Results – Impian Golf & Country Club – 3rd July 2018

Sixteen Loose Cannons had signed-up for the game at this very nice course, they all made it in time except for myself as I was hit ~ 20 degree from behind while cruising at a comfortable speed on the triple lane highway. Time for my oldie to visit the body-shop again.
Weather was nice, the course played a bit difficult today as the green were sanded. As many times before the slow walking playing members added to the time consumed, but in general takes more time to play.
Nine assembled at the Crab House for the post game lunch, the food is good but the surroundings is like a mini war-zone area.


So who had his game under control?
– winner was Ted Parslow with 39 points
– second Martin Belderink with 35 points
– shared third Andrew Robinson, Stan Constantinides, Ricardo Castro and Mike Williams with 34 points.
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 3.01.04 PM
From next week I will be back home hugging my grandchildren and what have you back there so the following volunteers will take over; Paul Geddes will do 10/7, Kaz Takita 17/7, Ted Parslow 24/7, Kevin Wiggins 31/7 and Aftab Ahmad 7/8.
Congratulation to the English and Swedish football teams to their victory and I look forward to see them play each other in the 1/4 final in Samara on Saturday.

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