Results – KGSAAS – 31st May 2016

The May Monthly Trophy game was held at KGSAAS with 16 players registered to play. 15 players teed off a little late at 8:30am due to a rather busy period on the course – John Laidley was lost somewhere in the direction of Putrajaya at the mercy of his GPS or Waze – he eventually caught us up at the 5th hole we were playing around 9:30am.

The course was in good condition and the morning quite cool due to the overnight rain. However it was very hot by the time we concluded play at around 1pm.

We had lunch at the clubhouse with rather ordinary food and slow service. However Dave Evans kindly donated RM150 to celebrate his birthday (Thanks Dave!) and the excess monies from the day with a little top up from the kitty covered lunch.


The winner of the May Monthly Trophy was Ted Parslow with a gross of 82 and 43 points. This was also the best gross of the day. Ted will be cut 7 strokes. 2nd place was Tony Morris, with 90 for 40 points, on count back from Peter Kenyon with 94 for 40 points.



Full results are tabulated below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.28.48 PM



Results – Bangi Golf Results – 24th May 2016


With a last minute entry by John Laidley today this made a nice 16 for 4 full flights at Bangi Golf Resort. They are still working on the clubhouse and the registration desk has now moved to a new location where the old pro shop was. Registration was easy and with everyone there sharp we all got off before 8:00am on the Kajang and Bangi nines.

The course was in good condition with good greens although there were many of the bunkers being worked on so they were GUR …. technique therefore was to aim for the bunkers then take the drop!

Weather was cool after the early morning rain so it was a very pleasant morning to be playing golf. We all finished by 12pm and then 14 of the 16 made it to East of Highway Restaurant for lunch. Martin Belderink who was celebrating his birthday kindly contributed RM200 which covered the drinks bill … many thanks Martin and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


As expected there were some very good scores today at this relatively short course with only 4 players shooting less than 36, me being the bottom of the pile with a meagre 27 points (8 on the front 9!) as I get to grips with my game after 5 weeks off. We had 4 players tied for second place with 43 points, but the winner today with his best round to date with a gross of 85 and 45 points was Peter Davies. Peter will be cut 9 strokes! Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.17.00 PM




Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.57.00 PM








Results – Tasik Puteri – 17th May 2016

16 patrons played Tasik Puteri which was in excellent condition but slow greens on a rather warm cloudless day.


Winner with his best score in years was GLEN WOMBWELL tearing up the course with a majestic gross 94 for 44 points, cut 8 strokes for his efforts, lowest gross of 87 by Ted Parslow.


A pleasant lunch at our usual restaurant was had by 13 patrons with plenty full WARM beer.


Tasik Puteri 17 May

Results – Bukit Jalil – 10th May 2016

23 LC’s teed off on time at a brutally hot & humid Bukit Jalil that played very long after torrential overnight rain. The weather conditions were as bad as I have ever experienced so far as the humidity was concerned and for  both Alan Holgate and Richard Moss it was too much and they wisely retired after 14 holes. Happily they appeared none the worse for wear after a couple of cold Tigers.
This was Cannons first visit to Bukit Jalil recently and will probably be our last as they made us start all 6 flights from TB1 as the back 9 is reserved for early morning member walkers. This is very disruptive to lunch. The course was in good condition but very soggy after the heavy overnight rain and resultantly very difficult with many high scores.
The winner was Iain Wise with 93 for 39 points. Iain is cut 4. The joint runners up were Peter Kenyon and Tom Holmes who both had 36 points. Lowest gross was 83 by Geoff McLaws.
Full results are attached below.
Bukit Jalil 10 May
Lunch was at East of Highway where Indarjit Singh was introduced to the group. The food was excellent and was washed down with 28 large bottles of Tiger which were subsidised by generous contributions from Andrew Robinson, Jeff Pierce & Hans Berger who were all celebrating recent birthdays. A small group remained as they were still thirsty and polished off another 4 large ones before leaving just before 4pm.

Results – Loose Cannons vs LEGS – Staffield – 3rd May 2016

19 Loose Cannons (Mahmud pranged his car on the way to Staffield) and eventually 20 LEGS ( 2 ladies arrived late, one of them went to KGSAAS!!!!) teed it up just after 8 o’clock on a relatively cool morning at Staffield Country Resort for the annual match.
This year LEGS were the ‘hosts’ and had chosen Staffield as the venue and had requested the match to be played from the Reds & Blues respectively. Several Cannons raised their eyebrows at this decision but since Loose Cannons USGA handicapping is calculated to the average Blue Slope and because the slope at Staffield for Red & Blue is the same at 130, this didn’t seem to me to be an outrageous request. In reality the Blue tees were between 60 and 110 metres behind the Red tees which gave the ladies a big advantage. Plus the fact that LEGS were generally lower handicappers across the board meant that Cannons were up against it from the start. Hey ho.
There were some last minute adjustments of flights to accommodate the 2 late arriving ladies and inexplicably 2 of our flights teamed up with the wrong pair of ladies but play started just after 8 with a mini shotgun start on tees 1 thru 5 West with 2 flights per tee box. This inevitably slowed things up and the round was slow overall taking the best part of 5 hours but everyone enjoyed the competition if not the result. The ladies were good.
Staffield was in great condition but the greens were a tad slow. The weather was fine throughout with a little breeze towards the end of the round. The club had given us West & South for the match so we didn’t have any cross over issues.
Lunch was a Chinese Buffet at the club and LEGS provided every table with 2 jugs of beer. Needless to say many additional jugs were required, mostly by the thirsty Cannons but it was noted that several of the ladies were getting their share as well. One of them went home without her clubs!!! Anyway, many thanks to the ladies for the jugs they provided.
The scoring was chaotic to say the least as many of the ladies (and a couple of the men) had not read or understood the scoring procedure and it was not helped by the 2 Cannons flights that had decided to play with a pair different from the Starter Sheet. And to add to the scorers misery some of the cards were barely legible with numerous corrections and many cards displayed some imaginative mathematics. But from early on the outcome was never in doubt.
The clear winners were LEGS by 7.5 to 2.5.  The full result is attached. Note that, where necessary, I have taken the ‘declared’ Stableford points as correct and adjusted the gross score accordingly.
Congratulations to the ladies.
Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 5.41.26 AM

Results – Sungai Long – 26th April 2016

18 LC’s gathered at an immaculate Sungai Long on a relatively cool morning that warmed up somewhat as the morning wore on. 18 starters was a bit disappointing for this great venue! I wonder why? It’s always a pleasure to play this track as it is a good test of golfing skills and is always beautifully presented and beyond criticism. Congratulations to the superintendent and his staff.
Check-in is fairly easy and on this occasion we were inexplicably given a reduction for taking additional caddies!!! Yes, you read that correctly. A REDUCTION for taking 7 caddies over and above the 3 that individuals had hired. The result was a substantial surplus of Ringgits over what had been anticipated. Whether the caddies were of any assistance however is debateable. Ours was decrepit and as blind as a bat but he read the greens OK.
With few other golfers on the course we were all round in just over 4 hours so all-in-all an excellent mornings golf.
The winner of the April Trophy Game was Andrew Chez with a superb 78 for 41 points OCB from Ted Parslow with 83 for 41. In 3rd place was Mahmud Mohamed with 88 for 39 which included 25 points on the back 9. Andrew is cut 5 strokes. 
The full result is attached below.
Sungai Long 26 April
Lunch was at Ken Well Seafood where 15 LC’s gathered. The grub here is normally excellent but on this occasion the selection was a bit questionable and the selected items not greatly appreciated judging by the uneaten stuff left on the tables. Worse, it was on the table and getting cold before some of the later members arrived. Not good. However, because of the generosity of Sungai Long; a contribution by a couple of early leavers and a small supplement from LC’s float, the cost was covered which included 24 bottles of Tiger and everyone went home happy