Results – Monterez Golf & Country Club – 10th March 2020

With Tony out Monday night, we only had 10 Cannon’s to play Monterez. With a smooth registration, we tee off around 7:45 and all 3 flights managed to finish before 12:00. Weather conditions at the beginning were sticky and steamy, and the last 2 hours were quite hard with a crushing sun and some of us have some problems dealing with the heat.

Course conditions even dry fairways, were not so good, and many of us have some problems with Elephant grass (Ed Note : I think it is cow grass … elephant grass much longer!!) and many lost balls. First nine, greens were super slow, bumpy and too many patches, increasing the number of putts and some angry reactions. Back nine green speed increased due to the hard surface but quite difficult to read speed and direction.

Only nine reach our usual restaurant having some cool beers, but this time food was not so good as previews visits.


The winner today was Sigmund Maierbrugger with 94/33 beating Paul Geddes (Best Gross) with 86/33 on countback following by Iain Wise, John Laidley, and Andrew Robinson all with 31 points. Mystery prize winner (best gross first nine) was Ted Parslow. With these results, Iain Wise is leading the Monthly medal race with 67 points following closely by Siggy with 66 and Andrew with 65 with 3 games to go.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.09.54 PM

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.10.11 PM


All photos provided by Ricardo Castro.



Results – Monterez Golf & Country Club – 10th October 2017


While the Batam Away group were heading off for 3 days of golf in Indonesia the stragglers arranged a game here in KL. Registration this morning at Monterez was easy and was helped financially by a very good deal if using Maybank or CIMB debit cards where we could get a rate of RM68 per player for that flight. Thanks to Allan Wright and Stan Constantinides we got cheap rates for 2 flights. Normal rates were RM106 so all in all a good deal.

As expected Monterez was quite moist given the recent rain and its tendancy to get wet easily. However apart from a few plugged balls on the fairways the course was generally in good shape and the greens very good. The slopes on the greens and the pin positions however made it quite tricky. Weather was good but did get a bit hot near the end of the round.

We had an excellent lunch after the game at the nearby Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant and lunch was well washed down by many cold beers kindly aided by a kind RM200 input from Paul Geddes for a recent birthday. Happy Birthday Paul!



The winner today was Stuart Taylor with 81 for 41 points. Runner up was Peter Davies with 91 for 39 (on count back from Kevin Wiggins with 83 for 39). Best gross of the day was Paul Geddes with an 80. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.15.31 PM


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Results – Monterez Golf & Country Club – 9th August 2016


It has been a while since we played Monterez so we returned there today with 16 Loose Cannons teeing off from 2 boxes. Weather was good and the course condition was generally good – however this is a tight course with numerous OB’s which some of us found to our peril.

Welcome back to George Murray who joined us again after a 3 year plus absence to replace his knees and have some back surgery.

We had one casualty today with ReinLi Tan abandoning his game after  4 holes with some serious bowel problems …. suffice to say the toilet between the 4th and 5th hole is now probably condemned due to Health, Safety & BioHazard issues.


We had lunch at Choong Foong Restaurant after the game as this restaurant is very close to Monterez with Barry Cousins joining us and doing a great job ordering the food. Washed down of course with numerous amber ales!


Our winner today was Allan Wright with 91 for 42 points (cut 6). Runner up was Geoff McLaws with the best gross of the day of 77 for 40 points. 3rd place was Andrew Robinson with 97 for 39 points. Full scores below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.16.06 PM


Results – Monterez Golf & Country Club – 1st September 2015


We had 14 players today ….. well 13 at the start …. and then Paul Geddes showed up 4 holes late to join us after driving to the wrong club …. Staffield!! … only the furthest golf course from anywhere! Weather was good although a bit hot near the end. The course was good, the greens especially in good condition, some of the tees and fairways could have been trimmed however. We all finished in good time and headed off to lunch at the nearby Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant.
Our winner today was Glen Wombwell with 39 points and a gross of 97 …. well done Glen. He couldn’t make lunch so his RM50 went in towards lunch and beers. Runner up was Peter May with 37 points and a gross of 105. Best gross of the day was Stuart Taylor with 87. The longest drive of the day was Paul Geddes …… oops we have already covered that mistake! Full results below :


Results – Monterez Golf Club – 3rd March 2015

A good turnout today with 6 flights – only one withdrawal – Robert Mulliss had to call off at the last minute due to a break in at his house. We were joined today with two guests – Ford Inglis and Tom Murphy. Registration was a little more complicated as we took advantage of using Maybank credit cards for 3 of the flights to get preferential green fees – many thanks to Mike Smith, Bernhard Rohman and Allan Wright for using their cards. We got off from 2 tee boxes at 8:00am though and were not duly held up and were all finished by 1pm.
Course conditions were generally very good except the greens which had been treated by some white chemical in places and in particular the front 9 greens were covered in the stuff. Weather was good but it did get a little hot ‘n steamy by the back 9.
After the game 18 of us retired to the excellent Choong Foong Restaurant close to Subang airport. Martin Walsh, celebrating an undisclosed birthday, kindly sponsored the drinks – thanks a bunch Martin.
Some good scores today on the relatively short Par 71 course. In 3rd place both with 39 points were Hans Berger and Tom Murphy, second place was Charles Blanchet with 41 points (gross of 92) and the winner was Stuart Taylor with 42 points (gross of 80). Best gross of the day was Andrew Cseszko with 77. Full results below:

Results – Monterez Golf Club – 1st April 2014

An excellent turnout of 23 players for the game today at Monterez Golf Club. We teed off from 2 tee boxes shortly after our allocated time of 7:45 – held up slightly by some late comers who arrived only at 7:40ish! 
The weather was good albeit very humid and the course was relatively quiet so we made good time round the 2 9’s. Conditions of the course was good, the fairways were a little uneven and patchy but the greens were in excellent shape. The greens keeper was either very vindictive or had a bad night last night as the hole positions on most of the greens were cut in tough, sloping locations. The course played rather short which was reflected in the scoring of the day.
9 out of the 23 players played to or below their handicaps which will mean the Handicap Manager’s knife will be out this evening before next game! The winner with a great score of 96 for 41 points was Robert Mulliss. Second, on count back from Kevin Wiggins and Andrew Robinson, was Ted Parslow with 39 points. Best gross of the day was 78 from Ted Parslow – well done!
Lunch was taken at the Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant close to the club and the meal enjoyed by everyone by all accounts. We will for sure use this venue again as the food and drink are reasonable and the parking is good.

Results – Monterez Golf Club – 19th November 2013


That we have entered the wet-season was very obvious this morning at Monterez, one needed to be a golf enthusiast to enjoy it on some fairways, the greens were okay on all though. Anyhow, we all battled it through and the scores were not too bad in the end. 
 Ian Wise and myself had both 37points, checking the last nine points did not separate us but the last six holes total points did i.e. I won, cut four to 18 and Ian second, cut one to 21. Lowest gross 92 Ian and myself and most golf played by Aftab with 105. We all had lunch at the club afterwards, service a bit slow but food okay on most plates.



Results – Monterez Golf Club – 9th October 2012


Cannons all.

It’s a long time since we played Monterez Golf & Country Club; probably 3 years. It’s not one of my favourite venues and since I make the arrangements it’s understandably towards the bottom of the pile of clubs to choose from, It’s in that position because it’s so tight and with so many fairways so closely adjacent to others with balls flying everywhere, it’s frankly bloody dangerous. But I must say with improved netting guarding the tee boxes and many more and much bigger trees these days It was OK. Of course, being so close to town it gets busy and so it was today with many even more decrepit players than our LC’s in abundance.
Blessed with wonderful weather 15 LC’s teed it up from 1 & 10 and after a short delay at TB1 we got started shortly after 8 o’clock and surprisingly there were few hold-ups.
This is a short course at 5166M from the whites and with a slope of 116 good scores were anticipated and we were not to be disappointed. The fairways were good with plenty of run after the recent dry spell and the greens were true and deceptively quick, particularly down grain, but nice to put on. The bunkers too were well kept so all in all a good playing surface.
The winner was Raymond Keys with 45 points and the runner-up was Hans Berger with 40 points OCB from Geoff McLaws. 
The lowest gross was shared between John Laidley and Geoff McLaws with 78’s and the most golf was played by Allan McNicholl with 120.
Raymond is cut 9 strokes and Hans 1 stroke.
13 of us took lunch at the club where the food was agreeable, the beer reasonably priced and the service brisk for the most part if you ignore the 2 or 3 orders that seemed to take an awful long time to reach the table. But generally a good lunch. We will return sooner rather than later.


Flights off T-box 10
“How the hell are we going to get across that stretch of water?”Most did not make it!
Monterez Golf Club is a rather tight little course where much water comes into play

…. and in my case where much sand comes into play. On the 1st hole I went from bunker to water and then to OB … not a great start.

Hans Berger blast one away on the 2nd hole
The ants had been busy on this tee box creating a somewhat intricate road system
Some serious work was underway on the 6th hole
 …. and quite correctly this was marked as GUR which was good as I landed in the middle of this equipment
The 6th hole is one of the easier holes on the course playing downhill to a blind green
Once again I find the sand as Hans Berger plays down to the green
Hans Berger deciding on his strategy at the 9th hole
….. and he decides to go for a safe shot right down the middle ….. wise man
John Laidley in the following Loose Cannons group aptly demonstrates the Canadian Fling …. or does he just have ants in his pants!
The 13th hole is a very short par 5 at only 414 metres but the green is tough and well guarded by many bunkers …..

 …… and yes … I did find the bunker again!
….. and again on the same hole I’m in the bunker. I think the shot is called a “Rommel” …. bunker to bunker

A panorama of the 13th hole

This photograph reminds me of that TV show called “The Odd Couple” ….. don’t ask me why
Hole 15 is a short downhill shot but with a demanding green – you need to keep the ball below cup to score well

Hans Berger having a “senior moment”
Barry Cousins … tired … but never giving up in his quest for golf perfection
The 18th hole may appear to be a simple finish but the green has many undulations and breaks that can ruin your round.

F&B OK taste. OK cost.