Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 13th February 2018


Last time we played Bangi they had been doing a lot of maintenance work on the areas around the golf course so it was somewhat disappointing today to see the state of the course. The greens were bad, uncut and slow with numeorus patches and almost all of the bunkers have been left in a bad state and all with GUR signs. Looks like the maintennace budget has finished.

However the weather was great as our 5 flights headed out on the Putrajaya and Bangi nines. This course is generally rather short even from the blues so some good scores were expected.

We had lunch after the game at the regular and excellent Restoran East of Highway where 11 of us enjoyed a good lunch and plenty of amber ale to counteract the dehydration of the game.



There were some very good results today with 8 players shooting on the 40’s (Stableford Points). Our winner was Ricardo Castro with a 79 for 42 points. We had 3 runners up on 41 points; Bernard Romahn, Roger Surieux and Enzo Filoni. best gross was Niall Murray with a 78 which could have been 2 or 3 shots better had he not driven his ball OB on the very last hole. Full results below:

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Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 24th Oct 2017


IMG_5961There were 23 players today at Bangi Golf Resort and after a quick registration we were off at 8:00am from 2 tee boxes on the Kajang and Putrajaya nines. Already by early morning the sun was out and it was soon very warm and humid. We did however get some respite later when we had a 10 minute rain shower.

The course was in reasonable condition and playing from the blue tees this time most players found this much more enjoyable.

Welcome to our new guest who joined us today – Alan Feasby invited by David Savage.

After the game we had lunch at our favourite East of Highway Restaurant.


Our winner this week with a very good 96 for 40 points was Allan Wright. We had two players tied for 2nd place; Martin Belderink with 92 for 38 and David Savage with 87 for 38. Best gross was shared between Mike Williams and Paul Geddes, both with 85 and most golf was won by Brian Stubbs with a 115, although it must be said that our Convenor, Hans Berger did not finish because of injury …. so perhaps he may have had most golf!! Full results below:

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Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 11th April 2017


Bangi used to be a well looked after golf course which was always good to visit from time to time. However today’s visit has sadly highlighted the neglect that this course has been subject to of late. The course is very scruffy and untidy and it is obvious that routine maintenance is a low priority at this club. The fairways were unkempt with scraggy pieces of grass growing and the bunkers all round the course were a disaster having been damaged by rain and washed way in various locations with no attempt to rectify this. The sand in the bunkers was hard and as there were no rakes in almost all of then bunkers they were all badly marked by previous players. Sad to see this as it used to a nice short course to play. Also it must be said that the changing rooms and showers are badly needing a good clean and tidy up. I heard that there was “new management” now at the club so this could well explain the drop in standards.

We had 5 flights and 19 players this morning and we played the Kajang and Putrajaya nines. Highlight of our round in our 4-ball was Dave Evans coming within about 2 inches of getting a hole in one on Hole No 8 on the Kajang nine ….. see picture below.


After the game we had lunch at Restoran East of Highway which was good as it always is with 13 players attending. David Hughes, who will be going back to UK again, kindly brought a bottle of whisky for the winner. As the winner doesn’t take whisky the bottle was given to a randomly chosen player which was Ray Funnell.

A big thank you also to Joe Lacy who contributed RM200 to the pot to celebrate his birthday …. even though he didn’t make the lunch. Happy Birthday Joe.



The clear winner today was Peter Kenyon with an excellent round of 88 and 45 points. Runner up was Tony Morris with 97 for 39. Best gross was shared between Geoff McLaws and Paul Geddes both with 86. Paul Geddes also managed to score an eagle during his round  – well done!.Full scores below.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.41.43 PM



Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 7th February 2017


It was a full house of 7 flights and 28 players today at Bangi Golf Resort. Luckily registration and tee off was relatively quick and easy and the first flights got off just before 8:00am on two tee boxes of Bangi and Putrajaya 9’s. Weather was fairly good; cool and slightly overcast but humidity was high.

The course was not in the best condition with much work being done in various areas, particularly in the bunkers many of which were GUR. Two GUR signs on two of the holes were particularly amusing as shown below.


Greens were hard and a little unpredictable. But at least the course was dry with no problems of plugged balls which we have been encountering in many courses of late.

Lunch post game was at the ever reliable Restoran East of Highway with some great food ordered by Allan Wright and washed down with the usual copious quantities of cold Tiger. The kitty was topped up by yours truly, Stuart Taylor, who donated RM200 to celebrate his recent “Rather Large” Birthday.


The winner today was myself, Stuart Taylor, with a gross of 83 and 44 points (cut 8). Runners up were Andrew Robinson, Robert Mulliss, Paul Geddes, Allan Wright and Dave Evans who all scored 41 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 78 and most golf was enjoyed by Ray Funnell with a 107. Full results below:






Results – Bangi Golf Results – 24th May 2016


With a last minute entry by John Laidley today this made a nice 16 for 4 full flights at Bangi Golf Resort. They are still working on the clubhouse and the registration desk has now moved to a new location where the old pro shop was. Registration was easy and with everyone there sharp we all got off before 8:00am on the Kajang and Bangi nines.

The course was in good condition with good greens although there were many of the bunkers being worked on so they were GUR …. technique therefore was to aim for the bunkers then take the drop!

Weather was cool after the early morning rain so it was a very pleasant morning to be playing golf. We all finished by 12pm and then 14 of the 16 made it to East of Highway Restaurant for lunch. Martin Belderink who was celebrating his birthday kindly contributed RM200 which covered the drinks bill … many thanks Martin and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


As expected there were some very good scores today at this relatively short course with only 4 players shooting less than 36, me being the bottom of the pile with a meagre 27 points (8 on the front 9!) as I get to grips with my game after 5 weeks off. We had 4 players tied for second place with 43 points, but the winner today with his best round to date with a gross of 85 and 45 points was Peter Davies. Peter will be cut 9 strokes! Full results below :

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Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.57.00 PM








Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 22 September 2015

3 flights today at Bangi under fairly good conditions with only a minor haze. Course was a little wet from all the heavy rain the previous day. Greens were in good condition and the 3 flights all got round in good time and back to the clubhouse by 12:30. We had lunch after the game at the excellent Restoran East of Highway.
The winner today was Iain Wise (continuing his good form of late) with 40 points on countback from Brian Stubbs also on 40 points. Best gross was Stuart Taylor with 83. Full results below :


Results – Bangi Golf Club – 10th March 2015


We had 20 players today making a full 5 flights. We got off on 2 tee boxes on Putrajaya and Bangi Nines at 8:00am sharp with good weather albeit pretty hot by the end of the 5 hour round (See note below on slow play). The course I’ll say was looking somewhat shabby and the greens were very bald, bumpy and patch making putting a major exercise for many.

After the game 18 of us retired to Restoran East of the Highway for lunch. The food was not as good as usual and the bill seems more expensive …. perhaps a reflection of the hot day and the amount of beer drunk.


1st place today was a tie on 40 points but Robert Mulliss (Gross of 99) got the award as Charles Blanchet (Gross 94) had less then the required 5 games for an official handicap. Tied 3rd place was Iain Wise and Jeff Pearce on 38 points. Best gross of the day was Paul Geddes with an 87. Full results tabulated below:


Slow Play

We suffered somewhat today from slow play on the course. Now although this was probably due to slower groups ahead of the LC group it is a timely reminder to all players to try and speed up play so we can have a round somewhat less than 5 hours, giving us the advantage perhaps of a longer lunch at the restaurant. All players complain about slow play but rarely admit that they themselves have slow tendencies. Everyone should be aware of time keeping and 1) be ready at your ball with a club to play the next shot, 2) don’t stand around on the green comparing scores or counting scores holding up the group behind, 3) if you cannot score please pick up, 4) park buggies in an optimum location to minimise the walk to the ball or green ….. these are just some of the things I noticed today so please take note so we all have an efficient round of golf.
Number of Clubs
Also players note that the maximum clubs in your bag is 14. Any clubs over that will incur a 2 penalty stroke on each hole that the extra club or clubs are carried.


Results – Bangi Golf Club – 23rd December 2014


19 players attended on a wet morning. Registrations was easily completed and we played the Kajang and Bangi Nines. About half the players came adorned with red hats. During the second nine the rain became heavy resulting in several cannons heading for the club house. Those that continued on recorded very respectable scores. The winner was Geoff Parslow with a par round of 72 for a massive 45 points. Runner up was Ray Funnel with a 92 for 42 points.

Due to the rain delays and Christmas commitments only 6 attended the excellent lunch at the East of Highway restaurant. In Geoff’s absence from the lunch it was good of him in true Christmas spirit  to donate his winnings back to the kitty.

Many thanks to Iain Wise for doing the arrangements on the day at the club.


Alan Holgate DNF
Richard Moss DNF
Hans Berger 99 for 31 pts
Ted Parslow 90 for 28 pts
Robert Muliss 112 for 26 pts
Bernhard Rohmahn 93 for 31 pts
Peter Barker 81 for 36 pts
Iain Wise 93 for 39 pts
Allan Wright 98 for 33 pts
Geoff McLaws 78 for 37 pts
Klaus Kretzshmar No card returned
Graham Cadman No card returned
Jeff Pearce No Card returned
Barry Cousins No card returned
Martin Walsh 90 for 33pts
Roger Surieux 99 for 36 pts
Geoff Parslow 72 for 45 pts
Brian Stubbs 94 for 39 pts
Ray Funnel 92 for 42 pts

Results – Bangi Golf Club – 7th October 2014


We had 16 Cannons for today’s game at Bangi and today we had everyone at the club by 7:30, we were registered and paid by 7:35 and in the buggies and off to the tee box by 7:45 …. an all time record.

Weather was hazy and rather humid making it very sticky. Course was in good shape and the greens were very quick and rather unpredictable making for many of us taking far too many putts. The course was quiet and we got round by 12:15pm.

Barry Cousins won the most inventive attire award of the day …. managing to tailor his golf shorts apparently from the canvas of an old deck chair!

Stuart Taylor won the most bizarre shot of the day award with a tee shot off the 3rd hole (Par 5) on the Kajang Course which headed straight for a large tree on the left (Stuart’s attempt to cut the corner) …. with a large thud all of us assumed it was lost in the jungle …. but a good 4-5 seconds later as the next person was moving to the tee box the ball landed about 6 feet behind us …. having rebounded from the tree some 100m away. Stuart then proceeded to take a 3-wood to the lucky ball, hit his second over the trees onto the fairway round the corner and eventually bogeyed the hole!!


There were some good scores today on this rather short course with a few players in the 40’s. The winner however with a magnificent round of 99 and 45 Stableford points was Richard Moss once again showing that our highest handicap golfer in the group can win! Well done Richard. Runner up was Andrew Robinson with a mere 44 points. Best gross of the day was Andrew Chez with a round of 80, including one eagle and a couple of birdies. He did however completely #%$#@ up his Stableford score …. declaring 40 points …. reduced to the correct figure of 36 points by the Convenor.

Full results below:


Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 8th April 2014


It’s been many years since I have played Bangi so it was a joy to return to this club and see how it had matured. The course is in very good condition with well maintained cow grass fairways and very good (and fast) greens. We played off the white tees as normal Loose Cannons policy but if we play here again we would play the blues as the whites are a little short.
The clubhouse needs some attention and is certainly showing its age in the changing rooms and showers. The restaurant now is very basic with no beer – hence our choice for post game lunch offsite.
We had 22 players confirmed and we had one last minute pull out by Mr Moss who was unwell and unable to leave the close proximity of his toilet facilities. So that left the awkward 21 players – 3 flights of 3 balls and 3 flights of 4 balls. After some confusion at the start, caused by the overzealous organisers at the club who had printed score cards for everyone with the incorrect flight allocations not knowing that we randomised the flights just prior to tee-off. Nevertheless we all got off at around 7:45am or just after and were relatively unimpeded round the course completing the round by 12:30 or so.
We welcomed back Peter Jackson (Jacko) who has not played since last year with guest Willi Kramheller. We also saw the return of Mike Han to the fold and welcomed a new guest Brian Sage who was sampling our golf society – lets hope he will decide to join us on a regular basis.
We had some good scores today given the short course with 8 players playing to handicap or better. The winner today with a magnificent 92 for 43 points was Brian Stubbs – well done. Second on count back was Peter Jackson with a score of 100 for 38. Best gross of the day was Paul Geddes with 86.
We had lunch at the Restoran East of the Highway (which as pointed out by Peter Jackson is actually WEST of the highway!) Only 16 players made lunch with 2 not showing up after earlier commitment – Mr Moneybags will be approaching these 2 players next week to contribute to the lunch costs which had all been pre-ordered. The lunch was pretty good with plenty of food given the no-shows all washed down with beer and wine. From the restaurant it was a short drive back home. 
We will keep this course on our regular list of playing courses as it is in good condition, is close to town and now we have a reasonable lunch venue post-game.