Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 28th July 2020

No rowing and plowing this week. Palm Garden was in excellent shape (as always) and the weather was also very friendly to us today. Thanks to some late entries we had 3 full flights going out around 8:15 am. With a start from 2 different t-boxes it all went smoothly and some discount vouchers and the MST golf card discount helped us to get a good rate as well. 

Also a welcome back to Jan after nearly six months being expelled from Malaysia, trapped in the land of coffee shops that sell no coffee, tulips and clogs.

 8 players wrapped up the day in our favourite restaurant East of highway. Always good food and some nice cold Tigers. 


Winner today was Tony Morris with a nice 88/38 OCB beating Siggy 91/38 followed by Mike Garwood 82/37. See all scores below.

The monthly medal stays with your convener winning best 2 July games with total 84 stbf, followed by Tony with 79 and Iain 75. 

The annual ranking is still headed by Iain, followed by Ricardo and Mike Williams. Given Iain’s escape to the UK it might be difficult to defend his position in the coming period. Mike Garwood played his 5th game today so a welcome to the Loose Cannons.

The Mystery prize today was scoring the last par. Hole 18 it was with both Paul and Robert winning a sleeve of balls


Thanks to Ricardo Castro & Martin Belderink for the photos.

Palm Garden Golf Resort Invitational game Tuesday 3rd April

As per my earlier notes and the KGSAAS Report, the STARTERS for next weeks invitational game at

Palm Garden Golf Resort are published below.
BECAUSE this is an INVITATIONAL GAME and BECAUSE there are others who would like to play but have not been included as all 20 places are filled
you MUST LET ME KNOW if for some reason you CANNOT PLAY.
Any no shows will be fined RM100.

Mike Smith
Ray Funnell
Geoff McLaws
Jeff Pearce
Hans Berger
Richard Moss
Vincent Vijayan
Kevin Wiggins
David Hughes
Tony Morris
Glen Wombwell
Erol Akinci
Ted Parslow
Geoff Parslow
Klaus Kretzschmar
Mike Han
Rein Li Tan
Barry Cousins
Iain Wise
Tom Holmes