Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 22nd June 2010

Its been quite some time since Cannons graced the fairways of Kinrara, and a pleasant surprise it was too.  The couse was in good nick, scenic, very quiet and perfect weather. 10 of us played off the customary white tees which proved to be a mistake as many of them were next to the red tees!  The upside was a slew of excellent scores with 6 players breaking 90. Andrew was last with 36 points!  Winner was Reinli Tan with a gross 86 for 47 points, handicap trimmed by 11!  Runner-up was Hans with 84 for 45 points, cut 1.  Hans also had the lowest gross with 84 and Tom played the most golf with 97.  Full results as follows:
Rein Li Tan – 86/47
Hans Berger – 84/45
Siegmund – 92/43
Tom Holmes – 97/43
Tony Morris – 88/42
Erol Akinci – 85/41
Raymond Keys – 93/41
Klaus Kretschmar – 87/40
Bernhard Romahn – 92/38
Andrew Robinson – 86/36
Lunch was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex. And cameo appearances were made by Mike Smith and Barry Cousins, the former looking to be in fairly good shape considering his nasty prang over in in Kijal recently. [Note from Editor …. this assumes the latter was looking fairly ropy!!]
Mixed grills were a popular choice for lunch, with chicken chops and pizzas in evidence.  All washed down with plenty of Carlsberg and chardonnay.  The more astute gravitated downstairs to the Pavilion Bar in due time for further rehydration.  And Raymond and Andrew went on to Backyard for yet more rehydration (Andrew thrashed Raymond at pool).  And Andrew then went on to Sids for a nightcap and a plate of halal scotch eggs…….. [Note by sub-editor: Andrew had a couple of lucky breaks;-)]
Report penned by the fine hand of Andrew Robinson

More Photos from ‘sub-Editor’! 

The Club House as it is today!

Is the ball the same colour as the trousers?

A ‘Serious’ Golfer

Siggy dropped his ciggy!

Lucky I am not left handed!!

Managed a fine recovery shot despite the ball’s resting position!

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