Results – Sungai Long – 26th April 2016

18 LC’s gathered at an immaculate Sungai Long on a relatively cool morning that warmed up somewhat as the morning wore on. 18 starters was a bit disappointing for this great venue! I wonder why? It’s always a pleasure to play this track as it is a good test of golfing skills and is always beautifully presented and beyond criticism. Congratulations to the superintendent and his staff.
Check-in is fairly easy and on this occasion we were inexplicably given a reduction for taking additional caddies!!! Yes, you read that correctly. A REDUCTION for taking 7 caddies over and above the 3 that individuals had hired. The result was a substantial surplus of Ringgits over what had been anticipated. Whether the caddies were of any assistance however is debateable. Ours was decrepit and as blind as a bat but he read the greens OK.
With few other golfers on the course we were all round in just over 4 hours so all-in-all an excellent mornings golf.
The winner of the April Trophy Game was Andrew Chez with a superb 78 for 41 points OCB from Ted Parslow with 83 for 41. In 3rd place was Mahmud Mohamed with 88 for 39 which included 25 points on the back 9. Andrew is cut 5 strokes. 
The full result is attached below.
Sungai Long 26 April
Lunch was at Ken Well Seafood where 15 LC’s gathered. The grub here is normally excellent but on this occasion the selection was a bit questionable and the selected items not greatly appreciated judging by the uneaten stuff left on the tables. Worse, it was on the table and getting cold before some of the later members arrived. Not good. However, because of the generosity of Sungai Long; a contribution by a couple of early leavers and a small supplement from LC’s float, the cost was covered which included 24 bottles of Tiger and everyone went home happy

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