Next Game – Tasik Puteri – 3rd June 2014

Next game will be at Tasik Puteri on Tuesday 3rd June. Six flights have been booked for a tee-off at 7:45am so please be at the club by 7:15am latest. Please e-mail Allan McNicoll if you are playing.
Normal rate is RM130 and Senior rate or TP book will be RM120 inclusive of green fees/buggy/insurance/tax and 1 caddy per flight (compulsory). Additional caddies at players’ own expense.
Lunch will be at the usual restaurant after the game.

Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 27th May 2014


We had 6 full flights today at Palm Garden for the Monthly Trophy Game. The course was in excellent condition with the hole positions well back and in difficult positions. This along with the fast undulating greens with many of them exhibiting steep slopes at the edges made it a difficult task to putt (once you got on and actually stayed on the green!). Weather was overcast but humid making it not too unpleasant.
Our flight noticed that the caddies were rather poor not giving and advice on the greens and bringing wrong clubs, etc. So some training is require there. Also we had one hole where we were in the middle of driving when a buggy drove up towards us in direct firing line with an oblivious staff member driving the buggy back to the clubhouse!
After the game we stayed at the club which worked out very well. They had offered us a buffet lunch at RM60 per head which we passed on, opting for individual dishes which was somewhat cheaper and fairly quick (part from Iain Wise who had to wait some time for his fish and chips). The fish and chips as always were excellent and a good choice to have at this club.


The best Stableford of the day was Greg Mackley with a gross of 97 and 39 points. However Greg unfortunately does not have the requisite minimum number of 5 games with the group to register an “official” handicap so has to be excluded on this occasion from the prizes. The winner was therefore Kevin Wiggins with a gross of 86 and 37 points so he took the May Trophy and the RM50 pot.
Second on count back and on 36 points was Geoff McLaws with a gross of 80 (best gross of the day) from Ted Parslow and Graham Cadman.
Full results are listed below.


Videos (from Jason Winter)

Next Game – Palm Garden Golf Club – 27th May 2014


Next week’s game will the the Trophy Game for May and will be held at Palm Garden Golf Club on Tuesday 27th May. Please reply by return e-mail if you are going to play. 
Tee off will be at 7:30am so please be at the club by 7:00am latest. We have been offered a special rate of RM250 per pax inclusive of green fees/buggy/insurance/caddy/tax. There have been no uplift on the cost so there will be no carryover for any lunch costs on this occasion. 
This should be an excellent day’s golf as this is one of the best courses in the area.
Lunch will be taken at the clubhouse following the game ….. the fish and chips I recall are excellent. 

Results – Lembah Beringin Golf Club – 20th May 2014


Cannons have not played at Lembah Beringin Golf Course for a long time so after some positive reports from Hans and Andre we decided to venture north and try out this country course. It was an easy drive to the club up the N-S highway and the course is right next to the highway making it easy to access.
We had 26 players today so 5 flights of 4 and 2 flights of 3. Everyone arrived early so we were registered and on the first tee boxes by 7:45am and had the whole course to ourselves. Course condition was generally good, albeit soft and muddy in places but the greens were unfortunately rather poor making putting a rather dangerous and unpredictable process.
We made fast progress round the course and most of us bar the last 4 ball finished before the heavy downpour.
We headed post golf to the restaurant at Rawang (normally used post Tasik Puteri) for a good lunch and some refreshments. There was almost an incident at he restaurant when some hungry players arriving late found that the first table had more dishes of food … but after a commando attach by Mr Cousins on the first table we regained some food reserves which likely appeased the hungry golfers.
Paul Geddes very kindly donated RM350 towards the drinks as a “head wetting” for the recent arrival of his grandchild – Many Thanks Paul. Hats off also to Paul for managing to order and send flowers to his wife for their anniversary as he played his round of golf!
Golf Etiquette
A couple of points have been raised which I feel are worthy of mention to remind players of some basic golf rules and etiquette :-
Lift, Clean & Place
We use the lift, clean and place rule or preferred lie rule (sometimes referred to comically as the Lift, Clean and Cheat Rule!!!) when playing conditions are wet and soggy (or even dry and uneven as we experienced in Malacca) but it has been noted to me that perhaps some players need some reminding of exactly when to use this rule and how it should be executed.
Lift, clean and place is applied to closely mown fairway through the green …. NOT the rough or hazards. If a ball is in the rough it must be played as it lies ….. UNLESS it is plugged then it may be lifted clean and dropped.
To execute this rule mark your ball on the fairway with a ball marker, tee or coin ….. lift the ball, clean the ball, then place the ball within a distance of the length of a scorecard not nearer the hole.
In some courses, like the one we played today, it is sometimes difficult to assess where the fairway stops and the rough starts … if in doubt consul your fellow players. 
Phone Etiquette
It should be normal for all players to have their phones on silent during a game so as not to disrupt concentration. It is very distractive to have phones ringing as players are addressing the ball to play. Please be careful about this and ensure your phone is off or at least in silent mode when on the course.
If any players feel that the above two issues are pointed at them ….. then IT IS! It’s only be re-enforcing and reminding all players of some basic rules and etiquette can we all enjoy our game to the fullest without distractions and ensure we all play to the same rules and equal gamesmanship.


We had some excellent scores today, with half the players playing to or under their handicap. The highest Stableford was an excellent 43 from our new member Glen Sargeant …. but unfortunately as this is only his second game with Loose Cannons he has as yet an unconfirmed handicap in our handicap system so he cannot take the first prize. Well done though Glen … you can be rest assured that this great score will be input into your handicap calculation and after 5 games you will have an official playing handicap.

So the winner of the day was Stuart Taylor with a gross of 82 and 42 points, also the best gross of the day., Second place was shared by Erol Akinci and Barry Cousins, both on 40 points.


The Cadman patented 2-club warm up procedure on the 1st tee

Tony appears to have an under-arm problem

Can you spot Paul?

Much of the forest and ground around the course had recently been burnt

Ray Funnell almost falling over as he drives

Paul in trouble again

Paul manages to book anniversary flowers online for his wife 

Apparently it only takes one to tango

The course also had many abandoned properties on the grounds

Next Game – Lembah Beringin Golf Club – 20th May 2014

We will be playing at Lembah Beringin Golf Club next Tuesday on 20th May. Hans Berger and Andre Holm visited this club fairly recently and gave some good reports so a good chance to try a new course to many OF US and see some new parts of the country. Please e-mail back if you are playing and confirm if you will be joining for lunch after the game which will be at the usual restaurant on the outskirts of Rawang (the one we usually use when we play Tasik Puteri).
Tee off will be at 8:00am so please be at the club by 7:30am latest for registration.
It’s an easy drive of approx 45 mins to Lembah Beringin Golf Club – just straight up the N-S highway, past Rawang, past Bukit Beruntung and turn off approx 60km mark measured from Bangsar. The course is right next to the highway – after leaving highway take road first left which is Jalan Lembah Beringin 1. It should then be a short drive back after the game to Rawang for lunch. See directions below.
Cost will be RM80 per player inclusive of green fees/buggy/insurance. Caddy’s will be available at RM42 each for those that wish.

Results – Rahman Putra – 12th May 2014


We had 15 players for Rahman Putra with a last minute call-off from our Money-Bags, Allan McNicoll. Greg Mackley had invited 3 guests, Russell Maw, Steven Tan and Glenn Sargent, with Russell Maw being a scratch pro-golfer!
With the new issue of Loose Cannons golf shirts some players were looking rather dapper on the course today although this did not seem to improve the golf much!
We played the Hills course and conditions were good with the course demonstrating its usual tough nature with only one player playing better than handicap. Russell Maw pointed out that the greens were rather small, something I hadn’t considered before. Weather was fair with thunder and rain threatening over the last 2-3 holes. We were only slightly held up by a few walkers some of who seemed to wander onto the course between flights to play a hole … Geoff McClaws however sorted out this particular infraction rather promptly and non too subtly!
Lunch after the game was taken at the excellent Heng Hin Seafood Restaurant with Jeff Pearce pitching in for all the drinks having just celebrated the arrival of yet another grandchild – thanks Jeff … and congratulations!


The winner with a gross core of 97 and 38 points was Brian Stubbs who again is showing great form and is in no doubt due for a further handicap cut. Second place was Steven Tan (guest) with 35 points on count back from Glenn Sargent (guest) and Hans Berger who also scored 35 points. Best gross of the day was Russell Maw (guest) with a 77.


Results – Nilai Springs – 6th May 2014


A beautiful clear day, though hot and humid, as twenty Cannons let loose on the fairways of Nilai Springs. We got off smoothly on two tee-boxes playing the Island and Pines 9’s. Course condition was very good on the whole although many of the bunkers were full of water due to the heavy rain of yesterday.
The highlight of our group’s round was watching Paul Geddes emerge from behind a tree having taken a difficult shot on Hole 14 Island, with his back on the tree ….. then jumping around like a madman removing a horde of red ants from his neck, legs and arms. It got better …. one hole later as Paul walked on to the green to attempt a very make-able birdie putt he suddenly screamed and shot off the green, dropped his shorts behind the buggy and then removed one persistent red ant which had secured itself onto Paul’s valuables inside his underwear …. most amusing to watch (see photo below). He then came back to the green and understandably …. 3 putted for a bogie!
It was great to witness some good form from Richard Moss who posted an excellent score of 37 points today … the new hip is now starting to pay for itself. He and Paul Geddes both pitched in on the last Par 3 (Hole 26) on the Pines Course for birdie 2’s …. Richard picking up a 5 pointer!
Post game lunch was taken at the Dengkil Seafood Restaurant which was very good and most reasonable. A Big Thank You goes out to Andrew Robinson celebrating his 65th Birthday who kindly sponsored the drinks. A Birthday poster from the Cannons Buddies was presented to Andrew care of Mr Barry Cousins (see photo below) …. thank you Barry.
Some good scores today with 4 players playing below their handicap. At first I thought it was a count back for 3 players on 37 points but noted that indeed we had a clear winner with Kevin Wiggins playing an excellent round of 84 for 39 points – well done Kevin. Second place on 37 points and on count back from Richard Moss and Geoff McLaws (also on 37 points) was Mike Nairn with a gross of 101. 
Please note that yet again we have players who are submitting cards with wrong additions and incorrect Stableford points which needed some double checking and adjustments by myself and others. It would be good if players could do a quick check on their scores to see if their Stableford scores are correct before submissions. This is really easy to do … just add your handicap to 72 and thats the score you should shoot for 36 points …. it’s real easy then to work out your actual Stableford points from there. Also I noted at least 2 players using incorrect handicaps on their cards which further confused the issue. Current handicaps of all players are on the flight listing so should be noted before the start of the game. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 79. Full results below: