Loose Cannons Northern Tour, 23-25 March 2010

Clearwater Sanctuary

The Loose Cannons Northern Tour will take place 23 -25 March 2010 and will comprise 3 games at the following venues:

3 flights have been booked for each day so ideally we are looking for 12 participants.

DAY 1 – Clearwater Sanctuary.  This will be the regular weekly Cannons game played off Cannons handicaps and Cannons rules.  Be there by 09.00 hrs for tee-off at 09.30 hrs. Cost with the TP book is RM80 nett to include green fee, buggy twin sharing and insurance.  Without TP book it is RM120. For Day 1 anyone not on tour but wishing to travel up from KL just to play at Clearwater and return the same day is welcomed.  But please let me know soonest.

DAY 2 – Meru Valley. The first day of the ‘Northern Tour Cannons Championship for 2010’.  The Championship will be played to what are deemed by the Handicap Committee  to be ‘your real handicap’ and with a max of 28.  And we will play strictly to the Rules of Golf!  Tee-off 09.30 hrs.
Cost is approx RM120 pp/day. 

DAY 3 – Meru Valley.  The second day of the ‘Northern Tour Cannons Championship for 2010’.  Tee-off 08.30 hrs.
Meru Valley
Base hotel for the tour will be the new Impiana Hotel, Ipoh which has metamorphosed from the old Casuarina Hotel.

Andrew Robinson will be sponsoring a trophy for the 2 Day Competition – thanks Andrew.  Any other contributions are welcomed!  Strongly suggest everyone brings along something to contribute to the Tour!

It makes no sense for us to travel up there in 12 cars!  Nearer the time we will organize car pooling with 2-3 participants per car.  Petrol and toll costs to be shared between ‘the passengers’, (passengers does not include the car owner who will be bearing all other car related costs)!! 

A visit to the Royal Ipoh Club on the Tuesday evening is planned.  A good local Chinese restaurant will be sought for night 2. 

  1. Andrew Barber
  2. Andrew Robinson
  3. Barry Cousins
  4. Hans Berger
  5. Kevin Wiggans
  6. Ray Funnell
  7. Raymond Keys
  8. David Hughes??
  9. Mike Hughes
  10. Mike Smith
  11. Stuart Taylor

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