Results – Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort – 23rd August 2016


It has been 10 years or so since Loose Cannons played up at Awana so after an invitation by the new Golf Manager, Russell Maw, to try out the new and improved course we had 3 flights for this weeks game. The drive up the hill to Awana is still tortuous but the cool air and mountain views once you get there are worth it.

We tee’d off at around 8:00am on Index 1 Hole No 1 which claimed a few early victims with OB left and hazard on the right. The course was in very good condition even though it was a little dry and the greens generally very good although some seemed somewhat slower than others. The course is very tight requiring accurate placement of the ball on the drive and approach …. something many of our members are not particularly good at …. so there were some large contributions of balls to the surrounding jungle and water!

Highlight hole for our group was hole no 11 where Mike Smith pulled his ball left and thought it was red stakes … it was not … so he drove all the way back to the tee to play again in an attempt to scrabble a point. He made a 7 so didn’t get a point but was later informed later by the group behind that he had tee’d off the 2nd time from the ladies tee so his score (had he scored) would have been null and void anyway. This didn’t help Mike’s mood as he struggled with his game today on this adventurous course.

The air was cool so it was a pleasant round and the views and some of the hole layouts were spectacular. We all finished by around 12:30 or so. The original plan was to lunch and refresh at the club but after finding out they only had 9 cans of Carlsberg beer (no draft beer available) and these cans of beer were RM20 a pop …. we decided to head back down the hill to a good Chinese restaurant at Gohtong Jaya. Here we had good food and reasonably priced beer at RM20 a large bottle. So this is something the management at Awana Golf Resort should note …. if they plan on this being a “premier” or “exclusive” course then it should have some basic food and refreshment services at a reasonable price. The course is good but not worth their normal asking price of RM300 …. particularly when you consider the rather sub-standard club facilities (changing rooms and F&B services).


Some high scores today, as expected, but the winner today with a gross 100 and 37 points was Andrew Robinson (cut 4). Runner up was Stuart Taylor with the best gross of the day of 89 with 35 points and 3rd place was Ricardo Castro with 91 for 34 points. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.04.51 PM


Results – Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort – 13th July 2010

It’s been a long time since Awana Genting featured on the Cannons schedule, and a very pleasant surprise it turned out to be. Perfect cool and bright weather, great scenery and the course in very good order, albeit the fairways and fringes rather wet. The greens were very fast and tricky. It was a serious challenge, but one that all enjoyed. Although a tad more expensive than most courses the Cannons play, it was a worthwhile exercise.

The winner on the day with 102 for 35 points was Tom Holmes – his maiden Cannons win! In second place OCB was Reinli Tan with 88 and 33 points. Tom is cut 4 and Reinli is cut 1. Lowest gross was Reinli’s impressive 88 and Mike Hughes played the most golf with his 116. Mike Hughes tally was boosted by a stunning birdie on the last for 5 points! Full details as follows:

Tom Holmes – 102/35
Reinli Tan – 88/33
Thong Chee Who – 95/33
Raymond Keys – 105/31
Tony Morris – 99/30
Klaus Kretschmar – 100/28
Andrew Robinson – 96/27
Bernhard Romahn – 114/22
Mike Hughes – 116/22
Vincent Vijayan – 110/13

Luncheon was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex, it being deemed sensible to get off the hill before drinking commenced. A variety of makanan and minuman was enjoyed by all. And it was revealed during discourse that Tom’s nickname in certain circles is ‘Mr Bean’ – and we witnessed the extraordinary spectacle of him neatly cutting off and discarding the crusts from all around his pizza….. And having pocketed his RM50 winnings he then had the gaul to think that he would also get a free lunch!
News of next weeks game will follow in a day or so.

Just a few more photos from the ‘Pro Tem’ photographer & sub-Editor:-

Report by Andrew Robinson

Just a few more photos from the ‘Pro Tem’ photographer & sub-Editor:-

Next Game – Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort – 13th July 2010

Next Tuesday 13 July we will play at AWANA GENTING HIGHLANDS GOLF & COUNTRY RESORT, 8th mile Genting Highlands, 69000 Pahang. 3 flights have been booked for 08.00 hrs tee-off.  Be there by 07.30 hrs latest.
It is a TP course, we have not been there for a long time and I have an unconfirmed report last week from a member that the course is presently in nice order. For those of you who might not have played there before, its very scenic and very tight – so bring extra balls!
After the game we will ablute and depart for a suitable hostelry for makan, minum and general revelry
Please confirm to Andrew Robinson asap if you will be playing!

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