Loose Cannons Handicaps – 8th March 2010

The table below summarises everyones current Loose Cannons playing handicaps for everyones reference. I will be working on putting together a new table which will summarise scores and handicaps to be published after every game for ease of tracking by each player. If anyone has a dispute with regard to their current handicap please refer this to Raymond Keys for verification.

Name Handicap
Alan Holgate 31
Alex Lee 29
Allan Wright 27
Andrew Robinson 12
Arthur Wilson 29
Barry Cousins 25
Bernard Romahn 28
Bill Wang 18
Dave Kelly 13
David Hughes 12
Deren Akinci 19
Dick Stauffer 22
Erol Akinci 21
Glen Wombwell 30
Hans Berger 19
Ian Craighead 21
Ian Geekie 25
Joe Zorich 6
John Preston 19
Julien Hodson-Walker 21
Kevin Wiggins 11
Klaus Kretzschmar 24
Len Briddon 31
Mark Baker 17
Michael Hughes 31
Mike Fay 17
Mike Han 11
Mike Smith 18
Paul Atkinson 14
Paul Hobbs 31
Peter Edgworth 19
Peter Jackson 30
Ray Funnell 21
Raymond Keys 22
Rein Li Tan 25
Richard Moss 29
Rick Brown 23
Roger Smith 19
Stuart Taylor 15
TB Ong 16
Thong Chee Who 21
Tony Morris 12
Vincent Vijayan 22
Yoong 10

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