Results – Port Klang Golf Resort – 29th June 2010

Port Klang Golf Resort was selected for this weeks game for a number of reasons, namely that we had a report that the course ‘looked to be in good nick’, we have not been there for quite some time, its a TP course, its  inexpensive, its a good layout and a serious golf challenge – playing almost 6000 metres off the white tees, its easy to get to and there are excellent nearby seafood restaurants for lunch.   Arguably a valid set of reasons?  However the  announcement of the venue resulted in a plethora of negativity – its too far to go, its too muddy, its a walking course, I dont like turfmates, blah, blah, blah!!
So just 3 golfers took part in the June Trophy Game!  It took 40 minutes to get to the course from KL along a staightforward highway, ie quicker and easier than going to Staffield.   The course was very scenic, in very good shape and almost deserted.  The weather was perfect.  It was only RM45 per head all up inclusive individual turfmates with the TP book, and we had an excellent post golf lunch.  Words fail me……
The results were:
Andrew Robinson – 92 for 31
Ian Geekie – 108 for 29
Mike Hughes – 120 for 17
Due to the pathetic turnout, the Trophy Game was declared null and void and will be carried over to next week with a recommendation that there are to be no post-game handicap adjustments.
Mike Hughes was back from his UK trip, and a little rusty at the outset – his 17 points were divided between 1 on the first 9 and 16 on the back 9!  He was also on a turfmate for the first time…..quite a spectacle until he got the hang of it.
Encik Cousins joined us for lunch and it was flawless – chilli crab, garlic prawns, spicy sotong and so on. Great sea views and with the tide out there were loads of sizeable mudskippers hopping and crawling around on the mudflats. Barry tried to order a few as part of the lunch…  And the eatery now sells wine, and so 2 bottles of bordeaux white were soon quaffed.
Next weeks venue will be confirmed in a day or two.  Cleethorpes Municipal and Selesa Hills are under consideration…..
Report by Andrew Robinson

Next Game – Port Klang Golf Resort – 29th June 2010

Next week we will play at PORT KLANG GOLF RESORT and this is the TROPHY GAME FOR JUNE.  Please let Andrew Robinson know if you will be playing!  Be there by 7.30 latest!  And after the game we will take luncheon at one of the nearby oceanside seafood restaurants.

Directions to Port Klang Golf Resort

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Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 22nd June 2010

Its been quite some time since Cannons graced the fairways of Kinrara, and a pleasant surprise it was too.  The couse was in good nick, scenic, very quiet and perfect weather. 10 of us played off the customary white tees which proved to be a mistake as many of them were next to the red tees!  The upside was a slew of excellent scores with 6 players breaking 90. Andrew was last with 36 points!  Winner was Reinli Tan with a gross 86 for 47 points, handicap trimmed by 11!  Runner-up was Hans with 84 for 45 points, cut 1.  Hans also had the lowest gross with 84 and Tom played the most golf with 97.  Full results as follows:
Rein Li Tan – 86/47
Hans Berger – 84/45
Siegmund – 92/43
Tom Holmes – 97/43
Tony Morris – 88/42
Erol Akinci – 85/41
Raymond Keys – 93/41
Klaus Kretschmar – 87/40
Bernhard Romahn – 92/38
Andrew Robinson – 86/36
Lunch was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex. And cameo appearances were made by Mike Smith and Barry Cousins, the former looking to be in fairly good shape considering his nasty prang over in in Kijal recently. [Note from Editor …. this assumes the latter was looking fairly ropy!!]
Mixed grills were a popular choice for lunch, with chicken chops and pizzas in evidence.  All washed down with plenty of Carlsberg and chardonnay.  The more astute gravitated downstairs to the Pavilion Bar in due time for further rehydration.  And Raymond and Andrew went on to Backyard for yet more rehydration (Andrew thrashed Raymond at pool).  And Andrew then went on to Sids for a nightcap and a plate of halal scotch eggs…….. [Note by sub-editor: Andrew had a couple of lucky breaks;-)]
Report penned by the fine hand of Andrew Robinson

More Photos from ‘sub-Editor’! 

The Club House as it is today!

Is the ball the same colour as the trousers?

A ‘Serious’ Golfer

Siggy dropped his ciggy!

Lucky I am not left handed!!

Managed a fine recovery shot despite the ball’s resting position!

Next Game – Kinrara Golf Club – 22 June 2010

Next Tuesday 22 June we will play at KINRARA GOLF CLUB. 4 flights have been booked – LET ANDREW ROBINSON KNOW IF YOU ARE PLAYING. Pre-golf collection will be RM80 for TP and RM100 for non-TP – have the right money please!

Be there by 7.30!

After the game and appropriate ablutions we will go to the Royal Selangor Club, Kiara Sports Annex, for makanan/minuman where we will gather at the outdoor terrace overlooking the swimming pool.

Directions to Kinrara Golf Club:

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Results – Bukit Unggul – 15th June 2010

Just 9 golfers turned up – the course was quiet, in good condition and the weather most clement. The first 2 flights finished in rapid time, with the 3rd coming in 55 minutes later…..for no obvious reason.

Winner was Erol with a gross 89 and 40 points, cut 4. This could have been much better as Erol shot 39 for the first 9 before the wheels came off. Second was Tom Holmes with a gross 99 and 39 points, cut 1. Lowest gross was Erol and Andrew, both with 89, and the most golf was enjoyed by Bernhard with 103. Full details are as follows:
Erol Akinci – 89/40
Tom Holmes – 99/39
Ray Funnell – 93/36
Sigi – 98/33
Andrew Robinson – 89/32
Tony Morris – 95/32
Hans Berger – 93/31
Rein Li Tan – 101/30
Bernhard Romahn – 103/28

There was some drama before the start of the game – yours truly, having collected the money at reception, then proceeded to lose it! It slipped down the back of the chair and was spotted by eagle-eyed Morris! And then Ziggy was seen racing back up to reception in a buggy as he had left his car keys on the reception desk. And worse was to come, Rein Li in the second flight making his way to the first tee box realised his clubs were still in his car! Former captains of industry and all..

Lunch provided more entertainment. Rein Li decided he needed some soft-boiled eggs and toast – and he ordered 6! As he was cutting off the crusts of his toast, he was asked if he had had a heavy one the night before – ‘No it was a quiet night, just a few beers and half a bottle of whisky’! And Bernhard has clearly acquired a taste for english kids food, ie egg + chips – and ordered a mountain of chips with 4 fried eggs on top! And washed it down with a combination of black coffee and fresh water melon juice…

Enough of this drivel….and best wishes to Mike for a speedy recovery after the horrendous car accident he was involved in over the weekend in Kijal.

Watch this space for news of next weeks game.

Report kindly submitted by Andrew Robinson

Results – Staffield – 8th June 2010

12 Cannons enjoyed a well presented Staffield on an overcast and pleasantly cool morning. The scoring was good across the field and the only thing to spoil the days enjoyment were a group of Koreans encountered on the second nine who were horibly slow and held us up for 5 holes before the marshal intervened. Nevertheless, the leading group were round in 3 hrs 35 mins.
The winner was Klaus Kretzschmar with 44 points; cut 8 strokes and the runner-up was Bernhard Romahn with 40 points; cut 1 stroke. The lowest gross was 88 by Joe Zorich who returns to the USA later this week and the most golf was played by Barry Cousins returning after his back problems. Bon voyage Joe and welcome back Barry.
M&M was taken at Mantin and excellent it was.
Photos contributed by Klaus Kretzshmar

Results – Tasik Puteri – 1st June 2010

Only 10 Cannons turned out Tuesday at a rather quiet Tasik Puteri. We played the 2nd & 3rd nines (in reverse order) which were in very good order and most found it a stiff test. I don’t know what’s going on at TP but they are making some subtle changes to the course with the result that it’s no longer the benine track it once was. They have nice new buggies and a lot of new maintenance equipment and the rough is being thickened and lengthened to punish any wayward drives. With fairly quick greens and some devilish pin positions it was a real challenge.

The winner with 38 points was Hans Berger; cut 4 strokes and the runner-up Peter jackson with 37 points; cut 1 stroke. The lowest gross was Joe Zorich with 88 and the most golf was played by Tom Holmes.

After the game we retired to the Equatorial where the usual excellent makan was enjoyed. There was however one absentee; Bernard Rohmahn. Bernard has a directional problem as we all know but this takes the biscuit. Having asked to follow Andrew because he wasn’t sure of the directions (actually he has been to the Equatorial before) he did so until the penultimate set of lights at which point Andrew indicated right and turned into the Petronas station to avoid the trafffic tail back ahead but Bernard didn’t follow and was never seen again. Where did you go Bernard? So that we can contact you and “talk you down” in the future please let us know your mobile # as we missed your company and you missed a good lunch.