Next Game – Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club – 8th May 2012

Golf next Tuesday 8th May 2012 will be at:- 

BERJAYA HILLS Golf & Country Club

Should be nice and dry this time of year.
Usual arrangements.
Apres golf we will retire directly to Restoran 126 in Bukit Tinggi village for M&M and to help Andrew Robinson celebrate his birthday.
Andrew has promised to provide some libations for the event.
Car pooling is advised.
Be there by 07:30 LATESTNames to Mike Smith soonest.

Results – Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club – 30th April 2012

Cannons all,
We played on Monday this week as Tuesday is a public holiday and we returnd to Bukit Unggul as we haven’t played there in a while.
BU is in a great setting but the lack of general maintenance lets the place down. Basically it’s falling to bits. The nice new buggies are welcome and the F&B is OK but the course itself still needs a lot of TLC. The greens were nice. 
Only 9 LC’s turned out today, the smallest number since our last game here in January. Is that a coincidence? With wonderful weather and light traffic the leading flight were round in 3 hours……would have been quicker if we hadn’t been held up on the back 9. 
The winner was Vincent Vijayan with 37 points and the R/Up was Ray Funnell with 36 points. The lowest gross was 89 by Hans Berger and the most golf played was 114 by Alan Holgate just returned from painting his apartment.
Vincent is cut 4 strokes and Ray 1 stroke. 

Results – KGSAAS – 24th April 2012

Cannons all,
KGSAAS remains a very nice, well run golf club despite the continuing rumours about it’s future. Even the ‘members’ seem unsure as to how the club is to be redeveloped. Money is being spent on general maintenance of the course including several stretches of new concrete buggy track and drains as well as improvements to the greens. This hopefully bodes well for it’s near term longevity.
12 LC’s; a rather poor turnout, contested the April Medal on a bright morning under high cloud on a course in lovely condition. A light breeze helped keep everyone cool and with light traffic we were all round in good time.  
The winner was Mike Smith with 42 points on the day + 2 bonus points for a total of 44. R/Up was Mark Baker with 43 points + 0 bonus points for a total of 43. The lowest gross was 84 by Geoff McLaws and the most golf played was 116 by Richard Moss..
Mike Smith is cut 6 strokes and Mark Baker 1 stroke.

Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 17th April 2012

Cannons all,
Tasik Puteri was in excellent condition or should I say the course was in excellent condition; the management less so. With 2 flights sent to the Tasik 9 which was advertised as OPEN and so confirmed by the lady Starter, we were informed on the first tee by a Bangla grass cutter that it was closed and this was later confirmed by the giggling Starter, but with one flight already approaching the first green the damage had already been done. By the time we back tracked to the Puteri 9 several other flights were already waiting and we were delayed, eventually starting on the 6th.
With very nice weather and good playing conditions the 15 LC’s that turned up enjoyed a relatively low scoring round. 
The winner was Andrew Robinson with 43 points and the runner up was Tony Morris with 40 points. The lowest gross was 85 by Geoff McLaws and the most golf was played jointly by Ray Funnell and Barry Cousins who both shot 109. Andrew is cut 7 strokes and Tony 1 stroke. 
The full results can be found in the attachment.
Apres golf M&M was taken at the Equatorial where the food was at it’s usual high standard but only enjoyed by 10 LC’s. 

Intersociety Golf Tournament – Bukit Unggul – 20th May 2012

RM200 per player includes:
          Green fees, caddy, buggy and insurance
          Dinner and drinks
Team and novelty prizes up for grabs.
Minimum 12 players required, but no limit.
Lorraine 017 280 6287 /

Results – Kajang Hills Golf Club – 10th April 2012

Just 11 Cannons mustered at Kajang Hills for a most enjoyable mornings golf.  The weather superb, the course very quiet and in pretty good nick, especially the greens, although ‘off piste’ the course is showing a lack of TLC…

Winner with an excellent 84 off the stick and 46 points was Hans Berger, and CUT 10!!. Runner up OCB was Barry Cousins with 98 for 40 points, adn cut 1.  Han’s 84 was the lowest gross and Klaus amassed the most gross!  Full results as follows:

1.  Hans Berger – 84/46
2.  Barry Cousins – 98/40
3.  Tony Morris – 91/40
4.  Ray Funnell – 101/36
5.  Vincent Vijayan – 103/36
6.  Andrew Robinson – 94/35
7.  Iain Wise – 97/34
8.  Richard Moss – 107/32
9.  George Murray – 107/30
10. Jeff Pearce – 103/28
11. Klaus Kretschmar – 108/22

Luncheon was part of the deal and it was very good. And very little amber nectar was consumed with various fruit concoctions very much to the fore. Having collected RM130 pp beforehand – this turned out to be enough for the morning, all but RM14 which the stand-in leader for the
day generously funded…

Next weeks game will be announced in the fullness of time when Mike returns from walkabout…