Result for Kinrara Tuesday 26th June 2012

Kinrara Golf Club was in excellent condition and with near perfect weather the 12 LC’s that gathered for the June Trophy Game were well rewarded.
Kinrara has spent a lot of money on their course and their club house recently and when the weather is generally dry this is a very good track and off the blues, a stern test of golf. We played the Blues because they tend to put the Whites on the Ladies tees which makes it too short, even for us.
Being so near for most of us it’s a pity we don’t play here more often but unfortunately, when the weather is wet the course gets very soft, particularly the back 9, leading to many plugged balls, so lets hope that they spend some of their budget on improving the drainage and we will play here more often.
After I made the reservation last week the club called me to say they had a “small tournament” teeing off at 8 o’clock but with “only 8 flights starting on tee 1 & 10 we could get started at 8:30”. In the event there were 14 flights and a long delay was anticipated as their players were still arriving at 7:45 but the quick thinking of Andrew and with the help of the starter we got off ahead of the competition starting on 5 & 6 and didn’t see any of the competition players for the rest of our round. Thanks Andrew.
As I said earlier, the course was in good shape; the only blemish being some bare areas on some of the greens on the back 9 that have been affected by fungus. The fairways were superb.
The winner of the June Trophy was George Murray with 45 points plus 1 bonus point for a total of 46 and the runner-up OCB was myself with 37 + 3 = 40 points.The lowest gross was 90 by Hans Berger and the most golf was played by Ray Funnell with 109.
George is cut 9 strokes and myself 1 stroke.

Klaus figuring out the best line!

Not a soul in sight

The winner George with Hans (best gross) & Klaus

Long trouser boys!

Lunch was taken at the RSC Annex where the food pretty ordinary and the service a little slow. Only 8 attended which was a pity. What the Annex lacks in quality of food it more than makes up for in the price which is always reasonable.

Results for Kampung Kuantan Tuesday 19th June 2012

Loose Cannons play Royal Kampung Kuantan once a year and it never fails to deliver a stern test. KK is one of the oldest courses in Malaysia having been founded by a Scotish planter in 1910 so its 102 years old. It’s a 9 hole layout but tough and long with a slope rating of 134 and it showed in the scores today. Out of the 11 starters only the winner and the runner-up managed to break 100.
The course was in good condition and with a lot of run after the recent dry spell, some reasonable scores were anticipated but alas, the unfamiliarity of this track with it’s numerouse ditches and huge trees combined with the ineptitude of most of the players resulted in some pretty dismal scoring.
The winner was Hans Berger with 36 points and the runner-up was Jeff Pearce with 33 points.The lowest gross was 89 by Hans Berger and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate with 121.
Hans is cut 4 strokes and Jeff 1 stroke.

Lunch was taken in Ijok at the usual place and very good it was too. There was plenty of beer drunk for a change and some lively banter, much of it concerning the job our guest Graham has in China where part of his duties involves auditioning girls for the massage parlour of the ski resort he is building. The mind boggles!!! The other topic was a blow by blow account of Alan Holgate’s 6 strokes to get past the ladies tee on the 6th. In addition to the RM50 collected at registration, a further RM10 top up was needed to pay for the lunch and so the mornings golf plus lunch cost us RM60 before paying for the caddy. We shall return next year but I rather fear that with the new road making KK only a 40 minute drive for a lot of KL folk, the price and conjestion may increase.

Mike Smith (looking unusually happy!!), Hans Berger, Bob Simpson and two caddies/masseurs!!

Next Game Kampung Kuantan Tuesday 19th June 2012

Golf next Tuesday 19th June 2012 we will make our annual visit to :- Royal Kampung Kuantan Golf Club
This is a WALKING COURSE. If you have a pull kart bring it.
If you don’t there are karts available and caddies..
Be there by 07:30 LATEST
M&M will be at the excellent Seafood Restoran in Ijok.
Names to Mike Smith (mike.maxcon.smith at soonest
To get there leave KL on the E2 north towards Rawang.
Exit onto the E25 to Kuala Selangor.
Follow the E25 to its end and follow signs for Kuala Selangor.
RKKGC is in Bkt. Rotan 4 k down the road.
Turn the RIGHT and the club is on the LEFT.
From Bangsar it takes 40 minutes.

Results for Staffield Tuesday 12th June 2012

15 LC’s enjoyed Staffield Tuesday, the course being in very good condition and we played in superb weather. Staffield remains one of the best tracks we play and while it stays reasonably priced we will continue to use it.
The winner was Jeff Pearce with 43 points and the runner-up was Bernhard Romahn with 42 points.The lowest gross was 78 by Joe Zorich and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate with 113.
Jeff is cut 7 strokes and Bernhard 1 stroke.

12 of us went to the usual place in Mantin for lunch where the grub was good, washed down with plenty of cold beer by those of us who still can. Joe Zorich was celebrating his birthday and playing his last game with us this trip before he heads back to Seattle. He had forgotten the Champagne though! Bon voyage Joe. See you next time.

There was lots of lively chat as well as the ongoing complaint from Bernhard who can’t see the ‘logic’ in the handicapping system. There doesn’t have to be LOGIC in golf society handicapping Bernhard. Like the Rules of Golf, nobody claims that they are fair, just punishing. Erol moaned about his handicap (again) but he is suffering from selective memory loss poor sod.
For the benefit of Erol (and everyone else) I use the Loose Cannons Handicap Manager which is a piece of USGA approved software for calculating handicaps. This is updated with every gross score (adjusted) of every game played with Cannons and so it’s accurate.

Results for KGSAAS Tuesday 5th June!

KGSAAS was in excellent condition and with near perfect weather 13 LC’s teed it up at 8 o’clock sharp. We played the Sultans and Alam Shah 9’s; the third 9 is currently closed for the complete relaying of one of the greens……not normally something that would be done by a club threatened with closure! There is also a fleet of brand new buggies as well as new uniforms for the caddies and plenty of evidence by way of major maintenance projects, that this great golf course will be with us for some considerable time. Praise be the Lord.
The bad news is that the former ‘mid week deal’ has become more expensive; it now stands at RM121 p.p. which includes 1 caddy per buggy. But the very bad news is that if you are a 3 ball they charge RM50.50 for the half buggy and caddy. So, with the dreaded 13 again this week, (we were 16 Sunday), this becomes an expensive course but well worth the RM121 if we have full flights.
The winner was myself with 39 points o.c.b and the runner-up was Aftab Ahmad with 39 o.c.b. The lowest gross was 86 by Joe Zorich and the most golf was played jointly by Glen Wombwell and Alan Holgate with 112.
I am cut 4 strokes and Aftab 1 stroke.

M&M was taken at the club by 11 of the players and very good it was too, if a little slow to arrive for some. Helped along by several jugs of beer there was some lively discussion as to next weeks venue. I proposed Staffield but there were some wingers and the rumour that KLOGS will play there the following week. So what??? Then our annual visit to Kampung Kuantan was suggested which seemed to get the nod but in the cold light of dawn I have changed my mind, (my privilege) and we will do KK later, so it’s Staffield next week.

Because the RM130 a head levied by yours truly at the start barely covered the green fees there was a whip round of RM40 needed to almost cover the bill with the shortfall of RM20 coming out of LC’s kitty.
We will return to KGSAAS but I may insist on full flights next time. So be warned.

Results Nilai Springs Tuesday 29th May

Nilai Springs is always a pleasure to play these days as it is easy to get to, is well maintained, has a great playing surface and the M&M is quite good and reasonably priced. But because of all these good things it’s getting increasingly busy and with other golfing venues closing, this trend will continue. While on the subject of closing venues, the latest casualty to join the list is Lembah Beringin. What a shame. An old Cannon: Joe Zorich, (but I suppose playing off 7 he’s not as ‘loose’ as some of us) is visiting paradise these next few weeks and it was a pleasure to have him amongst us on Tuesday. Wecome back Joe. We were 16 till Monday midday when Erol had to drop out……again…but Craig Donald stepped in to bring us back to 16, but this was short lived when George’s alarm function on his mobile failed and so, with him still in bed, 15 LC’s teed it up promptly at 8 o’clock and were all round in good time, the leading flight in a shade under 4 hours. In his defence George has asked me to pass on his apologies to the rest of the players. You are forgiven George. This was the TROPHY GAME for May and the winner was Tony Morris with and outrageous 49 points off the stick plus 2 bonus points for a total of 51. The runner-up with a score that, on most days would have won, was Berhard Romahn with 47 + 2 for a total of 49. The lowest gross was a creditable 80 by Bernhard and the most golf played was 110 by Barry Cousins. Tony is cut 13 strokes and Bernhard the mandatory1 stroke (lucky bugger). M&M was taken at the club where all 15 players were present (see below) and enjoyed good grub and ample liquid refreshment. A small whip round was needed and there was a surplus of RM20 which went into the kitty.