A very nice morning we had at Impian. Contrary to our experiences, the course was not wet, in spite of the rain the last few days, and it was not busy at all! We teed off at hole 10, about 10 minutes ahead of our planned tee-off time, and we finished well before noon with our 18 holes. The course was in very good condition, the greens on the first nine, just sanded and still a bit wet, were slow. That was compensated on the back nine with fast greens. It has to be said that Hans captured a number of those greens with fabulous putts from some 20 feet or so. The course is never easy, which was reflected in the scores. Hans and Jan shared third place with 28 points, Ricardo came in second with 30 points and Tony was the day winner with 32 points.
Next week, the away day in JB is on the program.

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Next week we are off to JB. Stay safe



After heavy rain the day before, the course of KGSAAS was in a good condition. Of course, the fairways didn’t give any roll, but they were very good playable and apart from some small spots not soggy at all. The greens were good, in particular on the second nine, fast and not easy to read. We played with two flights, a two-ball, followed by a three-ball, and we had the course almost to ourselves. The result was that we were all having lunch at 12 and Ricardo and Dave had to wait about an hour before the rest came in. A very enjoyable morning it was again.
The winner was Helmut (again), who played exactly his handicap with 36 points, Dave ended as second and Ricardo and Iain as shared third.
Next week is Impian on the program,

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See you guys next week at Impian and stay safe.


Dear All,

A beautiful morning on a beautiful course. Amverton Cove always is a pleasure to play on. This morning it was particularly quiet. Our small group, 1 flight only, enjoyed the good condition of the course. The greens were very difficult to read. Most of the time very slow, and sometimes faster, which caused us to miss a lot of puts. The one who mastered the course best was our winner, Erol, with 39 points and Ricardo and Jan in second and third place respectively. Erol, congratulations on the voucher! As the course was empty, we teed off early and had a good pace, as a result of which we had an early lunch at ISuka. Driving home was a bit of a challenge with heavy downpours, which caused some delays on the motorways.
Next week we will try our skills at KGSAAS.

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Two weeks to JB. See you all next week at KGSAAS and stay safe.



It was a hot and long day at the Hills course at Rahman Putra. We teed off a bit later than usual and hoped for, because of all the members who started walking ahead of us. And that also caused us to wait and wait and wait. I think we broke the record for taking 5,5 hours for the full round of golf. And it was getting warmer and warmer. It wasn’t easy to keep on concentrating during all 18 holes. Some of us were much better at it than others…..
Anyway, the course was in a very fine condition, only on hole 10 the wild boars had done quite some damage to the fairway. Talking to the course manager later, he said that they have a real problem there and they weren’t sure what to do about it (electric fencing was too dangerous for the members………).
So we had a late lunch at the club, with several prices to give away. The winner of the day was Siggy with an excellent 38 points!! Well done. The second was Ricardo and the third was Bernhard. Ricardo and Siggy had the lowest gross score of 88 and Jan broke his own record to take 112 strokes over the 18 holes…..
The October winner was Helmut, so he got his well-deserved prize. The birthday boy was Ricardo, with his prize and making sure we didn’t have to pay anything for lunch. Many thanks, Ricardo!
Next week is Amverton Cove on the program, we haven’t played there since April.


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Thank you for your support and see you all next week at Amverton Cove. Stay safe.



And again a very good choice to play at Kota Seriemas. I was a bit afraid of the condition of the course after the prolonged and heavy rain the day before, but we were all pleasantly surprised. No real soggy places on the fairway, the greens were in very good condition, so a pleasure to go around the course. It is not a very easy one, we know this, but a good challenge keeps us on our toes during the morning. We had a good and relaxed start, not too busy during the first nine, and we got a slow flight before us on the second nine, but actually not too bad.
We enjoyed a good lunch at East of Highway, also a place which we haven’t been to for a long time. First the scores: A bit on the low side, with only Iain beating his handicap with 37 points. Well done Iain!! Helmut, Bernhard, and Dave shared second place with 32 points.
We celebrated Helmut’s birthday (also at his first tee-off….) and thanks to his generous gift, the costs for lunch were kept relatively low. We also celebrated Iain’s birthday, as I forgot last time to take a present with me………
We had a couple of announcements, and emails have been sent out to that effect:- Next week we play Rahman Putra- Shirts 2022 can still be ordered, now through Ricardo- The away days are planned for 7 – 9 December in JB- Our Christmas get together is on 17 December

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See you guys next week at………Well, we all are looking forward to playing with Dave at Rahman Putra. Stay safe