters teed it up promptly on the Puteri & Putera 9’s in overcast and cool conditions. Light rain started to fall towards the end of the round but didn’t hold up play.

The winner of the first Trophy Game of 2017 was Tom Holmes (enjoying an extra days holiday) with 85 for 40 points. Tom, you are cut 4 strokes. Runner-up OCB was Charles Blanchet with 90 for 38 points from Martin Walsh 83 for 38. The lowest gross was 80 by Geoff McLaws.



Welcome back David Hughes for his regular 3 months break from the frozen north.

Lunch was at Restoran Chin Hiong attended by 25 of us. The beer was cold and the food expensive but good. Expected I suppose given the festive season but lets make sure we are not being ripped off by some of the places we regularly dine at.

Results – Staffield – 24th January 2017

What to say? Rain rain go away, give us a break and let us play.

With Barry dropping out overnight….. having suddenly remembered that he had a hospital appointment…..senior moment….23 Cannons pitched up at Staffield in drizzle after almost continuous overnight rain. The prospects did not look good. But in true LC’s tradition the intrepid assembly took to the Western & Northern 9’s promptly at 8 o’clock. Surprisingly, carts were allowed on the fairways and play got underway and continued through continuous rain varying from light drizzle to steady rain for the first 6 or 7 holes. At this point it was pissing it down and we were restricted to carts on paths. But by the 8th the greens were flooded and the siren sounded to stop play. There then followed one and a half hours of hanging about during which several players had had enough and departed. But the rain eased……didn’t stop….and the all clear siren finally sounded and out we went again. In the interval the pro-shop had done a roaring trade with new shirts so for them at least, the morning was a success.

The rain continued unabated for the remainder of the round and the 17 survivors finally completed their round at about 2pm. 11 or 12 stayed for lunch.

Staffield it has to be said, played very well in spite of the very wet conditions; a testimony to the excellent drainage of this course. The greens especially were true and fast and maintained their condition throughout.  

The winner and the only player to match his handicap was Mike Williams with 86 for 36 points ahead of Iain Wise with 96 for 35. 2 players shared third spot. Martin Belderink and Paul Geddes with 34 points apiece.



We don’t have a COTD award…..perhaps we should…..but if we did it would certainly have gone to Paul Geddes who thought someone had stolen his clubs before the start of play and had to play with hired clubs. However, on checking during the interruption, he found his clubs were still at the car wash where he left them the day before!!!! WTF.

In nearly 40 years of playing golf in Malaysia this was the first time I have played a complete round in continuous rain.

Golf next Tuesday will be the January Trophy Game at the driest course we play, Tasik Puteri. Names to me soonest please.

Now I have to clean and oil my clubs.



Results – KGSAAS – 17th January 2017

With the overnight withdrawal of Andy Strachan 22 LC’s started on time on the President & Sultan 9’s at KGSAAS and with few other golfers on the course we were all round in good time…..especially the two 3 balls, one of which containing speedy Morris finishing one and a half hours before the following 4 ball !!!!

KGSAAS was very soggy. OK, we had some heavy rain Sunday night but other courses in the Klang Valley are bone dry. This course needs some serious drainage work. Little wonder there were so few other players on the course.

The winner with a fine 89 for 42 points was Charles Blanchet. Charles, you are cut 8 strokes. Runner-up was Iain Wise with 92 for 39 ocb from Ted Parslow with 84 for 39 ocb in 3rd spot. Lowest gross was Geoff McLaws with 82.


Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 2.38.03 PM.jpg


Because Stuart is cruising Charles h/cap will be cut but all other h/caps will remain the same for next weeks game.

Lunch was taken at the club attended by 17 LC’s who enjoyed the beer promotion of buy 2 get one free.


Over lunch the position of Convenor was discussed and I am pleased to announce that Hans Berger has stepped up and will take over as Convenor as of 1st March. Andrew will continue to look after the money and Stuart will keep the Handicapping and the Blog. My thanks to all 3 of you. My thanks also to Ray Funnell who offered to stand as convenor if there were no other offers. 

For myself, I will be moving to Ayer Keroh but hope to be able to play with you all at some of the venues south of KL. And I will certainly see some of you at the Melaka tour which I believe will be late March.

This is a good group who enjoy playing golf to the rules and enjoy each others company. Occasionally however there are issues and I receive requests not to play with so-and-so because of some misdemeanour or incident but this cannot be entertained as we randomly draw flights and should continue to do so. So guys, please play the game according to the Rules and the Etiquette of Golf for the mutual benefit of all Loose Cannons. Good behaviour at all times no matter how frustrated we may be.