Results – Kajang Hill Golf Club – 25th January 2012

Cannons all,
KH was in good condition and with lovely weather 12 LC’s enjoyed their golf and with few other golfers playing we were all round in good time.
As for the future of this great course no one seems to know. Depending on who you talk to it’s demise seems to vary from weeks to several months but as there was plenty of evidence of ongoing maintenance lets hope this means that it’s months and many of them.
The winner was myself with 41 points with Andre Holm R/U on 40 points. Geoff Parslow had the lowest gross with a 79 and Barry Cousins played the most golf with 102.
I’m cut 5 and Andre 1.
M&M was taken at the club as part of the package and was the usual good standard and we had a surplus on the day of RM10. The LC kitty now stands at RM585.

Results – Bukit Unggul – 16th January 2012

Cannons all,
Only 11 of us made it to BU last Monday. Good weather and the course was in OK condition but some of the greens were over watered and “soggy” rather than soft.
With everyone arriving in good time we were able to tee off on the dot of 8am and the 3 ball were round in 3Hrs 20 mins.
The winner was Raymond Keys with 40 points and the runner-up Hans Berger with 35. Andrew shot the low gross of 89 and the most golf was played by Richard with 111.
Raymond is cut 4 strokes and Hans 1 stroke.
The M&M was remarkable only in the price. RM516 was bloody expensive. Those that left early helped push up the additional sub for the others to RM30 each. Guys. If you must rush off before the bill has been called for LEAVE SOME DOSH.The F&B at BU is no longer cheap; particularly the JUICES.
It’s CNY holiday next Monday & Tuesday so we wont play those days. I will try and get us a game for Wednesday.

Results – Kinrara Golf Course – 10th January 2012

Cannons all,
A rather belated report this week because I went outstation almost immediately after the Kinrara game.
Since our last visit to this track much work has been done to the club house which is now superb and there is plenty of evidence of renovation of the course as well. The new tee boxes are very nice and if they get the greens relaid then Kinrara will be one of the better courses in town.
15 LC’s teed it up on a fine morning but we had to follow a bunch of elderly locals for much of the round which slowed things up some what. Still, we were round in just over 4 hours so not  too bad. The fairways were a little soft in places and in need of a haircut. The greens were very variable both in pace and in condition and need a lot of work or better still replacement. The buggies too have seen better days. Did they get these from BU??? But all in all this is a nice and convenient place for a game of golf.
The winner was Andrew Robinson with 43 points OCB from Erol Akinci. Geoff had the lowest gross with 81 and the most golf was played by Raymond with 113.
Andrew is cut 7 strokes while Erol gets away with just the mandatory 1 stroke.
The full results and your adjusted handicaps can be found on the attachment.
The M&M was taken at The Annex which was up to it’s usual good standards. I had to leave early but the wine was flowing nicely by then.
During lunch plans were laid to play KDE next Monday and then go to Ma Maison for their very good buffet lunch. We had tried to arrange this once before only to find that Ma Maison closes on a Tuesday. Well guess what. KDE closes on a Monday!!! The best laid plans ……
So we will play Bukit Unggul next MONDAY instead. Monday because several of us will be playing KLOGS on Wednesday and can’t find the energy to play 2 days running anymore.

Rumour has it that this course will soon be turned into a sheep farm. Indeed there is evidence that preparations have begun already!!!

In the meantime have a look at a few of the changes!

Smokers terrace.
Unchanged from a distance!

Clean shiny new look at entrance
Smart new check in desk
Open  & airy

Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 3rd January 2012

Cannons all,
16 players turned up at Bukit Kemuning on a fine morning. The course was in reasonable condition but the fairways hadn’t seen a mower in several days and the rough was also very long and thick leading to much searching for stray balls. In mitigation I suppose the recent very wet weather has restricted access for the grass cutting machinery.
The winner was Barry Cousins with 42 points and the Runner-up was Andrew Robinson with 39 points OCB. The lowest gross was by Andrew with 88 and the most golf was played by Alan with 114. Barry is cut 6 strokes and Andrew 1 stroke. The full scores and your adjusted handicaps can be found in the attachment.
This was Barry Cousin’s 70th birthday and he generously hosted lunch at a nearby Seafood Restoran which was excellent. Barry had also laid on Beer, Wine & Whisky to help celebrate the occasion which I understand moved on to another location for some, and continued well into the evening. As one survivor put it “dog box for me the next the morning”.
Thank you Barry.