Results – Nilai Springs – 25th May 2010

A total of 13 turned up for the Monthly Trophy Game at Nilai Springs.  The weather was excellent and the course in good shape and rather quiet; although having whizzed round the Mango 9 we got caught behind some slow flights coming back on the Pines 9.
The winner on the day was Andrew Robinson with a gross of 85 and 39 points.  Second was Erol Akinci with a 93 for 38.  Andrew is cut 4 and Erol 1.  Andrew also had the lowest gross and Mike Hughes played the most golf with 110, but still managed to keep his remarkable run of Top 10 finishes intact!  Full details below:
Andrew Robinson – 85/39
Erol Akinci – 93/38
Tom Holmes – 101/37
Hans Berger – 94/36
Tony Morris – 92/36
Alan Holgate – 105/35
Reinli Tan – 92/34
Joe Zorich – 89/30
Bernhard Romahn – 99/29
Mike Hughes – 110/29
Vincent Vijayan – 108/25
Kevin Wiggins – 95/24
Ray Funnell – 103/23
Special welcomes were made to Kevin and Joe, both making appearances after longish absences.  Great to see you both!
Next week hopefully our Dear Leader will be back at the helm and doubtless he will advise us of next weeks arrangements in due time.
Report by Andrew Robinson

Results – Perangsang Templer Park Golf Club – 18th May 2010

Just 7 golfers showed up at Perangsang Templer for this weeks game.  The course was wet and played long with no run on the ball, and the greens were in the main slow and bumpy.  This is reflected in the scores – which most of us would prefer to forget………
The winner was Bernhard Romahn with 33 points, cut 4, and the runner-up Hans Berger, cut 1.  Lowest gross was Andrew Robinson with 97 and the most golf was played by Mike Hughes with 121. Full details as follows:
1. Bernhard Romahn – 102/33
2. Hans ‘ratten’ Berger – 101/30
3. Andrew Robinson – 97/28
4. Tom Holmes – 109/28
5. Rein Li Tan – 106/26
6. Alan Holgate – 115/25
7. Mike Hughes – 121/19
Apres golf was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex.  Bernhard had to miss lunch due to some ‘business or other’ and so forfeited his winnings which went into the lunch pool, thank you Bernhard!  Following lunch at the poolside terrace the stragglers made there way to the Pavilion Bar for further libation…………ho hum
Quote of the day – Mike Hughes….’Another Top Ten Finish!!’
And Hans described in great detail how he has copious records of his golfing exploits going back to 1998 – with scores, putts, graphs and so on. Extraordinary behavior……..
Mike will confirm arrangements for next Tuesdays game – which is the monthly Trophy Game!
Report kindly penned by Andrew Robinson

Next Game – Perangsang Templer Park Golf Club – 18th May 2010

The next Loose Cannon’s game will be at Perangsang Templer Golf Club – not to be confused with Templer Park Country Club next door – so take note of the directions. Tee-off will be at 8:00am so be there at 7:30am sharp, remembering your TP book as this is one of the eligible courses.


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Results – Staffield – 11th May 2010

12 Loose Cannons players turned up at Staffield, some players a little later than others due to a silent alarm setting by Rien Li and a 130km detour trip via Putrajaya performed via by Bernhard!
Staffield course was in good condition and the first 9 holes played in a quick time, albeit the second nine was considerably slower due to a number of slow groups in front. Greens were excellent and reasonably fast, going by the number of puts I put past the hole, the number of 3 putts and, dare I say it, 4 putts I experienced!

Sigi was certainly the most snappy dresser of the day – maybe he was expecting foggy conditions!
Alan “Most Golf” Holgate
This was Sigi’s final drive of the day (note his head turned to the left) where he punted his ball one yard forward and 2 yards left into the pond
The resulting divot on the tee box shown below


Winner of the day was Ray Funnel with a gross of 89 and 40 points (cut 4) with runner up Mike Smith with a gross of 93 and 38 points (cut 1). Most golf award went to Alan Holgate with a gross of 120 and 18 points.

After game Lunch was at our favourite Restoran Shengee in Mantin where 7 participants enjoyed a wonderful lunch and a few cleansing beers.

Photo of the pork knuckle bones specially for Mr Keys to drool over!

Results – Serendah – 4th May 2010

Serendah clubhouse and facilities were, to say the very least, rundown and tatty but the course itself was in good condition, particularly the greens in most cases. It was a misty and somewhat cool morning to start but soon the temperature rose and the humidity with it which exhausted many of the players. We had a turnout of 13 players including one guest, Tom, a friend of Mike Smith’s from Qatar.


Alan Holgate 110 32

Andrew Robinson 87 39

Benhard Romahn 107 26

Hans Berger 100 29

Ian Geekie 99 34

Klaus Kretzschmar 98 36

Mike Smith 104 26

Ray Funnell 93 36

Raymond Keys 111 27 Using only a Five Iron; a Nine Iron & his Putter!!!!

Rein Li Tan 102 26

Stuart Taylor 94 33

Tony Morris 94 33

Rein Li Takes a puff
Hans Berger has time to “smell the flowers”
Hans Berger having some drainage problems
Stuart Taylor’s perfect drive on the long par 5 … only to be ruined by two duff shots and multiple putts on the green
Rein Li, after narrowly missing Ray Funnell in the flight in front, manages to recover from a bad lie in the drainage ditch
No this is not a steeply sloping fairway … just an “artistic photo”!
Stuart Taylor attempting a “Phil Mickelson” special to the green …. FAIL!
16th hole …. gotta be the biggest bunker I’ve seen … and I believe slightly overfilled with sand!!
The lovely par 3 17th hole which many people I’m sure gave offerings to the water gods as our flight did
Rein Li in action on the 17th

Winner of the day was Andrew Robinson with 39 points (cut 4) which was very fitting given that it was his birthday … he also shot the lowest gross score of the day. Ray Funnell was runner up with 36 points (cut 1). Most golf was by Tom who shot a 114 – great value for money though Tom huh?
Makan and Minum time at The Equatorial
And it was Andrew Robinson’s Birthday (61st)
Andrew kindly topped up the kitty to meet the M&M bill … Thank You Andrew
Raymond “Pork Knuckle” Keys indicating he has chowed down on two pork bones!
Following on from the ever popular and continuing theme relating to Hans Berger’s fruit platter story I awoke this morning prior to the game to a lovely note left on my water bottle carrier in the kitchen from my dear wife as seen below:
…. and there in the fridge was my “fruit platter”. Well it’s a start I guess but a long way to go to reach the levels of service that Mr Berger receives on his golf mornings!!