Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 9th April 2019

An enjoyable Loose Cannons golf day it was at Impian GCC today, weather a bit sticky at first however half-ways we had some cooling breeze. The course was in a good nick despite the heavy downpour yesterday afternoon, some bunkers were wet and soggy, but what to expect.

Yes it took some time, our flight had to wait for putting betting and one flight experienced a local flight having their morning tea break “on the green”

After the game more than half of the players assembled at Crab House Restaurant in Taman Kasturi, the good food were selected by Andrew


Again Ricardo Castro took the prize money with 40 points, he also had the lowest gross with 82 strokes, excellent play Ricardo. He got so excited that he ordered ice-creams for all and two for himself. Shared second were; Mike Williams, Ted Parlslow, Enzo Filoni and Hans Berger with 35 points.


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Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 18th September 2018


It was a wet and rainy start this morning at Impian Golf & Country Club delaying our tee off till around 8:30am. Even then the rain continued for a good 5 holes or so …. and then cleared … and then rained again on the 2nd nine for a few holes. On the positive side the course conditions were very good and the weather very cool with all the rain. We had 3 flights today and 2 of the flights finished by around 1:30pm and the other flight slightly later as they had been further delayed due to a rain stop. After the game 5 of us had a good lunch at the Crab House Restaurant in Taman Kasturi.

I have photographed some strange things on many golf courses but today there was something REALLY strange … a fish … a very large half-eaten fish in the rough at the side of the fairway on the par 5 17th hole. Can only think a large bird of prey such as a large eagle had dropped this.



Our winner this week was Erol Akinci, fresh back from a long vacation, with 99 for 37 points, beating Stuart Taylor (84 for 37 points) on count back . Best gross of the day was Stuart Taylor with 84. Full results below:

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Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 3rd July 2018

Sixteen Loose Cannons had signed-up for the game at this very nice course, they all made it in time except for myself as I was hit ~ 20 degree from behind while cruising at a comfortable speed on the triple lane highway. Time for my oldie to visit the body-shop again.
Weather was nice, the course played a bit difficult today as the green were sanded. As many times before the slow walking playing members added to the time consumed, but in general takes more time to play.
Nine assembled at the Crab House for the post game lunch, the food is good but the surroundings is like a mini war-zone area.


So who had his game under control?
– winner was Ted Parslow with 39 points
– second Martin Belderink with 35 points
– shared third Andrew Robinson, Stan Constantinides, Ricardo Castro and Mike Williams with 34 points.
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From next week I will be back home hugging my grandchildren and what have you back there so the following volunteers will take over; Paul Geddes will do 10/7, Kaz Takita 17/7, Ted Parslow 24/7, Kevin Wiggins 31/7 and Aftab Ahmad 7/8.
Congratulation to the English and Swedish football teams to their victory and I look forward to see them play each other in the 1/4 final in Samara on Saturday.

Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 6th Mar 2018

We had 5 full flights at Impian this week starting a little later at 8:30am (once the Convenor eventually arrived) and got off from two tee boxes. The weather was very hot and extremely humid and along with the very slow play we encountered made for a very exhausting 5 hour round of golf.

The course was in very good condition as it usually is although the greens were maybe on the slow side. We finished after 1:30pm so by the time we got to the restaurant and ordered lunch it was almost 3pm when we ate.

Lunch and drinks were very kindly sponsored by Kaz Takita who was celebrating his big 70th birthday – a very Happy Birthday Kaz! Thank you very much.


The winner was Kaz Takita with an excellent round of 89 for 42 points. Runner up was Niall Murray with an 80 (best gross of the day) for 33 points. Full results below:

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Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 19th December 2017


The pre-Christmas game was played at Impian Golf & Country Club with 23 players attending adorned in the traditional Christmas headgear. It was a later start today with an 8:30am tee off and it was slow going especially for the first 3 flights off the first nine who got held up a lot by a very slow group in front. However the weather was good and the course was in great shape.

After the game we had lunch at Kenwell Seafood Restaurant which was really good – we need to alternate between Kenwell and the restaurant opposite in future when playing at this side of town.



The winner this week was Tony Morris with an excellent 85 for 41 points with Allan Wright and Erol Akinci runners up with 40 points. Best gross of the day was Niall Murray with an 83. Full results below:

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Results – Impian Golf Club – 15th August 2017

A rainy day in paradise ! 
With Stuart Taylor having to drop out at the last minute due to illness, 19 LC’s (including the returning of our beloved resident convener, Hans Berger from the frozen North with a few more kilos and looking forward to be at the hot seat again) braved torrential rain & dark, treacherous roads to play at the Impian Golf & Country Club earlier today. The heavy rain continued unabated until ~ 7.45am resulting in some delay in teeing off, but eventually 4 flights teed-off on #1 with 1 flight joining a queue on #10.  Rain continued sporadically throughout the morning, with thunder audible and very dark skies overhead; however there was no further interruption due to rain so, despite these issues, play was generally reasonably quick with all players finishing by ~  1.45pm
The course was, as usual, in beautiful condition, if a bit soggy and challenging for some (including your stand-in temporary scribe).



The winner was Stan (finally)  with 92 for 36 points. Runner-up was Iain Wise with 95 for 35 (even with 6 blobs ) ahead of Ricardo with 88 for 34. Lowest gross was Ricardo with 88 and the most gross was Ray Funnell with 114. Full results listed below:
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.23.30 PM

Mini Competition

The winner of the Mini Competition was Bernhard Romahn with 217 points, runner-up was Ricardo Castro with 194, following in third place Martin Belderink with 192. Full results listed below:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.24.11 PM

Lunch should be at Fei Wai Seafood, but was closed with different name, so we switch to Ken Well seafood restaurant just opposite side attended by only 10 of us. Good food, good company, plenty of good humored banter and 10 nice cold Tiger to help it along. 200 Rm donated by Iain Wise to commemorate his first EAGLE ever, and 50.00 Rm from Roger as a fine to celebrate his fantastic tee shot who ended up before lady’s tee.
Thank you Tony Morris, Stan Constantinides, Hans Berger, Brian Buckley, Roger McGowan, Reinli Tan, Kevin Wiggins, Iain Wise and Martin Belderink to your kind donation to the SILOAM HOUSE.
Thank you all for your support and understanding during this 6 weeks hoping everyone enjoy the prizes, lucky draws and some adding competition bringing to Loose Cannons games more taste and join. Stuart, thank you so much for your support, time and consideration, really appreciate. 33 players were playing during this 6 weeks and hope more members can join us more often. My job is done and now is Mr. Berger’s time to show off.



Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 4th April 2017


It was a later start today at Impian Golf & Country Club with a tee off time of 8:30. We got off from 2 tee boxes but it was a bit later than 8:30 and then because of very slow play it took us 5 hours to complete the round. It was therefore a very tiring and very hot day. The course however was in good shape although the greens were a little sandy and uneven in places.

Weather was good but hot so everyone was glad to finish and get to the restaurant for some cold beers. Luckily the restaurant, Fei Wai, was open all afternoon as 11 of us attanding the lunch got there close to 3pm. The restaurant has changed hands and is now called Kajang Crab …. food was still very good and reasonable so we will no doubt be returning here again.


The clear winner today was Bernard Romahn with a tremendous round of 82 for 44 points …. surprising he wasnt’ there at the lunch to bask in the glory. We did contribute his winnings to the pot towards lunch … thank you Bernard! Runner up was Ted Parslow with a 85 for 37 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with an 80. Full scores below.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.58.36 PM



Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 11th October 2016


With an original 21 booked to play we had one last minute drop out resulting in 5 full flights and 20 players today at Impian Golf & Country Club. So with revised flights we got off from two tee boxes on a beautiful morning, although it did become a little steamy and humid later on. The course was in very good condition although the greens had just been sanded and were a little variable in their speed. Rate of play was good and we all finished by 12:30 and then we headed off to Fei Wai restaurant for lunch ….. well at least 11 of us did!


Our winner this week was Allan Wright with 89 for 42 points (cut 6) and the runner up was Andrew Robinson with 97 for 40 points. Best gross was shared between Allan Wright and Stuart Taylor, both with 89. Full results below:




Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 23rd February 2016


The monthly Trophy Game for February was played at Impian Golf & Country Club with 23 players participating. After a fairly efficient check in and registration we teed off from two tee boxes at 8:00 ++. There was a little confusion over the tees that we should have played from …… Impian normally does not have white tees so the message that was conveyed to the group teeing off from Tee No 1 was play from the Blues ….. but as there were White Tees in play today the groups playing from Hole No 10 apparently used the White Tees.

The course was in great condition and the greens rather tricky and difficult to read. Play was rather slow today as there were a few slow moving groups in front …. as Mike Smith was quoted over lunch he was annoyed at the “slow elderly players in front” …. rather choice coming from our most senior player I thought!

Weather was clear and fresh at the start but became very hot and sticky by the back 9 making it most exhausting.

13 of us had lunch at the restaurant opposite Kenwell Seafood as it was closed and it was on the whole pretty good but not quite as good as Kenwell Seafood. Although the prawns were reasonably priced they were rather small and rather overcooked.


We had two players on 40 Stableford points today but the February Trophy Winner on count back was Geoff Parslow with the best gross of the day of 79 and 40 points from Bernard Romahn with 85 for 40 points. Geoff will be cut 4 strokes. Well done. Full scores below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.07.33 PM


Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 27th October 2015

Conditions were good this morning for the October Monthly Trophy game at Impian Golf & Country Club. We had 18 players with Sigi taking up a last minute position when Ren Li cancelled. The course has been seen in better shape and again we played off the blue tees as the white tees seemed to have now disappeared from this course. Greens were good although some were a little bare in patches and inconsistent.

After the game we adjourned to the reliable Ken Well Seafood Restaurant for an excellent lunch and drinks kindly sponsored by Ted Parslow celebrating his 100th Cannons game. Thank you Ted!


Scores were relatively low this week and the October Monthly Trophy winner with 37 points and a gross of 84 was Stuart Taylor. Runner up was Bernard Romahn with 36 points on count back from Paul Geddes also on 36 points. Best gross of the day was Andrew Chez with an 82. Full results below :