Results – Monterez Golf & Country Club – 10th March 2020

With Tony out Monday night, we only had 10 Cannon’s to play Monterez. With a smooth registration, we tee off around 7:45 and all 3 flights managed to finish before 12:00. Weather conditions at the beginning were sticky and steamy, and the last 2 hours were quite hard with a crushing sun and some of us have some problems dealing with the heat.

Course conditions even dry fairways, were not so good, and many of us have some problems with Elephant grass (Ed Note : I think it is cow grass … elephant grass much longer!!) and many lost balls. First nine, greens were super slow, bumpy and too many patches, increasing the number of putts and some angry reactions. Back nine green speed increased due to the hard surface but quite difficult to read speed and direction.

Only nine reach our usual restaurant having some cool beers, but this time food was not so good as previews visits.


The winner today was Sigmund Maierbrugger with 94/33 beating Paul Geddes (Best Gross) with 86/33 on countback following by Iain Wise, John Laidley, and Andrew Robinson all with 31 points. Mystery prize winner (best gross first nine) was Ted Parslow. With these results, Iain Wise is leading the Monthly medal race with 67 points following closely by Siggy with 66 and Andrew with 65 with 3 games to go.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.09.54 PM

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.10.11 PM


All photos provided by Ricardo Castro.



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