Results – Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club – 30th April 2012

Cannons all,
We played on Monday this week as Tuesday is a public holiday and we returnd to Bukit Unggul as we haven’t played there in a while.
BU is in a great setting but the lack of general maintenance lets the place down. Basically it’s falling to bits. The nice new buggies are welcome and the F&B is OK but the course itself still needs a lot of TLC. The greens were nice. 
Only 9 LC’s turned out today, the smallest number since our last game here in January. Is that a coincidence? With wonderful weather and light traffic the leading flight were round in 3 hours……would have been quicker if we hadn’t been held up on the back 9. 
The winner was Vincent Vijayan with 37 points and the R/Up was Ray Funnell with 36 points. The lowest gross was 89 by Hans Berger and the most golf played was 114 by Alan Holgate just returned from painting his apartment.
Vincent is cut 4 strokes and Ray 1 stroke. 

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