Results – Staffield Golf & Country Resort – 28th October 2014


The Trophy Game for the month of November was held at Staffield Golf & Country Club. We had 19 players (5 flights) starting from split tee boxes on the North and Western 9’s. Weather was excellent and the course was in good shape. The greens on our first 9 holes (Western) were however very bumpy having just been cored and not properly rolled – the greens on the Northern 9 were better albeit sandy.

After the game most of us returned to the excellent Restoran East of the Highway for a sumptuous (and over-ordered) lunch care of Messrs Robinson and Moss


Scores were very good as is usual at this venue and more than half the field turned in a card with a score equal to or higher than their handicap. We had 3 people sharing best gross score of 79 this week (Geoff McLaws, Andrew Chez and Paul Geddes) but it was Paul Geddes who won this week picking up the November trophy with an excellent (and best performance to date in Malaysia) of 79 gross and 43 points – well done Paul. Runner up also with an excellent 41 points and gross of 90 was Allan McNicoll. Full scores are tabulated below.


Results – Danau Golf Club – 21st October 2014


It’s been at least 4 years since Cannons played Danau so we returned with the promise of renovated greens via information from Geoff Parslow. This course has always been a tough and challenging course with some rather interesting holes. We had a tee time of 8:00am but it was a slow start as our 5 flights were all off one tee box and there were players in front … and it was slow going after that waiting on almost every hole making it a 5 hour round.

The course was good and although the greens were good they were soft and spongy. Putting on the sloping greens against the grain was also something of a a challenge.

We eventually finished about 1:45 and just before the rain came luckily. Lunch was at the Restoran East of the Highway and we made it there just before the kitchen closed. The food here was excellent other than the yam basket with rather smelly squid …. note that we should not order this again.


Winner of the day with an excellent 40 points (gross of 86) was Tony Morris, with Geoff McLaws runner up some 7 points behind with 33 points and the best gross of the day at 83. As well as the RM50 pot Tony Morris won a free 4-flight voucher for Danau which had been kindly donated by the golf club manager who Ted and Geoff Parslow know well.

We had one non finisher, Andrew Chez, who had to leave 2 holes from the finish. We also had a couple of players who didn’t submit scores so it is important to make sure that every player records their score and submits it otherwise it will not be recorded. If you are not going to the post game lunch please make sure that you hand in the scores to someone from your flight who is.

Full results below :


Results – Impian Golf Club – Loose Cannons vs LEGS – 14th October 2014


This was the biannual challenge between Loose Cannons and LEGS and the ladies hosted this game at their home club of Impian Golf Club. We had a perfect number of 18 a side making a convenient 9 flights for a shot-gun start on holes 10 through 18.

Everyone showed up promptly and we managed to avoid a delay in the registration with the club agreeing for us to pay later which was good. Buggies and caddies were all ready so we all got off to a sharp start at just before 8:30am.

The weather was good albeit a little humid and sticky. The course was in good condition although some of the greens had been scarified making it rather uneven and unpredictable in those areas.

We all got finished by 12:30pm or so and sat down for an arranged lunch at the club before the final results were announced.

Many thanks to all the people who helped organise this match and to all the participants who made this a most successful day out.


The past 3 matches have been very close with two matches drawn and one match won by the ladies ….  making them one up overall to date.

Today the men came good and won 6 games with the ladies winning 3 games …. so a convincing overall win for Loose Cannons – well done to all the Loose Cannons players for a great result.

This means that we are now tied in the overall score to date. Loose Cannons look forward to arranging the next game around April time frame next year and continue the good work that we demonstrated today!

There were prizes for the best Stableford score for the ladies pairs and the mens pairs. Winner for the ladies were Yvonne Gately and Meret Dahl with a best Stableford score of 51 points, and winner for the best men’s pair score went to Stuart Taylor and Barry Cousins with a score of 49 points.

Full results are tabulated below.


Results – Bangi Golf Club – 7th October 2014


We had 16 Cannons for today’s game at Bangi and today we had everyone at the club by 7:30, we were registered and paid by 7:35 and in the buggies and off to the tee box by 7:45 …. an all time record.

Weather was hazy and rather humid making it very sticky. Course was in good shape and the greens were very quick and rather unpredictable making for many of us taking far too many putts. The course was quiet and we got round by 12:15pm.

Barry Cousins won the most inventive attire award of the day …. managing to tailor his golf shorts apparently from the canvas of an old deck chair!

Stuart Taylor won the most bizarre shot of the day award with a tee shot off the 3rd hole (Par 5) on the Kajang Course which headed straight for a large tree on the left (Stuart’s attempt to cut the corner) …. with a large thud all of us assumed it was lost in the jungle …. but a good 4-5 seconds later as the next person was moving to the tee box the ball landed about 6 feet behind us …. having rebounded from the tree some 100m away. Stuart then proceeded to take a 3-wood to the lucky ball, hit his second over the trees onto the fairway round the corner and eventually bogeyed the hole!!


There were some good scores today on this rather short course with a few players in the 40’s. The winner however with a magnificent round of 99 and 45 Stableford points was Richard Moss once again showing that our highest handicap golfer in the group can win! Well done Richard. Runner up was Andrew Robinson with a mere 44 points. Best gross of the day was Andrew Chez with a round of 80, including one eagle and a couple of birdies. He did however completely #%$#@ up his Stableford score …. declaring 40 points …. reduced to the correct figure of 36 points by the Convenor.

Full results below: