Results – Perangsang Templer Park Golf Club – 18th May 2010

Just 7 golfers showed up at Perangsang Templer for this weeks game.  The course was wet and played long with no run on the ball, and the greens were in the main slow and bumpy.  This is reflected in the scores – which most of us would prefer to forget………
The winner was Bernhard Romahn with 33 points, cut 4, and the runner-up Hans Berger, cut 1.  Lowest gross was Andrew Robinson with 97 and the most golf was played by Mike Hughes with 121. Full details as follows:
1. Bernhard Romahn – 102/33
2. Hans ‘ratten’ Berger – 101/30
3. Andrew Robinson – 97/28
4. Tom Holmes – 109/28
5. Rein Li Tan – 106/26
6. Alan Holgate – 115/25
7. Mike Hughes – 121/19
Apres golf was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex.  Bernhard had to miss lunch due to some ‘business or other’ and so forfeited his winnings which went into the lunch pool, thank you Bernhard!  Following lunch at the poolside terrace the stragglers made there way to the Pavilion Bar for further libation…………ho hum
Quote of the day – Mike Hughes….’Another Top Ten Finish!!’
And Hans described in great detail how he has copious records of his golfing exploits going back to 1998 – with scores, putts, graphs and so on. Extraordinary behavior……..
Mike will confirm arrangements for next Tuesdays game – which is the monthly Trophy Game!
Report kindly penned by Andrew Robinson

One thought on “Results – Perangsang Templer Park Golf Club – 18th May 2010

  1. I understand that in the absence of any data or info/direction from 'Uncle Albert' dear Andrew 'volunteered' under considerable duress to guess who was attending; guess what everyone's handicap was, and do all the donkey work, including a half decent write up! Well done Andrew!!


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