It was a hot and long day at the Hills course at Rahman Putra. We teed off a bit later than usual and hoped for, because of all the members who started walking ahead of us. And that also caused us to wait and wait and wait. I think we broke the record for taking 5,5 hours for the full round of golf. And it was getting warmer and warmer. It wasn’t easy to keep on concentrating during all 18 holes. Some of us were much better at it than others…..
Anyway, the course was in a very fine condition, only on hole 10 the wild boars had done quite some damage to the fairway. Talking to the course manager later, he said that they have a real problem there and they weren’t sure what to do about it (electric fencing was too dangerous for the members………).
So we had a late lunch at the club, with several prices to give away. The winner of the day was Siggy with an excellent 38 points!! Well done. The second was Ricardo and the third was Bernhard. Ricardo and Siggy had the lowest gross score of 88 and Jan broke his own record to take 112 strokes over the 18 holes…..
The October winner was Helmut, so he got his well-deserved prize. The birthday boy was Ricardo, with his prize and making sure we didn’t have to pay anything for lunch. Many thanks, Ricardo!
Next week is Amverton Cove on the program, we haven’t played there since April.


Full results table.

November Competition Standings.

Rahman Putra Winner Prize.

October Champion Prize.

Birthday Day Boy Gift.

Pictures of the Day.

Thank you for your support and see you all next week at Amverton Cove. Stay safe.

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