‘Loose Cannons’ Northern Tour 26-29th March – (Update 2)

Confirmed participants and hotel requirements are as follows:

3 nights hotel, 26-29 – Robinson, Vijayan, Parslow E, Parslow J
2 nights hotel, 27-29 – Funnell, Berger, Moss, Wiggins

There are still a few possibles………?
8 is a tidy number but 11 or 12 is preferable……


Day 1, Tuesday 27 March.  Assemble at Kelab Golf Kinta at Batu Gajah
by 9.00 for a 9.30 tee-off. Cost RM45 pp. This is the regular Tuesday
Cannons game and Trophy Game for the month, played off prevailing
Cannons handicaps.  After the game we depart for Ipoh and check in to
the Impiana Hotel, if not already done so the day before. Evening
dinner at the Royal Ipoh Club – dress code applies, ie long trousers,
collared shirt and shoes with socks.

Day 2, Wednesday 28 March.  Assemble at Meru Valley GCC at 9.00 for a
9.30 tee-off for the first day of the 2-day Northern Tour Away
Competition.  Cost RM146 pp. Handicaps will be based on perceived
‘real handicaps’, as determined by the organising committee.  Evening
dinner at nearby restaurant – BYO WINE.

Day 3, Thursdat 29 March.  Check out of hotel and assemble at Meru
Valley for the second day of the Away Comp. Cost RM146 pp. Following
prize giving and lunch its back to KL.

TROPHY & PRIZES – AR will sponsor an Away Trophy and all paricipants
are asked to bring some sort of prize such that everyone goes home
with something….

TRANSPORT – car pooling indicated and to be sorted by participants

HOTEL – Impiana Hotel, 18 Jl Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, 30250 Ipoh. Tel: 05
255 5555.  Cost RM250 pp/night inclusive breakfast.

‘Loose Cannons’ Northern Tour 26-29th March – (Update I)

The following have confirmed:

1.  For 3 nights 26-29 and playing 3 or 4 rounds – Robinson, Parslow
E, Parslow J, Cousins, Vijayan.

2.  For 2 nights 27-29 and playing 3 rounds of golf – Funnell, Berger, Moss, Holm.

3.  To be confirmed – Wiggins, Morris.

4.  Not going – Keys.

So we are 9 and possibly 10 or 11.  It would be nice to get 12…….any more?

Email Andrew directly at :- andrew.robinson.golf (at) gmail.com

‘Loose Cannons’ Northern Tour 26-29th March 2012

First Announcement:
The NORTHERN TOUR details follow.

The Northern Tour is proposed for March 26-29, as follows:

Monday 26th – Taiping and drive back to Ipoh for 3 nights
Tuesday 27th – Clearwater – the regular weekly Cannons game + Monthly Medal
Wednesday 28th – Meru Valley – Day 1 of Away Comp
Thursday 29th – Meru Valley – Day 2 of Away Comp & return to KL
Option 1 – the Full 4 day/3night tour
Option 2 – Clearwater/Meru Valley 3 day/2night tour
Optioin 3 – day trip to Clearwater for the weekly game
Arrangements are to be finalised, but in the first instance please indicate if YOU WILL JOIN THE TOUR, and if so, WHAT OPTION YOU TAKE UP. 
Your early reply to ANDREW ROBINSON is appreciated!
[Note: Tour Leader – Andrew Robinson. Loyal Assitant Hans Berger.]

Northern Tour Report – 30th-31st March 2011

After a leisurely lunch 10 of us found our way to the Impiana Hotel in Ipoh, our base for the rest of the tour.
After a very full and fluid hour in the Club Lounge of the hotel which took the staff by surprise, our expectations of ‘CLUB FACILITIES’ being somewhat different to theirs, we taxied our way for Dinner at the Royal Ipoh Club, courtesy of Andrew Robinson’s RSC membership, where much more imbibing and some rather strange food was downed amidst much humour and general banter. There were 5 or 6 chicken dishes on the menu and most of them were ordered but when they arrived at the table they were all the same; a piece of chicken tied around an 8 inch long, rather insipid German sausage. No offence to our German members; insipid being a reference to the sausage, not the Germans. But never mind, the atmosphere by then was very jovial and everyone was having a good time. The resident band (the same band that was there on the last 2 visits) entertained us and David did a couple on numbers. Thanks David.
Overnight the heavens opened again and dumped more rain over Ipoh and so when we teed off at 10:30 at Meru Valley the fairways were a quagmire in many areas but the greens were superb and any shortcoming due to the rain was more than made up by the beautiful setting of Meru Valley and the staff of the club who are always both efficient and friendly. With quick and efficient check-in, brand new buggies and the best greens we will play on this year this is a proper golf club.
This was a 2 day aggregate Stableford tournament played to our USGA handicaps with a trophy for the winner and many more prizes. At the top of the leader board after the first round was Bernhard with 39 points followed by Tony 37, Erol 36 and myself 34. Over an excellent Chinese dinner and many more drinks that evening attempts were made by some to “fix Bernard up” and he rose to the bait like a plump trout.. Wagers were tabled amidst much more general drinking and entertainment from a very loud band with cameo performances from our touring song thrush David.
Thursday morning dawned under leaden skies with more heavy overnight rain but by the time we got started at 8:30 the skies had cleared and the sun soon appeared.  A bit of drama preceded the game when yours truly lost his contact lens and was forced to play with one eye. Not easy!!! The lens by the way was in the eye folde under the lid and retrieved only after I got back to KL.
As anticipated, Bernhard soon started to fall away under the pressure and Tony & Erol surged into contention racking up 14 points each after 5 holes to Bernhard’s 7. With Tony continuing to play well the eventual winner looked a racing certainty. But a dark horse was lurking in the second flight. Only after the results had been declared and the prised trophy had been given to the dark horse did it come to the organisers attention that coaching had been given to the dark horse during the round which, had it come to light earlier, may have led to a stewards enquiry. I gest!
And so after a 2 days of golf at the beautiful Meru Valley the reults were:-
NTP 1st nine Erol
NTP 2nd nine Hans
LD 1st day Bernhard
NTP 3rd nine John
NTP 4th nine Erol
LD 2nd day Bernhard
Lowest 2 day gross 169 John
10th Place 62 points Andrew
9th Place 64 points Mike
8th Place 67 points Hans
7th Place 68 points John
6th Place 69 points Bernhard
5th Place 69 points David
4th Place 73 points Raymond
3rd Place 74 points Erol
2nd Place 77 points Tony (who carded 0 points on the last hole!!!)
Winner with 79 points was the dark horse Tom Holmes.( with 46 points on the 2nd day)

Everyone had a great time. Raymond will hopefully publish some pictures in the next day or so. These tours are really something special and over lunch the next tour was discussed with Melaka, JB and possibly another attempt at a foray to Batam in September. This will of course be our Southern Tour. Watch this space for details.
Lastly I want to thank those who took part and made this the success it was and Andrew Robinson for his assistance with the hotel and Ipoh Club arrangements. I’d also like to thank John for generously passing on his prize for lowest gross to the “one eyed captain”. Thanks John. We’ll have to arrange a G&T party.

Note from ‘fizzychickensoup’:
Photos from the Ipoh Club, and the Team Competition follow. Please be aware that whilst this Blog is suitable for family viewing, some of the attached photos may not be. You have been warned;-)

First night at the Royal Ipoh Club

This is the Ipoh “Gentleman’s Club”
So what the Hell is this rabble doing there?
Would you eat that?
There is always one!!!
There was a lot of it about!! (large German Sausage – that is)!!
Just like the wallpaper – the entertainment never changes!
Pretty Woman (by the late great Roy Orbison)!!
Blue Boy Warbles!!
Grey Boy Warbles!!
Red Boy Warbles!!
Orange Boy Warbles!!
Green Boy Warbles!!

Purple Boy Warbles!!
Click the play button if you wish to hear
“To Luv Sum Baddy” sung by ‘Willie Warbler’.

I know what she is thinking – and I think I might just let her!!

Comp Day 1

Let battle commence. (Erol is looking rather ‘horny’)!
Gateway to paradise (or lost balls!)
Enthusiasm abounds!!

Second night of ‘The Tour’ at the local ‘Chinese’
This has seen better days!
Did someone fart or tell a religious, political or sexist joke?
This lot look happier.
And so do they!

Day 2 of the Comp
You can take the man out of the Army, but you cannot take the Army out of the man!

There are lots more photos out there, but I don’t have them. Hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to add comments below, and keep your ‘Blog’ alive. ‘fcs’

Loose Cannons Northern Tour – 29th-31st March 2011

Cannons all.

KLLC will do the Northern Tour to Ipoh on 29th 30th 31st March. 3D2N 3×18 holes.


Day 1
Meet at Clearwater at 08.30 for the Trophy Game played to current Cannons handicaps.
Transfer to Impiana after F&B at club
Cocktail hour at Impiana
Dinner at the Royal Ipoh Club
On-on to suitable bar

Day 2
A leisurely start for the first day of the Away Tournament at Meru Valley – played to what the ‘Tour Committee’ (myself & Andrew Robinson) deem to be real handicaps.
Cocktail hour at Impiana
Dinner at the very good chinese restaurant a few hundred metres walk from the hotel
On-on to suitable bar

Day 3
An early check-out of Impiana
Second day of the Away Tournament at Meru Valley
Lunch and prize-giving at the club
Depart for KL

Meru Valley is 27 holes and we need to arrange the booking such that we play all 3 nines over the 2 days
There will be a Tour Trophy for the 2 day competition.
Each participant must donate 1 sleeve of balls for the sweep and 1 bottle of alcoholic beverage.
We will car pool.

Impiana Hotel Club Room RM245 net per night
Clearwater Sanctuary. TP course. RM80 Bring your TP book.
Meru Valley. RM114.20 Guest. RM30 Member

Hotel Reservation by CC to individual account.

Rafiza Nordin
Sales Manager
Impiana Hotel Ipoh
18 Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah
30250 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel :+605-255 5555
Fax :+605-255 1948
H/P :+019-555 5768
E-mail: rafiza@impiana.com
Web: http://www.impiana.com

If you only want to play the Monthly Trophy game at Clearwater that’s OK.
We will aim to have FULL FLIGHTS for the TOUR COMPETITION.

If you want to participate register with Mike Smithme ASAP.

If you want to participate register with Mike Smith ASAP.

Loose Cannons Northern Tour 23-25 March 2010 – Results

Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Course
The Loose Cannons Northern Tour took place over 3 days from 23rd March till 25th March centred in Ipoh. The first day was a normal Cannons game and this was played on the wonderful Clearwater Sanctuary golf course south of Ipoh town.
Pre-game ball check by Barry Cousins on Mike Smith 
David Hughes showing that age is no barrier to a sweet swing
Lush fairways of Clearwater
Glen Wombwell swings his stuff
Ray Funnell goes to bat
Andrew Barber on his knees
Winner : Glen Wombwell 96/34 (on countback)
Runner Up: Stuart Taylor 91/34
3rd Place: Benhard Rohman 99/33
Meru Valley Golf Course
A 2 day competition was then held at Meru Valley Golf Course with the first day additionally having a team game arranged. This golf course is probably one of the most scenic courses in Malaysia but conditions were extremely hot and humid on both days with many players suffering because of this.
The Valley Course
Day 1 winning team was Stuart Taylor/Barry Cousins/Hans Berger/Benhard Rohman with a total of 120 Stableford points. The individual winner of the day was Barry Cousins with a total of 36 points (the only one to play to his handicap)
Hans Berger pauses to acknowledge the  spectators
The crowds watch Glen Wombwell tee off
Interesting Par 3 on the Lake Course
Beautiful views of Meru Valley

Results of the 2-Day Event:
The winner was Hans Berger
2nd place was David Hughes
3rd Place was Barry Cousins
4th Place was Mike Smith
Many thanks should go to Andrew Robinson who arranged the 2-day competition at Meru Valley as well as the hotel and dining arrangements. Thanks also to Raymond Keys for arranging the first day at Clearwater Sanctuary. A great event and now we have to look forward to the Loose Cannons Southern Tour – watch this space!
Finally a video montage of the 3 day Northern Tour for your viewing pleasure and starring those “Sultans of Swing” can be viewed here.
A full set of photos can be seen here.

Loose Cannons Northern Tour 23-25 March 2010 – Final Arrangements

Arrangements are now finalized for this prestigious PGA Event, co-sanctioned by the European and Asian Tours
  1. Andrew Robinson
  2. Andrew Barber
  3. Mike Smith
  4. Ray Funnell
  5. Barry Cousins
  6. Hans Berger
  7. Mike Hughes
  8. David Hughes
  9. Stuart Taylor
  10. Raymond Keys
  11. Benhard Romahn
  12. Glen Wombwell

The old Casuarina Hotel which has recently metamorphosed into the new Impiana Hotel will be the Tour base. This is located at 18 Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, 30250 Ipoh, Perak. Tel: 05 255 5555. Deluxe (ie refurbished) rooms at RM180 nett, inclusive makan pagi, have been reserved. On check-in quote ‘Cannons Golf Group’.
DAY 1Clearwater Sanctuary. This will be the regular weekly Cannons game played off Cannons handicaps and Cannons rules. Be there by 09.00 hrs for tee-off at 09.30 hrs, allowing at least 2 hrs from Bangsar. Cost with the TP book is RM80 nett to include green fee, buggy twin sharing and insurance. Without TP book it is RM120.
Organiser – Raymond Keys
Faithful assistant – Barry Cousins
After the game its on to Ipoh and check-in to the Impiana Hotel.
Evening – F & B at the Royal Ipoh Club. Note DRESS CODE of long pants, collared shirt and shoes with socks.
DAY 2Meru Valley. The first day of the ‘Northern Tour Cannons Championship for 2010’. . And we will play strictly to the Rules of Golf! Tee-off 09.30 hrs. Flights to be announced the afternoon before. Cost is approx RM120 pp/pday.
Organiser for the 2 days – Andrew Robinson
Faithful assistant – Mike Smith
Evening – TBC
DAY 3Meru Valley. The second day of the ‘Northern Tour Cannons Championship for 2010’. Tee-off 08.30 hrs. Flights to be based on the Day 1 results, ie worst out first.


Will be based on ‘real handicaps’.
Proposed handicaps for Day 1 are – AR 16, AB 20, MS 16, RF 22, BC 24, HB 18, MH 28, DH 11, ST 14, RK 24. Please let me have your comments, if any, on your own proposed handicap and those of others, prior to them being cast in stone for Day 1 by imperial decree of the tour handicap committee. Excessive handicap whingeing could result in a ‘Tour Tosser’ nomination, or worse…..
Handicaps will be adjusted for Day 2 – up or down by a maximum of 2 and up to a 28 limit, depending on how you played against your Day 1 handicap.


Yours truly will sponsor a trophy for the 2 Day Competition. Any other contributions are welcomed! Strongly suggest everyone brings along something to contribute to the Tour – either additional competition prizes or something for quaffing during the Tour.


Car pooling arrangements thus far:
  1. Barry, Hans and Stuart
  2. Mike Hughes, Andrew Barber and Andrew Robinson
  3. Raymond Keys, Mike Smith, Benhard Romahn
  4. Ray Funnell, David Hughes??
The rest of you to sort yourselves out………..and costs to be shared within each car.

KL to Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Club
[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Bangsar,+Kuala+Lumpur&daddr=Lot+6019,+Jalan+Changkat+Larang,,+31000+Batu+Gajah,+Perak,+Malaysia+%28Clearwater+Sanctuary+Golf+Resort%29&geocode=%3BFZ9oRAAdUAQGBiHxBgMbSsGUkA&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=3.38388,101.629715&sspn=0.854746,0.681839&ie=UTF8&t=p&ll=3.8086,101.373945&spn=1.38766,0.64157&output=embed” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ height=”350″ width=”425″>

View Larger Map

Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Club to Casuarina Hotel, Ipoh

View Larger Map

Casuarina Hotel to Meru Valley Golf Club

Loose Cannons Northern Tour, 23-25 March 2010

Clearwater Sanctuary

The Loose Cannons Northern Tour will take place 23 -25 March 2010 and will comprise 3 games at the following venues:

3 flights have been booked for each day so ideally we are looking for 12 participants.

DAY 1 – Clearwater Sanctuary.  This will be the regular weekly Cannons game played off Cannons handicaps and Cannons rules.  Be there by 09.00 hrs for tee-off at 09.30 hrs. Cost with the TP book is RM80 nett to include green fee, buggy twin sharing and insurance.  Without TP book it is RM120. For Day 1 anyone not on tour but wishing to travel up from KL just to play at Clearwater and return the same day is welcomed.  But please let me know soonest.

DAY 2 – Meru Valley. The first day of the ‘Northern Tour Cannons Championship for 2010’.  The Championship will be played to what are deemed by the Handicap Committee  to be ‘your real handicap’ and with a max of 28.  And we will play strictly to the Rules of Golf!  Tee-off 09.30 hrs.
Cost is approx RM120 pp/day. 

DAY 3 – Meru Valley.  The second day of the ‘Northern Tour Cannons Championship for 2010’.  Tee-off 08.30 hrs.
Meru Valley
Base hotel for the tour will be the new Impiana Hotel, Ipoh which has metamorphosed from the old Casuarina Hotel.

Andrew Robinson will be sponsoring a trophy for the 2 Day Competition – thanks Andrew.  Any other contributions are welcomed!  Strongly suggest everyone brings along something to contribute to the Tour!

It makes no sense for us to travel up there in 12 cars!  Nearer the time we will organize car pooling with 2-3 participants per car.  Petrol and toll costs to be shared between ‘the passengers’, (passengers does not include the car owner who will be bearing all other car related costs)!! 

A visit to the Royal Ipoh Club on the Tuesday evening is planned.  A good local Chinese restaurant will be sought for night 2. 

  1. Andrew Barber
  2. Andrew Robinson
  3. Barry Cousins
  4. Hans Berger
  5. Kevin Wiggans
  6. Ray Funnell
  7. Raymond Keys
  8. David Hughes??
  9. Mike Hughes
  10. Mike Smith
  11. Stuart Taylor