Results – Tasik Puteri – 15th December 2020

For the first game after the 2nd lockdown 14 LC’s gathered at Tasik Puteri. This course is normally in good shape but not this time…….. It had been raining heavily so the course was extremely soggy and on top of that the greens were off as well. So that was a bit disappointing. The good news about Tasik Puteri is that they heavily invested in safety; near every piece of water there are lifebuoys now!! WHY?? You can have a swim in between now while playing there…… They better put some more money in green maintenance. Only 3 members played their handicap or more and Tony (37) ran away with the victory today, followed by Mike and Robert both 36. Lunch after the game was at the club with only half of the group attending. We had to handle a few things like the October winner (Martin) and a couple of lockdown belated birthdays; Josef, Ricardo and Helmut all 3 rewarded with a sleeve of balls. Thank you all 3 for your generous contribution to the kitty. Next week we play Bukit Unggul followed by a Xmas lunch at East of Highway. 



Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 6th October 2020

The response was a bit disappointing with only 10 players this morning. We took off early and with nobody in front of us the first nine was over before we even realized it. Despite all the rain lately the course was in good shape and we started on Tasik which we didn’t play for a while. The 2nd nine (Puteri) didn’t go that smoothly since a group of beginners was in front of us and also playing from the blue………They let us play through but then we ran into another bunch of amateurs……. It made most of us a bit frolic. On hole 17 our 2 first flights ended up altogether on the T-box again and then decided to play a 6-ball; a bit playful behavior -honoring our society name- that most of us enjoyed. We still finished early. Scores were not great with nobody playing his handicap.


Winner today Jan with 100/32 followed by Ricardo (lowest gross) 89/31. See all results below. Thanks Jan for putting your prize money back into the kitty. We had our September medal winner to celebrate which is Josef thanks to his great performance at Bukit Beruntung early September. Well done!

Ricardo took over the lead in the annual competition from Iain who is still stuck in the UK. Allan holds the 3rd place. Another celebration was Robert Mulliss with 100 LC games. He generously donated money for the beersWe stayed at the club. Lunch at Tasik Puteri is always nice and good value for money and decent prices for beer.


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – Tasik Puteri – 25th August 2020

We were supposed to play Bukit Beruntung but ended up at Tasik Puteri instead. I will come back to this later……. 4 flights starting early in the morning without caddies this time, since they had a big tournament going. The weather was great and the course reasonable but not so great. Some greens were really sandy and others quite bumpy. There is room for improvement. We all got around fairly quick and with some good scores as well.


Winner today ocb Hakan with 97/42, followed by Bernard 81/42 and Tony 85/41. 

We also have a monthly medal winner; Hans Berger. Well done with 2 very good games!

And he won something else as well……………. We don’t normally do COTD but this was a special occasion.

As I said before we were supposed to play Bukit Beruntung. Hans called them last Tuesday to make a booking. 3 days later I found out that there was no booking at Bukit Beruntung; grrr…?!! idiots……stupid…👹grrr and more…… On Monday Hans gets a call from Bukit Unggul about a booking the next day…………. Turns out he called the wrong Bukit…….So he earned a sleeve of special balls for this performance. These are the first ones with a LC logo on it supported by our sponsor Siggy. Thanks a lot Siggy!!


Thanks to Martin Belderink and Ricardo Castro for the photos.

Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 14th July 2020

We had 4 full flights on this beautiful Tuesday morning with very nice weather; not too hot. As usual, getting so many crazy old farts into the right buggy in an orderly fashion is an impossible task. But in the end we all got in the right flight and at the right t-box in time. The course was still a bit wet due to heavy rain the days before so buggy on track in the beginning.

Despite the wetness the course was very well playable and we all got around in little over 4 hours. Some guests joined us (again) Andrew Morrow with 5 games is now an official “Loose Cannon” (guess this name fits some of your shots perfectly😏); welcome Andrew! Reinli returned back to the course after a long absence and we learned how Carlsberg survived the crisis. Welcome back!

Lunch was at the club and we concluded the day with some jugs and nice food. Prices are reasonable at Tasik and good quality. And we found out that Iain is planning to travel to the UK on Friday without making any immigration arrangements……… He decided to contemplate further on that in the Annex later that day. Or we might see him next Tuesday on the golf course again.


We had some good scoring today with more than half of the group playing their handicap or close to that. Winner today Tony Morris with a respectable 85/41 followed by Robert and myself with 40 points. Ricardo became third with 38 points and lowest gross; 82. After 2 games I’m heading the monthly ranking, followed by Iain and Ricardo/Dave shared 3rd. See all details below.


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin belderink for the photos.

Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 9th June 2020

Our first tour towards Rawang after the lock down and it turned out well. 15 players gathered for some golf at Tasik. Another smooth take off (it’s gonna be boring without any hiccups) well before t-time and start from 2 t-boxes meaning that we all got back well before midday. The course was in a very good nik and so were most players. 10 out of 15 played their handicap or better. We don’t see that happening very often.

A few old members returned after a long absence; Robert after his knee operation and Glen after not getting any calls from China anymore for work. A sleeve of balls for Robert this week as a welcome back present.

Also a warm welcome to our guest Mike Garwood who may be a new Loose Cannons member in the future. He finished his round with a solid 82.

We still do lunch at the club nowadays with all the MCO/SOP shit still around. Food and drinks are fine at Tasik and reasonably priced so that was a very pleasant 19th hole. We may think about moving back to the old routine in the next few weeks and select one of our Chinese joints again.


Today’s winner…… Der Panzer with 81/43 ran away with the money beating Hakan on count back. 3rd place with 40 points Siggy and Ricardo. Hans on his way back into golf followed with a respectable 39 points. See all scores below.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 8.19.01 PM

After 2 games Mike is leading the monthly competition with Ricardo and Tony on his heels.



Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos



Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 18th February 2020

Another good day in paradise early morning on Tuesday 18 February. With almost everybody on time and a swift registration, we were ready to rock at 7.45 am. playing Puteri and Putera. A slight overcast and a few drops did not spoil the fun at all. The course was in a good condition and with Tony taking off like a rocket in the 1st flight we (the 2nd flight) had nobody in front of us for the rest of the game. Close before midday, we were all back at the clubhouse and just after returning it started raining; the weather gods were really with us today. Some highlights of the day:

Hans scored 125 strokes with one hand. We are still wondering how much he scored with the other hand.

Bernard produced more F**k’s with his mouth than strokes with his clubs

Our caddie was very impressed by Iain’s banana shots…….

Hakan played his 5th game so he will be granted an official LC handicap now.


The winner today was Ricardo with 38 points also scoring lowest gross. 2 runners-up with both 37 points Iain and Allan. Today’s mystery price was for most gross; a sleeve of balls for Hans. He lost a few so that was more than welcome.

Screenshot 2020-02-18 at 6.36.12 PM

The competition for the monthly medal (2 best scoring games) is reaching its final stage. At this moment Allan is leading followed by Iain and Ricardo. Next week’s last chance to get your second game (if you don’t have yet) or improve your best or second-best game so far.

Screenshot 2020-02-18 at 6.35.57 PM


Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 7th January 2020

We welcomed Andrew Robinson back after nine month absence from golf due to his left eye. We were all ready to go well before our booked tee-time, but of course as usual we don’t know which of the three nines we will play until we have passed the “lonely lady” or rather the starter were we also get the score cards. Today we played Puteri and Tasik nines from white tee and Tasik was the one in better shape with drier fairways and better greens

After a hot day in the sun not much beat a cool Tiger beer or two at our usual Restaurant Chin Heong Rawang and we had a very good turn-up for the post game lunch today as it helps get the talking going.


Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 10.07.21 PM

Ricardo Castro, Stan Constantinides, Ted Parslow and David Evans shared second place with 36 points all beaten by Josef Winter with 37.

Editors Note : There were a number of errors in the results of this week. Correct scores for Ted Parslow was 89 for 35; for Roger Surieux 100 for 34 and for Josef Winter 93 for 36.

This meant a countback on the 3 players who were on 36 points. The resulting winner of this week was Stan Constantinides.


Hole 6 and 9 water hazardHole 7, 8 and 9 water hazard

Results -Tasik Puteri – 19th November 2019

For a change I was first at Tasik Puteri sitting more or less alone in the restaurant waiting for the other players to arrive, is it you Hans!
The sky looked promising but the course did not as it had been thoroughly drenched overnight, never seen it so wet i.e. playable but not easy. We played Puteri and Putera nines from white some played quite well I myself felt like a beginner.
Off to Chin Hiong for M&M after the game, Tony ordered an excellent choice of dishes.


It was close at the top, Tony with 35 and Bernard and Siegmund shared second with 33 points.
Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 2.55.25 PM


This ball bounched on water up on land

Results – Tasik Puteri – 22nd October 2019

IMG_4446A Monday evening of torrential rain in the area did not leave Tasik Puteri untouched. The fairways were soggy but playable. Surprisingly the greens were still in good shape. It was buggy on track however on both Puteri and Tasik 9. But for the lean and mean golfing machines that the Loose Cannons are that was of course not a problem at all.

Only a meager amount of members (11) attended the game. Check-in and take-off was swift and easy with the 1st flight being back way before noon.

Highlights of the day; 3 playing upon their handicap with Stan winning on countback; 90-36

Best gross for the master himself; Geoff 80 for 36 shared 2nd together with Eric shooting 100 for 36

And a lot of gross for some other players in the pack.

Only 6 went for lunch to the new Chin Hiong restaurant and had an excellent meal selected by Tony. The ever-reliable Brian “the beer tracker” kept an eye on the empty beer bottles and made sure we got to about 1,5 each.


Screenshot 2019-10-23 at 4.41.00 PM

Results – Tasik Puteri – 27th August 2019

Tasik Puteri welcomed us for the August trophy game with very good fairways and greens.

We played the Puteri and Tasik nines.

At first a bit cloudy but after a while the sun broke through the clouds and it became a very nice golf day.

It was the first post game lunch at the Chin Hiong new address;12&14, Jalan Pusat BCH


Screenshot 2019-08-28 at 6.35.04 AM


Erol Akinci should be 107 for 27
Hans Berger should be 103 for 34