Results – Rahman Putra – 12th May 2014


We had 15 players for Rahman Putra with a last minute call-off from our Money-Bags, Allan McNicoll. Greg Mackley had invited 3 guests, Russell Maw, Steven Tan and Glenn Sargent, with Russell Maw being a scratch pro-golfer!
With the new issue of Loose Cannons golf shirts some players were looking rather dapper on the course today although this did not seem to improve the golf much!
We played the Hills course and conditions were good with the course demonstrating its usual tough nature with only one player playing better than handicap. Russell Maw pointed out that the greens were rather small, something I hadn’t considered before. Weather was fair with thunder and rain threatening over the last 2-3 holes. We were only slightly held up by a few walkers some of who seemed to wander onto the course between flights to play a hole … Geoff McClaws however sorted out this particular infraction rather promptly and non too subtly!
Lunch after the game was taken at the excellent Heng Hin Seafood Restaurant with Jeff Pearce pitching in for all the drinks having just celebrated the arrival of yet another grandchild – thanks Jeff … and congratulations!


The winner with a gross core of 97 and 38 points was Brian Stubbs who again is showing great form and is in no doubt due for a further handicap cut. Second place was Steven Tan (guest) with 35 points on count back from Glenn Sargent (guest) and Hans Berger who also scored 35 points. Best gross of the day was Russell Maw (guest) with a 77.


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