Results – Bukit Kemuning – 7th July 2020

More sad news reached our group yesterday as Roger McGowan passed away on Tuesday morning after a long battle against cancer. Rest in peace Roger. We will keep the fond memories alive. 

With one late cancellation due to family matters (hope things worked out Helmut!) 15 members joined the game at Bukit Kemuning. It was not very busy so registration and tee-off went smoothly. The course was in reasonable condition and the sun was shining so nothing wrong there. With nobody in front of us the first flight (a 3 ball; Mike W, Bernard and me) was back already before 11:30. Some other flights took a little longer than that. 

10 of us assembled for lunch in New O&S Seafood including Barry Cousins. Thanks for booking and organizing the lunch Barry! Including 2 birthday contributions from Brian and Allan and a donation from Siggy the lunch bill was very very reasonable despite numerous Tigers.


Your convener had a very good golfing day and winning score of 90/44. It’s the golf magic surrounding Mike W. that shone upon me……….. Iain came in second with 92/39, followed by Dave 103/36


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photographs.

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