Results – Nilai Springs – 27th July 2010

8 players registered and 7 turned up on time. (Bernard had difficulties and joined his flight on the 8th.) We were graced by the appearance of Mr. Smith who proposed walking the course and taking photos for the blog. Unfortunately the marshals had other ideas and he was escorted from the course for inappropriate footware!!

The monthly trophy was won by Ian Geekie with a gross 96 and 40 points. Ian cut 4 next week. Runner up was Erol Akinci with 91 for 39. Erol cut 1. Best Gross was Erol (91). Most Golf – Yours Truly with 111.
Ian Geekie                               96 / 40
Erol Akinci                               91/  39
Ray Funnel                             100 / 35
Peter Edgworth                         95 / 34
Kevin Wiggins                            93 / 33
Mike Hughes                            111 / 32
George Murray                         110 / 30
Bernard Romahn                  Played 11 holes so no score declared. (Although he played his 11 well!)
Makan & Minum was taken at the club with an amazing count of zero beers being drunk!

Report kindly written by Mike Hughes 

Next Game – Nilai Springs- 27th July 2010

As Andrew is on his way to the UK and Mike is still indisposed I’ve volunteered (?) to take over as Temporary Convenor for the next few weeks.

Tuesday’s game will be at Nilai Springs. Meet at 7:30, kick off 8:00. It’s Trophy day and we may even have a Trophy.

Please let me know if you’re playing – either email or by phone 012 317 3651.

Cheers, Mike Hughes (Pro Tem Convenor)

Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 20th July 2010

11 golfers turned out, the course was in pretty good nick, the weather very good and there were no hold-ups. The Winner with a gross 93 for 41 points, and cut 5, was Bernhard Romahn.  Second place with a gross 95 for 40 points and cut 1, was Ian Geekie.  Kevin played very well for the days lowest gross of 89.  And Mike Hughes enjoyed the most golf with 109. Full results:
Bernhard Romahn – 93/41
Ian Geekie – 95/40
Tony Morris – 97/35
Klaus Kretschmar – 95/34
Kevin Wiggins – 89/33
Andrew Robinson – 92/33
Tom Holmes – 101/33
Reinli Tan – 93/29
Mike Hughes – 109/26
Vincent Vijayan – 108/25
Ray Funnell – 104/25
There was some uncertainty after the game as regards whether or not Barry was going to show up and lead us to a local hostelry for F&B…  In the event we stayed at the club and the food was rather good.  And on the subject of Barry I received a rather odd email from him the previous week after the announcement that we would play at Awana Genting Golf Resort – too far to go, would need to stay the night, blah, blah.  I transpired that he thought Awana Genting was up in the Cameron Highlands!!  Clearly ‘Genting’ did not provide an adequate enough clue at to the location of the course…….former captain of industry, and all
Another worthy mention was the flight spearheaded by Ian – and submitting a dogs breakfast of a scorecard.  This because nobody in the flight was quite sure how to work out the Stableford points……..?
And a deserved mention must go to the beer consumption which amounted to one mug of Carlsberg and one bottle of stout – between 11 thirsty golfers…..
With yours truly off to London this week adn Mike still unable to swing a club the subject of appointing a new Pro Tempore Cannons Convenor arose.  There was much naval gazing, ‘I’m going to be away’, ‘I’m got to go to the bog’, shoe lace inspections and so on. And then Mike Hughes saved the day by saying he would be delighted and honoured to do it for a few weeks.  Thankyou Mike. So WOULD MIKE S. PLEASE UPDATE THE STATS FOR THE LAST COUPLE OF GAMES AND FORWARD TO MIKE H. ALSO GET THE JULY MONTHLY TROPHY TO HIM.  Thankyou.
Kind regards
Andrew Robinson
Ex Pro Tem Cannons Convenor

Next Game – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 20th July 2010

Next Tuesday 20 July we will play at BUKIT KEMUNING GOLF & COUNTRY RESORT, which is a TP course.  And after the game En Cousins, our local resident, will lead us to a suitable nearby hostelry for F&B and general revelry.
Please confirm your attendance asap to Andrew Robinson – and be there by 7.30 am latest.

Results – Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort – 13th July 2010

It’s been a long time since Awana Genting featured on the Cannons schedule, and a very pleasant surprise it turned out to be. Perfect cool and bright weather, great scenery and the course in very good order, albeit the fairways and fringes rather wet. The greens were very fast and tricky. It was a serious challenge, but one that all enjoyed. Although a tad more expensive than most courses the Cannons play, it was a worthwhile exercise.

The winner on the day with 102 for 35 points was Tom Holmes – his maiden Cannons win! In second place OCB was Reinli Tan with 88 and 33 points. Tom is cut 4 and Reinli is cut 1. Lowest gross was Reinli’s impressive 88 and Mike Hughes played the most golf with his 116. Mike Hughes tally was boosted by a stunning birdie on the last for 5 points! Full details as follows:

Tom Holmes – 102/35
Reinli Tan – 88/33
Thong Chee Who – 95/33
Raymond Keys – 105/31
Tony Morris – 99/30
Klaus Kretschmar – 100/28
Andrew Robinson – 96/27
Bernhard Romahn – 114/22
Mike Hughes – 116/22
Vincent Vijayan – 110/13

Luncheon was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex, it being deemed sensible to get off the hill before drinking commenced. A variety of makanan and minuman was enjoyed by all. And it was revealed during discourse that Tom’s nickname in certain circles is ‘Mr Bean’ – and we witnessed the extraordinary spectacle of him neatly cutting off and discarding the crusts from all around his pizza….. And having pocketed his RM50 winnings he then had the gaul to think that he would also get a free lunch!
News of next weeks game will follow in a day or so.

Just a few more photos from the ‘Pro Tem’ photographer & sub-Editor:-

Report by Andrew Robinson

Just a few more photos from the ‘Pro Tem’ photographer & sub-Editor:-

Next Game – Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort – 13th July 2010

Next Tuesday 13 July we will play at AWANA GENTING HIGHLANDS GOLF & COUNTRY RESORT, 8th mile Genting Highlands, 69000 Pahang. 3 flights have been booked for 08.00 hrs tee-off.  Be there by 07.30 hrs latest.
It is a TP course, we have not been there for a long time and I have an unconfirmed report last week from a member that the course is presently in nice order. For those of you who might not have played there before, its very scenic and very tight – so bring extra balls!
After the game we will ablute and depart for a suitable hostelry for makan, minum and general revelry
Please confirm to Andrew Robinson asap if you will be playing!

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Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 6th July 2010

Attendance was back to normal with 12 golfers.  Weather perfect and there were no hold-ups on the course -which was in good condition throughout. Zach Preston was welcomed, and at 14 years of age put some of us oldies to shame!  And Barry’s back held out for a full round. It was the delayed June Trophy Game and the winner was John Preston with 82 for 45 points and cut 9.  Second was Tom Holmes with 99 for 40 + 4 bonus points and cut 1.   John also had the lowest gross with his 82 and Mike Hughes played the most golf with 109. Full details below:
John Preston – 82/45
Tom Holmes – 99/40
Andrew Robinson – 85/38
Bernhard Romahn – 96/36
Raymond Keys – 100/36
Kevin Wiggins – 93/36
Barry Cousins – 98/35
Zach Preston – 93/33
Erol Akinci – 95/32
Tony Morris – 101/29
Mike Hughes – 109/29
Reinli Tan – 93/27
Luncheon was taken at the Equatorial and very good it was too, with porcine dishes to the fore.
Next weeks venue will be confirmed in a day or two
Andrew Robinson – Pro Tem Convenor

Note from Editor : Great to see Kevin Wiggins back out ….. and played to his handicap!!

A few photos from Assistant Editor & Pro Tem Photographer!

Bernhard takes it steady!

In case you are wondering:-  Does It Look Like I Give A F*ck?

Only one ball on the green on the Par-3 17th, and yes I did par it!

How does my ball end up like this two weeks running?

Yes indeed – my ball, clearly marked!

Is Bernhard dejected & will Tony’s belt stand the strain?

Winner Boy & Proud Son (no not me, the young lad Zac on the right)!

Looks like Mike is still hungry!!

Next Game – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 6th July 2010

Unfortunately, both Cleethorpes Municipal and Selesa Hills are unavailable next week due to PGA Tournaments. Accordingly, we will play at TASIK PUTERI.  4 flights have been booked and hopefully we can muster a good turnout.  And this is the delayed JUNE TROPHY GAME. Be there by 7.30 latest.
After the game and appropriate ablutions we will head straight for the ever dependable Equatorial Restaurant for prize giving, makan, minum dan lain lain.  Cannons nursing bad backs and broken bones are welcome to join us for lunch…
Please confirm your attendance asap to Andrew Robinson.