Dear Loose Cannons,
The June news for the Loose Cannons can be short and simple: NO GOLF !A very sad month which will go into the history as no Loose Cannons games played for a whole month as this is not allowed in Malaysia! Also the announcement just now (Sunday 12.02)  that the lock down will not finish tomorrow, will mean that it is very likely that we will start July with not being on the fairways. So it is just television, you tube, games etc which can keep us a bit in swing.Last week I cleaned my golf clubs from all the dust it was gathering. I was tempted to do some swings, but I am sure that my wife would not have liked that at all, so I put them back in the bag, and thought when, oh when…..
I hope everyone has had their first vaccination, and some of us maybe even the second shot already. That is the only way out, guys, get yourself vaccinated!
I have calculated the handicap progress in absolute and relative terms over the first half of the year, but actually of course it was only over the first 4 months and a bit of the year. The table you can see at Statistics page, to keep you motivated……and other fresh stats, and below LCOTY standings.
Hope to see you all soon on the course again, and in the meantime, keep yourself safe and healthy!