Results – Bukit Kemuning – 7th November 2018

12 Loose Cannons played a very soggy Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort today, as Tuesday was Deepavali.  Despite tee-ing off at ~7.30am, because the course was apparently heavily booked, the 3 flights were taken to the short par 3 Hole #13 and Flight 1 teed-off from that hole.  However, the starter took the other 2 flights on to #14 so they both teed-off from that hole, putting flight 1 behind the other 2 flights !  This was then compounded when we crossed over to #1 where other flights were waiting, so that another flight was introduced between our flights 3 & 1.  Anyway, we eventually all finished around the same time, after a rather slow round.

After heavy overnight & recent rain, the lower parts of the course were very water-logged, with a lot of standing water, and some bunkers were more like lakes. However further rain, which threatened towards the end of the round, held off so the more elevated parts of the course, played later, were generally drier & better.

Despite these conditions, scoring was generally good.   The winner today, celebrating his birthday, with a lowest gross of 81 for 40 points, was Ricardo Castro. Second was next week’s convenor, Martin Belderink & third, the late Bernard Romahn!

Ten of us then adjourned to our regular O&S Seafood restaurant, where we were joined by Barry Cousins, now sadly retired from regular golf.  The restaurant was very busy, presumably post-Deepavali, so the food was a bit slow to arrive.  Luckily the beer arrived much more quickly and overall the meal was relatively inexpensive, and helped by a Rm200 birthday contribution from Ricardo (thanks !).


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Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 10th April 2018


We had 5 full flights today at Bukit kemuning and we got off on two 9’s at 8:00am. The course was not in the best of condition – many bare patches on the fairway and the greens were very sand and bumpy. Weather was good though and we all managed to finsh at a reasonable time (all except the last flight who took another 45 mins to reach the restaurant!). We had lunch at the New O&S Seafood Restaurant in Bukit Kemuning with most people attending – food was good and beer was plentiful. It was a little more expensive than normal (RM70/head) – maybe we were all just thirsty.


The winner today with a magnificent performance was David Evans with a score of 95 for 45 points. Runner up was Bernard Romahn with the best grosss of the day (78) for 43 points. Full results below:

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Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 16th January 2018


I am always puzzled as to why Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort has the word “Bukit” as there is not much bukit in the course being a very flat and generally boring course. However despite that we had a rather pleasant morning at this course with 19 players heading off from tee box 10 due to a competition starting on tee box 1. There was not much run on the course due to the recent rain and some of the greens were rather slow. The weather was wonderful and cool making it a pleasant round.

I had the pleasure of playing with our newest member Vince Main who I believe has been misspelling his name. Having hit his ball numerous time into the water drain hazards today I believe his name should be Vince Drain!

We had lunch post game at the New O&S Seafood Restaurant in Bukit Kemuning which was good (thank you to Barry Cousins for the ordering!).


The winner today (on count back) and on a real winning streak with 3 back-to-back wins now was Hans Berger with 100 or 36 points. Runners up also with 36 points were Andrew Robinson and Iain Wise. Best gross of the day Was Niall Murray with a 79. Bernard was recorded as a No Return due to lack of card submission. Full results below :

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Results – Bukit Kemuning – 5th December 2017


We had 5 full flights today at Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Club. We got off sharply at 8:00am from two tee boxes under good weather conditions. The course was in fair condition but there were quite a few bare patches on the fairways (as indicated by a notice in our buggies) and also some re-turfed areas around some of the greens which were GUR. The greens were also a little patchy and bumpy.

After the game 16 of us took lunch at the New O&S Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kemuning with some excellent food pre-ordered by Barry Cousins.


The winner this week was Bernard Romahn with an excellent round of 79 for 41 points. Joint 2nd place was Bernie Schobert with 82 for 40 points and Aftab Ahmad with 91 for 40 points. Best gross of the day Was Niall Murray with a 78 and most golf went to David Evans with a 108. Full results below:

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Results – Bukit Kemuning – 14th March 2017


After a painless and efficient registration, due to Hans getting us pre-registered, 23 of us got off on the two 9’s at 8:00am. We had one casualty with Kevin Wiggins calling off this morning unfortunately. David Savage was late but managed to get to the tee before before his flight started. The course was in reasonable condition although a lot of people complained about the bumpy greens. Weather was reasonable and only in the last few holes did it get hot and steamy.

The 3 flights that went off the 1st tee were held up by a slow flight ahead of them causing a rather slow round for them.

After the game we took lunch at the O&S Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kemuning with plenty of cold beers to wash away any thoughts of any bad golf. Martin Walsh was celebrating his birthday so he kindly pitched in Rm200 to the pot for drinks – Happy Birthday Martin and cheers!


Today’s winner with 39 points and a gross of 89 was Tony Morris. Runner up was Hans Berger with 94 for 37 points. Best gross of the day was carded by Geoff McLaws with an 82. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.43.07 PM




Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 10th January 2017


We had 5 full flights today at Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort. With another large group of yellow shirt golfers also playing, our start was a little delayed and the second nine was also held up a little because of this large group playing. However the course was in reasonable shape other than some bumpy greens and a few bare and mossy patches around the fairways. Weather was good and very hot by the time we finished.

After the game we had an excellent lunch at the nearby Mayflower restaurant with 15 players attending.


Some good scores today as expected. The clear winner was Ricardo Castro with an excellent 81 for 44 points (cut 8). Runner up was Martin Walsh with a 82 for 42 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 78. Full results below:




Results – Bukit Kemuning – 25th October 2016

20 LC’s got off to a slightly earlier start at Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort after a very easy registration and with wonderful weather and few hold-ups we were all round in just over 4 hours. The course was in reasonable condition….the only complaint being the slow and bumpy greens, but judging by the scores, this didn’t detract from scoring with 10 of us playing to or better than our h/caps.
Bukit Kemuning has to be the best value courses we play and with Mayflower literally just round the corner, we will use it more frequently in future.


The winner of the October Trophy with an outstanding (slightly fortunate) 86 for 48 points was Iain Wise. Iain you are cut 12 strokes. Runner up was myself (Mike Smith) with 87 for 46 points ahead of Dave Evans 97 for 43. The lowest gross was 81 by Geoff McLaws.
Full results below:
We don’t have a COTD award in Loose Cannons but if we had it would have gone to Erol who, after taking his clubs from his bag at the 14th green announced “Shit. Where’s my putter? I’ve lost my putter!” ……….It was in his hand!!!!!!
Lunch was at The Mayflower where 14 of us enjoyed a meal ordered for 20 while consuming 32 large Tiger’s at the slightly exorbitant price of RM18 making this an expensive but very enjoyable luncheon.



Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 6th September 2016


We had 5 full flights at Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort today. At 8:00am we all got off smoothly from two tee boxes under overcast skies and cool weather. Conditions of the course were fair, the greens being rather bumpy and unpredictable in speed.

We were not held up at all during the round so were finished in 4 hours.

After the game we retired to the Mayflower Restaurant in Le Garden Hotel for an excellent lunch washed down with 32 bottles of beer plus an extra 4 for dessert!


Some good scores today as expected at this course. The winner today was Robert Mulliss with a 99 for 44 points on count back from Jeff Pearce also with 44 points. Best gross of the day was Ted Parslow with an 82. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.23.12 PM




Results – Bukit Kemuning – 19th April 2016

With yours truly (Mike Smith) getting out of the wrong side of the bed; taking a phone call while driving, missing the turn and getting lost and arriving late, registration of 19 starters went smoothly enough and we eventually got started off 2 tee boxes only 5 mins late.
The recent dry weather was showing at Bukit Kemuning Golf Resort with yellow, rock hard fairways, some near bare tee boxes and firm, bumpy greens but with buggy on course and their very cheap “Early Bird” promotion this is still a decent venue. Oh and BTW the pin position on the 6th was ridiculous and the talking point at lunch. I wonder how many of us 4 putted this one? The weather was dry and breezy and not unpleasant and we were round in 4 hours.
The winner continuing his recent good form was Geoff McLaws with 76 for 43 points, cut 7 strokes. The runner-up was Hans Berger with 91 for 38 points with Glen Wombwell 3rd with 101 for 37 points. The lowest gross was of course Geoff with his superb 76. The full result is attached.
Lunch was taken at the nearby Mayflower Restaurant where 13 golfers enjoyed an excellent meal washed down with copious quantities of cold Tiger…..and water for Barry who is on a strict diet. Get well soon Barry. Hans Berger celebrated becoming a great granddad by chucking 250 into the lunch kitty. Congratulations Hans.
Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.38.33 AM

Results – Bukit Kemuning – 15th March 2016


Today we had 5 full flights at Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort on a fine humid morning. We got off from 2 tee boxes behind some other players, slightly later than expected, but we made good time around the course. Weather was good and the course was fair but with rather bumpy and unpredictable greens.

We had lunch at the nearby Mayflower Restaurant which was very good – a big thank you to Barry Cousins for arranging this.


Some good scores today as expected at this course with our winner being Martin Walsh with a great round of 84 for 43 points – cut 7!

Runner up was Allan Wright with 95 for 42 and 3rd place was shared by Jeff Pearce (92 for 40) and David Evans (103 for 40).

Best gross was Geoff McLaws with an 83 and most golf was Barry Cousins with a 117.

Full scores detailed below:


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.49.31 PM